Monroe — Roads And Cemeteries

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      At the first meeting the town was divided into four high-way districts, having Jonathan Hicks as the surveyor of No. 1, David Ballou of No. 2, Elisha Bryant of No. 3, and Harvey Goodell of No. 4.
      One hundred and fifty dollars were appropriated for the improvement of the roads, labor on which was to be compensated at ten cents per hour. In 1878 the town had nine road surveyors, and about $500 per year has been appropriated annually for the improvement of the highways. The expense of keeping these in repair has been a heavy burden to the sparsely-settled town, and is the chief cause of the burden-some taxation which prevails. In 1878 the rate was 3 9/10 per cent on the valuation.
      The town is supplied with two public cemeteries, which are conveniently located and moderately well cared for.

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