Rowe — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      From 1786 to the present time the selectmen have been as follows:

1786.—William Taylor, Abner Chapin, John Wells.
1787.—Archibald Thomas, Michael Wilson, Jonas Gleason.
1788.—Archibald Thomas, John Hibbard, Jonas Gleason.
1789.—Jonathan White, John Wells, Jonas Gleason.
1790.—Jonathan White, John Wells, Thaddeus Merrill.
1791.—William Taylor, John Wells, Thaddeus Merrill.
1792.—Nathan Foster, Archibald Thomas, Henry Wilson.
1793.—Nathan Foster, Noah Brown, Henry Wilson.
1794.—Nathan Foster, Noah Brown, William Taylor.
1796.—Nathan Foster, Zebulon Benton, William Taylor.
1796.—Nathan Foster, Abner Chapin, William Taylor.
1797.—Pardon Haynes, Jonas Gleason, Samuel Brown.
1798.—Nathan Foster, Noah Brown, Zebulon Benton.
1799.—William Taylor, Archibad Thomas, John Hibbard.
1800.—Jonas Gleason, William Taylor, Noah Brown.
1801.—John Wells, William Taylor, Noah Brown.
1802.—Titus Todd, William Taylor, Nathan Foster.
1803.—Titus Todd, Caleb Brakeslee, Nathan Foster.
1804.—Titus Todd, William Taylor, James Brown.
1805.—John Wells, Moses Streeter, James Brown.
1806.—Jonas Gleason, William Taylor, James Brown.
1807.—Josiah Carpenter, William Taylor, John Cheney.
1808.—Josiah Carpenter, William Taylor, Noah Brown.
1809.—Pardon Haynes, William Taylor, Noah Brown.
1810.—John Wells, John Cheney, John Thomas.
1811.—John Wells, Josiah Carpenter, John Thomas.
1812.—Jedediah Bassett, Josiah Carpenter, John Thomas.
1813.—John Wells, Josiah Carpenter, John Thomas.
1814.—Sylvester Hart, Josiah Carpenter, John Thomas.
1815.—James Brown, Jesse Gleason, John Thomas.
18I6-18.—Josiah Carpenter, Jesse Gleason, Isaac Pierpont.
1819.—John Thomas, Ebenezer Merrill, Noah Wells.
1820.—Jesse Gleason, Ebenezer Merrill, James Brown.
1821-22.—Noah Well., Ebenezer Merrill, John Thomas.
1823.—James Brown, Ebenezer Merrill, John Thomas.
1824.—James Brown, Isaac Pierpont, John Thomas.
1825.—Noah Wells, Apollo Carpenter, Jedediah Barrett.
1826-28.—Noah Wells, William Taylor, Jr., Jedediah Barrett.
1826.—Isaac Pierpont, Ebenezer Merrill, Jedediah Barrett.
1830.—Isaac Pierpont, Samuel H. Reed, Jedediah Barrett.
1831.—Isaac Pierpont, Samuel H. Reed, Ebenezer Merrill.
1832.—Ohed Peck, Samuel H. Reed, Elijah W. Hibbard.
1833.—John Thomas, Janes Brown, Moses Gleason.
1834.—Samuel H. Reed, Elisha Brown, Robert L. Bishop.
1835.—Samuel H. Reed, Solomon Amidon, Jr., Robert L. Bishop.
1836.—James Brown, Isaac Pierpont, Samuel Hall.
1837.—John Thomas, Ebenezer Starr, James Ford.
1838.—William Taylor, Ebenezer Starr, Dexter W. Brown.
1839.—Samuel Hall, Ebenezer Starr, Dexter W. Brown.
1840.—John Thomas, Alanson Hibbard, Araunah Ide.
1841.—Dexter W. Brown, Alanson Hibbard, Araunah Ide.
1842.—Solomon Amidun, Jr., Alanson Hibbard, Araunah Ide.
1843.—Alanson Hibbard, Ebenezer Starr, Araunah Ide.
1844.—William Taylor, Ebenezer Starr, John A. Winslow.
1845.—Samuel H. Reed, Asa Kendrick, Thomas Scott.
1846.—Samuel H. Reed, Elias Keith, Thomas Scott.
1847.—Ebenezer Starr, Elbe, Keith, Dwight H. Hicks.
1848.—Ebenezer Starr, Elias Keith, Arad Hall.
1849.—E. H. Stanford, Ellas Keith, Arad Hall.
1850.—Solomon Amidon, Chauncey Pierpont, Arad Hall.
1851.—Elias Keith, Hezekiah Brown, Horace Browning.
1852.—Elias Keith, Hezekiah Brown, Arad Hall.
1853.—Elias Keith, John Ballou, William Porter.
1854.—Elias Keith, John Ballou, Arad Hall.
1855-56.—Elias Keith, Johns Ballou, Lyman Sears.
1857.—Daniel Gale, Willie H. Sanford, Ansel Bullard.
1858.—59.—Darnel Gale, William H. Sanford, Elias Keith.
1860.—Daniel Gale, William H. Sanford, Charles Demons.
1861.—John Ballou, William H. Sanford, Charles Demons.
1862.—Samuel P. Everett, William H. Sanford, E. H. Stanford.
1863.—John Ballou, V. M. Porter, Elias Keith.
1864.—Lyman Sears, L. S. Blakeslee, Elias Keith.
1865.—Charles Demons, L. S. Blakeslee, Elias Keith.
1866.—Charles Demons, L. S. Blakeslee, John Ballou.
1867-68.—Cyrus Ballou, S. P. Everett, John Ballou.
1869.—J. C. Rice, H. A. Kendrick, John Ballou.
1870.—71.—Elias Keith; William Bolton, John Ballou.
1872.—Elias Keith, Eph. Truesdell, John Ballou.
1873.—V. M. Porter, Ezra G. Bemis, Cyrus Ballou.
1874.—75.—V. M. Porter, Lorenzo. S. Blakeslee, Peter J. Streeter.
1876.—77.—V.M. Porter, Lorenzo S. Blakeslee, Lester Smith.
1878.—V. M. Porter, Lorenzo-S. Blakeslee, Noyes Wheeler.

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