Shelburne — Societies, Orders, Etc.

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

There are in Shelburne numerous societies, all of which are located at the Falls. They will be found named as follows:

Mountain Lodge, F. And A. M.

      Mountain Lodge, F. And A. M., was organized in Rowe in 1806, transferred to Coleraine in 1818, where, in 1840, it disappeared from the current of events, and was revived in 1856 at Shelburne Falls. The lodge numbers now 70 members, and had as officers in 1879 the following: Edwin Baker, W. M.; George R. Pierce, S. W.; J. H. Warner, J. W.; Herbert Newell, Treas.; J. H. Wilder, Sec.; J. K. Patch, Chap.; F. W. Merriam, Mar.; James Halligan, S. D.; H. W. Merrill, J. D.; F. G. Mitchell, S. S.; A. N. Sprague, J. S.; A. W. Ware, I. S.; H. O. Smith, Organist; L. T. Brown, Tiler.

The German Turnverein

      The German Turnverein was organized in 1868, and has now a membership of 45. This society is a flourishing one, and owns a commodious hall at Shelburne Falls, built in 1874 at a cost of $2800.

Athenieum Division, No. 79, Sons Of Temperance

      Athenieum Division, No. 79, Sons Of Temperance, was organized December, 1874, and has now (1879) 74 members. The officers are F. W. Bannister, W. P.; Miss M. E. Nims, W. A.; T. A. Montague, R. S.; Miss E. E. Eldridge, A. R. S.; Charles E. Dewsnap, F. S.; Mrs. S. E. Cummings, T.; Miss Nellie Dewsnap, Inside Sentinel; Rev. O. P. Emerson, Chaplain; W. S. Ball, Con.; Miss Lizzie Sprague, A. Con.; Albert Mann, Outside Sentinel; Rev. S. G. Davis, P. W. P.

Loomis Lodge Of Good Templars, No. 244

      Loomis Lodge Of Good Templars, No. 244, was organized February, 1867, and had in 1879 a membership of 51, with officers as follows: Charles R. White, W. C. T.; Mrs. S. Huntley, V.; George Hinde, R. S.; Mrs. E. F. Steel, F. S.; John Thompson, T.; James Martin, M.; Rev. N. F. Benson, Chaplain; Miss E. Shaw, I. G.; George Lees, O. G.; W. E. Cooney, A. S.; Miss Agnes Turton, D. M.; L. P. Allen, W. R. H. S.; M. J. Tooley, L. H. S.; M. O. Lamfair, P. W. C. T.; John Thompson, Lodge Dep.

The Harugari

      The Harugari, a German organization, was organized in 1873, and has now 33 members.

The Independent Foresters

      The Independent Foresters, organized in 1878, have 75 members.

Alethian Lodge, I. O. O. F., No. 128

      Alethian Lodge, I. O. O. F., No. 128, meets on the Buckland side of the Falls, but draws largely in membership from Shelburne.

The Greenleaf Guard (Co. E, Second Mass. Regt.)

      The Greenleaf Guard (Co. E, Second Mass. Regt.) is a fine military command of 62 members, organized September, 1872, and named in honor of Col. H. S. Greenleaf (now residing in Rochester, N. Y.), who went out from Shelburne into the war of the Rebellion in command of the 52d Mass. Regt. This company is handsomely uniformed in gray, and has a well-appointed armory at Shelburne Falls. The officers are Frederick W. Merriam, Captain; John A. Halligan, First Lieutenant; Herbert W. Swan, Second Lieutenant; George D. Eldridge, Orderly Sergeant. Previous to the last war, Shelburne Falls had a well-drilled military organization known as Co. H, 10th Mass. Regt.

Ozro Miller Post, No. 93, G. A. R.

      Ozro Miller Post, No. 93, G. A. R., was organized in 1869 and named after Ozro Miller, who went into the last war from Shelburne as captain of Co. H, 10th Mass Regt.; was shortly afterward promoted to be a major; was wounded and captured in 1862, at Malvern Hill, and died that year in Libby Prison, Richmond, Va. The post numbers 42 members, and is commanded by George O. Wilder.

Jessie Rupert Post, Matrons Of The Republic

      Jessie Rupert Post, Matrons Of The Republic, is composed of the wives, widows, and sisters of soldiers who served in the last war. The post took its name from Jessie Rupert, who joined the 34th Mass. Regt. in the Shenandoah Valley during the last war, and was afterward known as the daughter of that regiment.
      Shelburne Falls has two musical organizations, known as the MECHANICS' BAND and the SHELBURNE FALLS CORNET BAND.

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