Franklin District Medical Society

      This society was organized at Greenfield, in January, 1851, and the following officers were elected: President, Stephen W. Williams, Deerfield; Secretary and Treasurer, James Deane, Greenfield; Librarian, Alpheus F. Stone, Greenfield; Counselors, Alpheus F. Stone, G. W. Hamilton, Stephen W. Williams; Censors, James Deane, E. W. Carpenter, C. M. Duncan. The society was legally sanctioned and authorized by the State Medical Society on the 3d of June following.
      The following is a list of those who have been members of the society. Those marked with a star are deceased. Many others have removed, and a few who are not marked may have deceased:

      Orange.1—Edward Barton, Robert Andrews,* J. H. Goddard.
      Deerfield.—Stephen W. Williams,* R. N. Porter, John Q. Adams McAllister, Charles A. Packard, D. M. Elliott, Geo. M. Read. The three last mentioned at South Deerfield village.
      Greenfield.—James Deane,* Daniel Hovey,* L. D. Seymour, Charles H. Spring, Joseph Draper, Noah Wells, Jonathan W. Osgood, A. C. Walker, C. L. Fisk, Jr., Thomas Womersley.
      Shelburne Falls.—Chenery Puffer,* Milo Wilson,* Stephen J. W. Tabor,2 J. W. Bement,* A. H. Taylor, Charles E. Severance, F. J. Canedy, C. M. Wilson.
      Shelburne.—Charles M. Duncan.
      Ashfield.—Charles L. Knowlton, James R. Fairbanks.
      Charlemont.—Stephen Bates.*
      Buckland.—Josiah Trow.
      Coleraine.—A. C. Deane, Charles T. Lyons, Charles Warren Green, E. S. Weston, O. H. Lamb.
      Rowe.—Humphrey Gould.*
      Montague.—David Bradford,* E. A. Deane.
      Montague City.—Charles A. Wilson, E. C. Coy.
      Leverett.—Fayette Clapp,* David Rice.*
      Northfield.—Elijah Stratton,* Marshall S. Mead, A. B. Rice, R. C. Ward.
      Warwick.—Gardner C. Hill, Charles Barber.*
      Heath.—Cyrus Temple.
      New Salem.—A. E. Kemp, Wm. H. Hills.
      Bernardston.—Noyes Barstow, William Dwight, Charles Bowker, O. A. Wheeler.
      Conway.—E. D. Hamilton, Martin L. Mead.
      Sunderland.—N. G. Trow.
      Gill.—E. P. Burton.
      Turner's Falls.—S. Walter Scott, C. E. Hall, E. R. Campbell.
      Miller's Falls.—Doremus D. Jacobs, Charles W. Stockman.
      Present Officers.—President, A. C. Walker; Vice-President, C. L. Fisk, Jr.; Secretary, Treasurer, and Librarian, Charles Bowker; Censors, C. M. Duncan, Edward Barton, C. E. Severance, A. C. Deane, E. C. Coy; Counselors, J. W. Osgood, E. A. Deane, F. J. Canedy; Commissioner on Trials, R. C. Ward; Counselor for Nominating Committee, F. J. Canedy; Reporter, G. M. Reed.

1 The names of towns indicate their place of residence at the time of uniting with the society.
2 Dr. Tabor is now Fourth Auditor of the Treasury Department at Washington, D. C.

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