Shutesbury — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      A list of the selectmen and town clerks chosen by the town from 1761 to the present time is hereto appended:

1761.—Ebenezer Childs, Jonathan Dickinson, Joseph Whitney, Jonas Lock, Joseph Lock.
1762.—Ebenezer Childs, Joseph Whitney, Jonas Lock.
1763.—Jonathan Dickinson, Zaccheus Crocker, Bezaliel Wilder, Daniel Fisk, Joseph Lock.
1764.—Joseph Lock, John Barnard, John Powers.
1765.—Ebenezer Childs, Joseph Lock, John Barnard.
1766.—Daniel Fisk, Joseph Lock, John Chamberlain.
1767.—Zaccheus Crocker, John Barnard, Lieut. Dickinson.
1768.—Ebenezer Childs, John Powers, John Barnard.
1769.—John Barnard, Silent Wild, Ebenezer Childs.
1770.—Bezaliel Wilder, John Chamberlain, John Crosby.
1771.—Deacon Childs, John Barnard, Zaccheus Crocker, Jr.
1772.—John Barnard, Joseph Lock, Zaccheus Crocker, Jr.
1773.—Deacon Childs, John Barnard, Joseph Lock.
1774.—Joseph Lock, Moses Wilder, John Ross.
1775.—John Hamilton, Joseph Lock, Samuel Coney.
1776.—John Hamilton, Capt. Z. Crocker, James Ross, Jr.
1777.—John Powers, Jr., Moses Wilder, James Ross, Jr., Jonathan Osgood, J. Dickinson, Jr.
1778.—Asa Powers, Simeon Vaughan, Nathan Haskins.
1779.—Jonathan Osgood, James Ross, Seth Pierce, John Witt, Asa Powers.
1780.—Seth Pierce, Eph. Wheeler, Sim. Vaughan, Lott Paine, Abner Stone.
1781.—Seth Pierce, John Powers, Lott Paine, Abner Stone.
1782.—John Witt, Nathan Haskins, George Bridge.
1783.—Josiah Marshall, Job Smith, Thomas Shaw.
1784.—Seth Pierce, John Powers, Jr., Simeon Vaughan.
1785.—Philip Hathaway, Simeon Vaughan, Theoph. Crocker.
1786.—Asa Powers, Joseph Blanchard, Oliver Allen.
1787.—Asaph Lyon, Joseph Pettee, Isaac Church.
1788.—Andrew Hamilton, Matthew Pratt, Job Smith, James Shaw. Ed. Crossett.
1789.—Andrew Hamilton, Paul Dillingham, James Shaw.
1790.—Andrew Hamilton, Paul Dillingham, Samuel Swinerton.
1791.—Andrew Hamilton, John Powers, Jr., Ed; Crossett.
1792.—Andrew Hamilton, John Powers, Jr., Eliphalet Day.
1793.—Andrew Hamilton, Nathaniel Smith, Thomas Kibbey.
1794.—Jesse Winter, Theophilus Crocker, Jr., Thomas Kibbey.
1795.—Luther Hoar, Theophilus Crocker, Jr., Thomas Kibbey.
1796.—Andrew Hamilton, Jesse Winter, Thomas Kibbey.
1797.—Andrew Hamilton, George Macomber, Thomas Kibbey. 1798.—Luther Hoar, George Macomber, Thomas Kibbey.
1798-1801.—Paul Dillingham, George Macomber, Thomas Kibbey.
1802.—Luther Hoar, Asa Powers, Thomas Kibbey.
1803.—Andrew Hamilton, Henry Ward, Theo. Crocker.
1804.—Andrew Hamilton, Henry Ward, George Macomber.
1805.—Eli Spear, Henry Ward, Thomas Richardson.
1806.—Ephraim Wheeler, Abner Smith, Thomas Richardson.
1807.—Paul Macomber, Abner Smith, Peter Lamb.
1808.—Paul Macomber, Joseph Haskins, Peter Lamb.
1809.—Paul Macomber, Asa Powers, Peter Lamb.
1810.—Paul Macomber, Abner Smith, Peter Lamb.
1811.—Joseph Haskins, Abner Smith, Elisha Bogue.
1812.—Luther Chapin, Abner Smith, Josiah Beaman.
1813.—Elisha Bogue, Luther Henry, Josiah Beaman.
1814.—Liscom Brigham, Luther Henry, Penter Sampson.
1815.—Liscom Brigham, Abner Smith, John Corkey.
1816.—Liscom Brigham, Wm. Ward, John Corkey.
1817.—Nathaniel Macomber, Josiah Beaman, Jr., Phin. Heminway.
1818-19.—Abner Smith, Josiah Beaman, Jr., Ph. Heminway.
1820.—Liscom Brigham, Asa Adams, Esek Baker.
1821.—Abner Smith, John Conkey, Archs. Leonard.
1822.—Abner Smith, Josiah Beaman, Jr., Esek Baker.
1823.—Abner Smith, Phineas Heminway, Nathaniel Macomber.
1824-25.—Asa Adams, Jr., Jonas Winter, John Conkey.
1826-27.—Asa Adams, Jr., Jonas Winter, Paul Macomber.
1828.—William Read, Gideon Stetson, Samuel Hamilton.
1829.—William Bead, Liscom Brigham, Samuel Hamilton.
1830.—Paul Macomber, Joel Codding, Samuel Hamilton.
1831.—Benjamin Winter, Jr., Joel Codding, Gideon Stetson.
1832.—Nathaniel Macomber, Willard Raymond,. Josiah Beaman.
1833.—Nathan Paul, Willard Raymond, Josiah Beaman.
1834.—Nathan Paul, Willard Raymond, Jesse Marvel.
1835-36.—Jonas Winter, Willard Raymond, Joseph Adams.
1837.—Jos. L. Smallidge, Watson Leonard, Benj. Winter.
1838.—Nathan Paul, Watson Leonard, Benj. Winter.
1839.—Benjamin Dune, Watson Leonard, J. S. Baker.
1840.—Thomas E. Winchester, Watson Leonard, J. S. Baker.
1841.—Benjamin Winter, Josiah Beaman, Alvah Haskins.
1842.—Jonathan S. Baker, Wm. H. Beaman, Alvah Haskins.
1843.—Benjamin Winter, Pascal Marvel, Samuel F. Dudley.
1844.—Jonathan S. Baker, James P. Heminway, S. F. Dudley.
1845.—J. S. Baker, Nathan Paul, S. F. Dudley.
1846.—J. S. Baker, Jonas H. Winter, S. F. Dudley.
1847.—Benjamin Winter, Alvah Haskins, S. F. Dudley.
1848.—Benjamin Winter, Jonathan S. Baker, John H. Davis.
1849.—Benjamin Winter, Alvah Haskins, Wm. H. Beaman.
1850.—Benjamin Winter, John H. Davis, Wm. H. Beaman.
1851.—Alvah Haskins, S: F. Dudley, N. D. Adams.
1852.—Alvah Haskins, S. F. Dudley, E. C. Kellogg.
1853.—Benjamin Winter, S. F. Dudley, S. H. Stowell.
1854.—Alvah Haskins, Henry Pierce, S. H. Stowell.
1855.—Nathan Paul, D. Hamilton, Jr., S. H. Stowell.
1856.—H. G. O. Powers; L. H. Stetson, Benjamin Winter.
1857.—Nathan Paul, Thomas Reynolds, J. P. Heminway.
1858.—James Fisk, S. H. Stowell, J. R. Spear.
1859.—J. H. Davis, Wm. A. Gray, D. N. Hamilton.
1860-61.—J. H. Davis, S. F. Dudley, S. H. Stowell.
1862.—Wm. H. Beaman, S. F. Dudley, S. H. Stowell.
1863.—Benjamin Winter, E. P. Spear, J. A. Haskins.
1864.—John H. Davis, Samuel H. Stowell, S. W. Adams.
1865.—John H. Davis, Benjamin Winter, S. F. Dudley.
1866.—Henry C. Winter, Samuel H. Stowell, S. F. Dudley.
1867.—Henry C. Winter, John H. Davis, S. F. Dudley.
1868.—Harrison Hamilton, John H. Davis, Seth Leonard.
1869.—Harrison Hamilton, John H. Davis, S. F. Dudley.
1870.—Harrison Hamilton, N. A. Briggs, J. G. Reed.
1871.—Charles Felton, H. C. Winter, J. G. Reed.
1872.—George A. Berry, H. C. Winter, J. H. Davis.
1873-75.—George A. Berry, J. G. Reed, Warren Ames.
1876.—George A. Berry, J. G. Reed, H. N. Kimball.
1877.—Harrison Hamilton, J. M. Atkins, H. N. Kimball.
1878.—J. G. Reed, J..M. Atkins, G.A. Berry.

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