Franklin Civil List1

Clerks Of The Courts.

      1811.—Rodolphus Dickinson, of Deerfield.
      1820.—Elijah Alvord, of Greenfield.
      1840.—Henry Chapman, of Greenfield.
      1852.—George Grinnell, of Greenfield.
      1866.—Edward E. Lyman, of Greenfield.

County Treasurers.

      1811.—Elijah Alvord (2d), of Greenfield.
      1812.—Epaphras Hoyt, of Deerfield.
      1815.—Hooker Leavitt, of Greenfield.
      1842.—Almon Brainard, of Greenfield.
      1856.—Lewis Merriam, of Greenfield.
      1862.—Daniel H. Newton, of Greenfield.
      1865.—Bela Kellogg, of Greenfield.
      1876.—C. M. Moody, of Greenfield.

Registers Of Deeds.

      1811.—Epaphras Hoyt, of Deerfield. 1815.—Hooker Leavitt, of Greenfield. 1842.—Almon Brainard, of Greenfield. 1856.—Humphrey Stevens, of Greenfield. 1872.—Edward Benton, of Greenfield.

Messengers Of The Court.

      Lucius Dickinson, John Pinks, Thomas Rockwood, Dexter Marsh, Jonathan M. Mann, Charles Frink, Maj. H. Taylor, George S. Eddy, Rufus A. Lilly, of Greenfield.


      The present justices of the county are as follows: Gorham D. Williams, Greenfield; Hiram Woodward, Orange; Samuel D. Bardwell, Shelburne Falls; Joseph Root and Wm. S. Dana, Montague; Albert Montague, Sunderland; Henry W. Billings, Conway; Silas Blake, Ashfield; Charles Pomeroy, Northfield.

Representative Districts.1

      Apportionment under the revised constitution of 1857: ratio of votes to each representative, eight hundred and fifty—Eight representatives.
      District No. 1.—Bernardston, Coleraine, Greenfield, Gill,
            Leyden, Shelburne.—Two representatives.
      District No. 2.—Buckland, Charlemont, Heath, Monroe,
            Rowe.—One representative.
      District No. 3.—Ashfield, Conway, Hawley.—One representative.
      District No. 4.—Deerfield, Whately.—One representative.
      District No. 5.—Leverett, Shutesbury, Sunderland,
            Wendell.—One representative.
      District No. 6.—Erving, Montague, Northfield.—One representative.
      District No. 7.—New Salem, Orange,
            Warwick.—One representative.
      Under the apportionment of 1866 the county was allowed seven representatives, and the ratio of voters to each was fixed at ten hundred and thirty and five-sevenths.
      District No. 1.—Warwick, Orange, New Salem.—One
      District No. 2.—Montague, Sunderland, Leverett, Shutesbury,
            Wendell.—One representative.
      District No. 3.—Greenfield, Coleraine, Leyden, Bernardston,
            Gill, Northfield, Erving.—Two representatives.
      District No. 4.—Deerfield, Shelburne, Whately, Conway,
            Ashfield, Hawley.—Two representatives.
      District No. 5.—Buckland, Charlemont, Heath, Rowe,
            Monroe.—One representative.
      Under the apportionment of 1876 the county was allowed six representatives, and the ratio to each was fixed at fourteen hundred and nineteen.
      District No. 1.—Warwick, Erving, Orange,
            New Salem.—One representative.
      District No. 2.—Montague, Sunderland, Leverett, Wendell,
            Shutesbury.—One representative.
      District No. 3.—Gill, Greenfield, Shelburne.—One representative.
      District No. 4.—Deerfield, Conway, Whately.
            —One representative.
      District No. 5.—Northfield, Bernardston, Leyden, Coleraine,
            Heath.—One representative.
      District No. 6.—Ashfield, Buckland, Charlemont, Hawley,
            Rowe, Monroe.—One representative.

      For lists of representatives, see town histories.
      In addition to county officers, the county of Franklin has furnished the following State and national officers since its organization:
      Governor.—William B. Washburn, of Greenfield, from 1872 to 1874.
      Lieutenant-Governor.—Heffry W. Cushman, of Bernardston, from 1851 to 1853.
      United States Senator.—William B. Washburn, 1874-75.2
      Attorney-General.—Charles Allen, from 1867 to 1872.

1 For explanations and preliminary remarks, see Chapter II., History of Hampden County, in this work. [Ed. note: currently not online]
2 Gov. Washburn was also a member of the 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st, and 42d Congresses.

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