Franklin Civil List1

Chief-Justices' Court Of Sessions.

      Job Goodale, 1811 to 1818, inclusive; John Hooker, 1819 to 1821, inclusive; Elijah Paine, 1822 to 1827, inclusive.

County Commissioners.

      The act abolishing Courts of Sessions and establishing in their stead county commissioners was approved Feb. 26, 1828. The commissioners were at first appointed by the Governor and council for three years. The office was made elective in 1835.
      John Nevers, Thomas Longley, John Arms, Horace W. Taft, Noah Wells, Isaac Newton, Jonathan Blake, Rufus Saxton, Charles Thompson, Joseph Stevens, Thomas Nims, Ebenezer Maynard, Austin Rice, Josiah Goddard, Lucius Nims, Asa Severance, Hart Leavitt, Samuel D. Bardwell, Alfred R. Field, Horace Hunt, Ansel L. Tyler, Richard C. Arms, Davis Goddard, Alvan Hall, Nelson Burrows, George D. Crittenden, R. N. Oakman, John M. Smith, Carlos Batchelder, Lyman G. Barton.

Special Commissioners.

      The following is a nearly complete list of those who have served as special commissioners: Thaddeus Coleman, Rufus Saxton, Richard Colton, Amos Russell, Thomas Nims, John Porter, David Wells, Samuel Giles, Elijah Ingham, Jonathan Budington, R. B. Hubbard, Gardiner Dickinson, Albert R. Albee, H. K. Hoyt, William W. Russell, Nelson Burrows, John M. Smith, Albert Montague, William C. Carpenter, and David L. Smith.
      The names of both commissioners and special commissioners are only given once; many of them have served several terms each.

Judges Of Probate.

      1811.—Solomon Smead, of Greenfield.
      1814.—Jonathan Leavitt, of Greenfield.
      1821.—Richard E. Newcomb, of Greenfield.
      1849.—George Grinnell,2 of Greenfield.
      1853.—Horatio G. Parker,2 of Greenfield.
      1854.—Franklin Ripley, of Greenfield.
      1858.—Charles Mattoon, of Greenfield.
      1870.—Chester C. Conant, of Greenfield.

Registers Of Probate.

      1811.—Isaac B. Barber, of Coleraine.
      1812.—Elijah Alvord (2d), of Greenfield.
      1841.—George Grinnell, Jr., of Greenfield.
      1849.—Wendell T. Davis, of Greenfield.
      1851.—Samuel O. Lamb, of Greenfield.
      1853.—Charles Mattoon, of Greenfield.
      1856.—Charles Mattoon,3 of Greenfield.
      1858.—Charles J. Ingersoll,3 of Greenfield.
      1863.—Chester C. Conant,3 of Greenfield.
      1870.—Francis M. Thompson,3 of Greenfield.

District And County Attorneys.

      1811.—Elihu Lyman, Jr., Greenfield, county attorney.
      1811.—John Nevers, Northfield, county attorney.
      1812.—Samuel C. Allen, New Salem, county attorney.
      1821.—George Grinnell, Jr., Greenfield, county attorney.
      1829.—Richard E. Newcomb, Greenfield, county attorney.
      1837-42.—Daniel Wells, Greenfield, attorney for
            Western District five years.
      1844.—Wm. Porter, Jr., Lee, vice Wells, appointed chief
            justice Common Pleas Court.
      1849.—Wm. Porter, Jr., Lee.
      1851.—Increase Sumner, Great Barrington.
      1853.—Wm. G. Bates, Westfield, vice Sumner.
      1854..—Henry L. Dawes, Adams, vice Bates.
      1855.—Ithamar F. Conkey, Amherst, Northwestern District.
      1856.—Elected, Daniel W. Alvord, Greenfield, Northwestern
      1859.—The same.
      1862-66-68.—Samuel T. Spaulding, Northampton.
      1871.—William S. B. Hopkins, Greenfield.
      1874.—amuel T. Field, Shelburne Falls.
      1877.—Daniel W. Bond, Northampton.4


      1811.—John Nevers, Northfield.
      1811.—Elihu Lyman, Jr., Greenfield.
      1814.—Epaphras Hoyt, Deerfield.
      1831-46.—John Nevers, Northfield, sixteen years.
      1847.—Samuel H. Reed, Rowe, five years.
      1851.—James S. Whitney, Conway.
      1853.—Samuel H. Reed, Greenfield.
      1855.—Charles Pomeroy, Northfield.
      1856-68.—Samuel H. Reed, Greenfield.
      1868-77.—Solomon C. Wells, Greenfield.
      1877.—George A. Kimball, Greenfield.

1 For explanations and preliminary remarks, see Chapter II., History of Hampden County, in this work. [Ed. note: currently not online]
2 Resigned.
3 Elected.
4 The district now includes Hampshire and Franklin Counties.

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