Shelburne — Shelburne's Rebellion Record.

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The following are the names of those furnished by Shelburne for service in the army during the Rebellion of 1861-65:

Ozro Miller, 10th Mass.
Silas Nims, 10th. Mass.
Wm. Streeter, 10th Mass.
W. W. Carpenter, 10th Mass.
Henry Danfin, 10th Mass.
J. S. Coleman,10th Mass.
L. M. Blackwell, 10th Mass.
E. M. Briggs, 10th Mass.
Chas. B. Dole, 10th Mass.
E. W. Fay, 10th Mass.
Wm. H. Gragg, 10th Mass.
John Griebel, 10th Mass.
Chas. D. Hotchkiss, 10th Mass.
David Henry, 10th Mass.
Jacob Haiges, 10th Mass.
N. S. Putney, 10th Mass.
H. C. Severance, 10th Mass.
Andrew Sawer, 10th Mass.
Elbert Stevens, 10th Mass.
H. C. Utley, 10th Mass.
Jas. M. Williams, 10th Mass.
Geo. W. Wilson, 10th Mass.
Jas. E. Wilson, 10th Mass.
Adolph Stempel, 10th Mass.
Asa C. Merrill; 10th Mass.
Putney, 10th Mass.
Birney Budington, 10th Mass.
Amariah Chandler, 10th Mass.
Pliny H. Briggs, 10th Mass.
Wm. Levey, 10th Mass.
Robert Shehey, 10th Mass.
L. J. Smith, 10th Mass.
Charles Stone, 10th Mass.
R. M. Powers, Jr., 10th Mass.
Charles W. Rupell, 10th Mass.
John R. Campbell, 10th Mass.
Albert Tolman, 10th Mass.
Josiah P. Day, 10th Mass.
C. C. Packard, 10th Mass.
Josiah S. Emerson, 10th Mass.
James M. Warner, 10th Mass.
Charles F. Powers, 10th Mass.
E. P. Conant, 10th Mass.
F. D. Bardwell, 10th Mass.
J. A. Franklin, 10th Mass.
A. J. Foster, 12th Mass.
James Deane, 18th Mass.
Lewis G. Pratt, 21st Mass.
Thos. McIntyre, 27th Mass.
Patrick Sweeney, 27th Mass.
Alfred Burdick, 27th Mass.
Asa Tilden, 27th Mass.
John Tonio, 27th Mass.
P. C. Collins, 27th Mass.
C. L. Emmons, 27th Mass.
J. B. Slate, 27th Mass.
G. M. Lander, 31st Mass.
S. M. Ware, 31st Mass.
E. C. W. Orcutt, 31st Mass.
Addison Goodnow, 31st Mass.
Chas. H. Clark, 31st Mass.
H. T. Brown, 31st Mass.
Moses Johnson, 31st Mass.
D. D. Ware, 31st Mass.
E. H. Hawks, 34th Mass.
Frank Allen, 34th Mass.
Peter Ely, 34th Mass.
H. S. Greenleaf, 52d Mass.
E. H. Allen, 52d Mass.
S. H. Blackwell, 52d Mass.
H. D. Culver, 52d Mass.
S. F. Daniels, 52d Mass.
G. H. Fish, 52d Mass.
Nathaniel Herrick, 52d Mass.
George F. Hill, 52d Mass.
Joseph C. Merrill, 52d Mass.
C. A. Pratt, 52d Mass.
M. W. Rice, 52d Mass.
George F. Steele, 52d Mass.
E. E. Severance, 52d Mass.
G. A. Smead, 52d Mass.
George O. Wilder, 52d Mass.
William Wells, 52d Mass.
H. C. Wright, 52d Mass.
Charles F. Alden, 52d Mass.
Wm. R. Bardwell, 52d Mass.
S. M. Blackwell, 52d Mass.
George B. Carter, 52d Mass.
Stephen Ford, 52d Mass.
William H. Foster, 52d Mass.
Silas C. Hunter, 52d Mass.
P. C. Maynard, 52d Mass.
Wm. A. Parmenter, 52d Mass.
George B. Pratt, 52d Mass.
D. W. Reed, 52d Mass.
M. D. Shea, 52d Mass.
J. F. Severance, 52d Mass.
Morris Vincent, 52d Mass.
C. R. White, 52d Mass.
C. 0. Pelton, 52d Mass.
J. A. Pittsinger, 52d Mass.
James Burke, 34th Mass.

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