Shelburne — Banks, Etc.

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      At Shelburne Falls two banking institutions transact the financial business of the town.

The Shelburne Falls National Bank

      The Shelburne Falls National Bank was organized as a State bank in 1855, and as such began business in 1856 with a capital of $50,000. In 1865 it was changed to a national bank. Its capital is now $200,000, and its deposit account $50,000.

The Shelburne Falls Five-Cent Savings-Bank

      The Shelburne Falls Five-Cent Savings-Bank was organized in 1856, and in 1876 changed its name to the Shelburne Falls Savings-Bank. Its deposits in March, 1879, aggregated $640,000. Both banks occupy quarters in Bank Block, Shelburne Falls.

Shelburne Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

      The Shelburne Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized June 18, 1877, with N. O. Newhall as President; I. W. Barnard, Treasurer; William T. Peck as Secretary; and directors as follows: I. W. Barnard, S. M. Long, N. O. Newhall, O. O. Bardwell, I. T. Fisk, G. E. Taylor, G. N. Smith, W. T. Peck, John Fellows, C. M. Long, and Ozias Long. The directors for 1879 are I. W. Barnard, N. 0. Newhall, W. T. Peck, O. O. Bardwell, Albert Peck, G. E. Taylor, Z. D. Bardwell, C. M. Long, Ebenezer Nims, S, M. Long, G. N. Smith. N. O. Newhall is President; William T. Peck, Secretary; and I. W. Barnard, Treasurer.

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