Monroe — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The following is a list of the selectmen from 1823 to the present time:

1823.—Maturin Ballou, Martin Ballou, Hosea F. Ballou.
1824.—Erastus Hall, Martin Ballou, Hosea F. Ballou.
1825.—Maturin Ballou, Martin Ballou, Hosea F. Ballou.
1826.—David Caneday, Martin Ballou, Hosea F. Ballou.
1827.—Daniel Gore, Martin Ballou, Hosea F. Ballou.
1828.—Daniel Gore, Martin Ballou, Maturin Ballou.
1829-30.—Daniel Gore, Joseph Barber, Maturin Ballou.
1831.—Hosea F. Ballou, Joseph Barber, Martin Ballou.
1832.—Hosea F. Ballou, Isaac Stafford, Jonathan Hicks.
1833.—Martin Ballou, Thomas Stafford, Jonathan Hicks.
1834.—David Ballou, Jr., M. Hines, Jonathan Hicks.
1835.—Thomas J. Spaulding, M. Hines, James K. Sheldon.
1836.—Thomas J. Spaulding, Charles Phelps, James K. Sheldon.
1837.—Martin Bryant, Charles Dunbar, Ezekiel Stafford.
1838.—Hiram Gore, Joseph H. Hicks, Jonathan Hall.
1839.—Martin Bryant, Martin M. Ballou, David Ballou.
1840.—Hosea Ballou, Martin M. Ballou, Daniel Gore.
1841.—John Ballou, Joseph II. Hicks, Samuel Stockwell.
1842.—Maranda Hines, Henry B. Dunbar, Ezekiel Stafford.
1843.—Martin M. Ballou, Isaac Stafford, Samuel Stockwell.
1844.—Asahel Gore, Joseph H. Hicks, James K. Sheldon.
1845.—Chester Hinsdale, Joseph H. Hicks, Maranda Hines.
1846.—Chester Hinsdale, Hosea Ballou, Jeremiah Gifford.
1847.—Thomas Hines, Daniel Gore, Jeremiah Gifford.
1848.—Maranda Hines, Joseph H. Hicks, Riley Boyd.
1849.—Asahel Gore, Martin M. Ballou, David Ballou.
1850.—Asahel Gore, Joseph H. Hicks, Martin Kingsley.
1851.—Asahel Gore, Joseph H. Hicks, James K. Sheldon.
1852.—Maranda Hines, Gilson Taylor, James K. Sheldon.
1853.—Alfred Phelps, Joseph H. Hicks, Charles Walcott.
1854.—Charles Legate, Joseph H. Hicks, Asahel Gore.
1855.—Tyler Walcott, Hiram G. Phelps, Asahel Gore.
1856.—Alfred Phelps, Stephen J. Ballou, Asahel Gore.
1857.—James K. Sheldon, Henry Hinsdale, Martin M. Ballou.
1858.—S. J. Ballou, David Ballou, Martin M. Ballou.
1859.—James Stafford, Charles Legate, Cyrus Phelps.
1860.—James K. Sheldon, Joseph H. Hicks, Samuel Stockwell.
1861.—David Ballou, Joseph H. Hicks, Martin Kingsley.
1862.—Maranda Hines, Joseph H. Hicks, Henry Hinsdale.
1863.—R. A. Stafford, Joseph H. Hicks, Jeremiah Gifford.
1864.—Alvin Tower, David Goodell, Jeremiah Gifford.
1865.—Maranda Hines, Henry A. Legate, Albert A. Hicks.
1866.—Alfred Phelps, Martin M. Ballou, Simeon Barker.
1867.—Martin Kingsley, Charles Watwell, Charles B. Stafford.
1868.—Charles I. Walcott, Josiah Hamilton, Emerson J. Hicks.
1869.—Asahel Gore, Josiah Hamilton, Emerson J. Hicks.
1870.—Asahel Gore, David Goodell, Charles B. Stafford.
1871.—Charles J. Walcott, David Goodell, Stillman Whitcomb.
1872.—Martin M. Ballou, Warren F. Tower, Henry Hinsdale.
1873.—Emerson J. Hicks, David Goodell, Albert A. Hicks.
1874.—Charles B. Stafford, Stillman Whitcomb, John Taylor.
1875.—Charles B. Stafford, Stillman Whitcomb, Truman A. King.
1876.—Charles B. Stafford, Stillman Whitcomb, O. F. Negus.
1877-78.—W. F. Tower, Henry Hinsdale, Samuel Stafford.

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