Monroe — Town Clerks

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The town clerks since the first meeting have been as follows:

      1823-43, Martin Ballou; 1844-47, Martin Briant; 1848-50, Charles Phelps; 1851-53, Hosea G. Ballou; 1854-56, Asahel Gore; 1857, Samuel Stafford; 1858-60, H. G. Ballou; 1861, George H. Ballou; 1862-65, Henry Hinsdale; 1866, George H. Ballou; 1867-73, Joseph H. Hicks; 1874-78, H. G. Phelps.

      At the meeting held April 4, 1822, "Nathan Ballou was appointed to examine into and ascertain the state of Rowe as it respects our connection with that town, according to the Incorporating Act."
      In 1848 it was decided to erect a new town-house as near the centre of the town as possible, and to use for this purpose the surplus money received from the Treasury of the United States. The selectmen were empowered to serve as a building committee. This house is yet used for public purposes as well as for religious meetings.

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