Northfield — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The list here following, of town officers, dates, therefore, from those years. Between the dates, however, of 1723 and 1766 the list of selectmen is incomplete, for the reason that the town records between those years have been lost.

1718.—Benoni Moore, Benjamin Wright, Peter Evans, Isaac Warner.
1719.—Benjamin Janes, Thomas Holton, Eleazer Mattoon.
1720.—Benoni Moore, Benjamin Wright, Eliezur Wright, E. Alexander.
1721.—Zechariah Field, Jos. Petty, Hezekiah Stratton.
1722.—Remembrance Wright, Eleazer Holton, Ebenezer Field.
1723.—Benoni Moore, Benjamin Wright, Eben Alexander, Jos. Petty, Jona. Belding.
1724.—Benoni Moore, Benjamin Wright, Eliezur Wright.
1725.—Ebenezer Alexander, Jona. Belding.
1728.—Eleazer Mattoon, Hezekiah Stratton.
1729.—Peter Evans, Jona. Belding.
1730.—Benoni Moore, Benjamin Wright, Azariah Wright, Jos. Burt.
1731.—Eleazer Mattoon.
1732.—Benoni Moore, Benjamin Wright, Eliezur Wright, Eben Alexander.
1733.—Eliezur Wright, Zechariah Field.
1734.—Joe. Petty, Jos. Burt, Samuel Hunt.
1735.—Jona. Belding, Azariah Wright, Nathaniel Mattoon.
1736.—Isaac Mattoon, Daniel Wright, Azariah Wright.
1737.—Azariah Wright, Daniel Wright, John Beaman.
1738-39.—Ebenezer Alexander, Zechariah Field, Jona. Belding.
1740.—Zechariah Field, Hezekiah Stratton, Samuel Hunt.
1741.—Peter Evans, Zechariah Field, Hezekiah Stratton.
1742.—Ebenezer Alexander, Zechariah Field, Jos. Burt.
1743.—Hezekiah Stratton, Jos. Burt, Seth Field.
1744.—Azariah Weight, Samuel Hunt, Nathaniel Mattoon, Daniel Wright.
1745.—Azariah Wright, Nathaniel Mattoon, Seth Field.
1746.—Azariah Wright, Samuel Smith, Nehemiah Wright.
1747.—Jona. Belding, Joshua Lyman, Eleazer Patterson.
1748.—Nathaniel Mattoon, Eleazer Patterson, Benoni Wright.
1749.—Ebenezer Alexander, Remembrance Wright, Samuel Smith, Joshua Lyman, Benoni Wright.
1750.—Ebenezer Alexander, Azariah Wright, Samuel Hunt, Seth Field, William Wright.
1751.—Ebenezer Alexander, Samuel Hunt, Nathaniel Mattoon, Joshua Lyman, Eleazer Patterson.
1752.—Samuel Hunt, Isaac Mattoon, Seth Field, Phinehas Wright, Samuel Holton, 1753.—Ebenezer Alexander, Joshua Lyman. John Holton.
1754.—Samuel Hunt, Seth Field, Thomas Alexander, Moses Field.
1755.—Nathaniel Mattoon, Samuel Smith, Joshua Lyman, Simeon Alexander, Bildad Andros.
1756.—Samuel Hunt, Nehemiah Wright, John Holton, Stephen Belding.
1757.—Jona. Belding.
1758.—Moses Field, Stephen Belding.
1761.—Seth Field, Samuel Hunt, Joshua Lyman.
1762.—Jona. Belding, Joshua Lyman, Moses Field.
1763.—Jona. Belding, Seth Field, Ebenezer Janes.
1766.—Ebenezer Janes, Lucius Doolittle, Phinehas Wright.
1767.—Simeon Alexander, Samuel Mattoon, Ebenezer Janes.
1768.—Joshua Lyman, Samuel Root, Eleazer Pomeroy.
1769.—Seth Field, Medad Pomeroy, Ebenezer Stratton.
1770.—Phinehas Wright, Ebenezer Janes, Simeon Lyman.
1771.—Seth Field, Thomas Alexander, Philip Mattoon.
1772.—Samuel Mattoon, Alexander Norton, Hezekiah Stratton.
1773.—Ebenezer Janes, Samuel Mattoon, Aaron Whitney.
1774.—Seth Fields, Eldad Wright, Samuel Merriam.
1775.—Phinehas Wright, Samuel Mattoon, Seth Lyman.
1776.—Ebenezer Janes, Eldad Wright, Elisha Hunt.
1777.—Thomas Alexander, Samuel Mattoon, Hezekiah Stratton.
1778.—Seth Lyman, Jona. Belding, Eliphaz Wright.
1779.—Samuel Alexander, Ebenezer Janes, Ebenezer Severance.
1780.—Lucius Doolittle, Samuel Mattoon, Hezekiah Stratton, Aaron Whitney, Lemuel Holton.
1781.—Ebenezer Janes, Samuel Mattoon, Simeon Lyman.
1782.—Samuel Mattoon, Elisha Hunt, James Lyman.
1783.—Thomas Alexander, Ebenezer Janes, Eben Severance.
1784.—Ebenezer Janes, Samuel Mattoon, Seth Lyman.
1785.—Ebenezer Janes, Samuel Mattoon, Elisha Hunt.
1786.—Aaron Whitney, Seth Lyman, George Field.
1787.—Samuel Mattoon, Hezekiah Stratton, Elisha Hunt.
1788.—Ebenezer Janes, Seth Lyman, Ebenezer Severance.
1789.—Samuel Mattoon, James Lyman, Elisha Alexander.
1790.—Ebenezer Janes. Medad Alexander, Rufus Stratton.
1791.—Ebenezer Janes, Elisha Alexander, Oliver Watrios.
1792.—Seth Lyman, Elisha Hunt, Reuben Smith.
1793.—Ebenezer Janes, Elisha Alexander, John Barrett.
1794-95.—Samuel Mattoon, Seth Lyman, Elisha Hunt.
1796.—Rufus Stratton, Elisha Hunt, Medad Alexander.
1797.—Elisha Hunt, James Lyman, Elisha Alexander.
1798-99.—Seth Lyman, Rufus Stratton, Timothy Dutton.
1800-4.—James Lyman. Medad Alexander, W. Field.
1805-6.—Seth Lyman, Medad Alexander, Samuel Field.
1807.—Medad Alexander, Samuel Field, Simeon Alexander.
1808.—Simeon Alexander, Samuel Field, John Nevers.
1809.—Simeon Alexander, Medad Alexander, Samuel Field.
1810.—Medad Alexander, Samuel Field, Abner Sawyer.
1811.—Medad Alexander, Samuel Field, Simeon Alexander.
1812.—Medad Alexander, Walter Field, Jonathan Janes.
1813.—Medad Alexander, Samuel Field, T. B. Dutton.
1814.—Medad Alexander, T. B. Dutton, Samuel Field.
1815-16.—Medad Alexander, T. B. Dutton, Hezekiah Mattoon.
1817.—T. B. Dutton, Elisha Lyman, J. M Dickinson.
1818.—Medad Alexander, Hezekiah Mattoon, George Field.
1819.—Elisha Lyman, George Field, Simeon Lyman.
1820.—Medad Alexander, Elisha Lyman, George Field.
1821-22.—Elisha Lyman, William Pomeroy, John Nevers.
1823.—Medad Alexander, Isaac Prior, Elihu Stratton.
1824.—Medad Alexander, Hezekiah Mattoon, J. M. Dickinson.
1825-27.—J. M. Dickinson, Isaac Mattoon, Richard Colton.
1828-29.—Elisha Lyman, J. M. Dickinson, Asahel Sawyer.
1830.—Thomas Howe, Arad Webster, Asahel Sawyer.
1831.—Walter Field, Timothy Dutton, Henry Alexander.
1832.—Thomas Howe, Henry Alexander, Benjamin Callender.
1833.—Arad Webster, Erastus Field, Josiah Alexander.
1834.—lob M. Dickinson, Thomas Mason, Harris Stratton.
1835.—Arad Webster, John Thurston, Asahel Stebbins.
1836.—Job M. Dickinson, Timothy Dutton, Asahel Stebbins.
1837.—Job M. Dickinson, Harris Stratton, Jona. H. Blake.
1838.—Job M. Dickinson, Asahel Stebbins, Jona. Belcher.
1839.—Asahel Stebbins, Earl Wilde, E. Alexander, Jr.
1840.—It. G. Cook, Simeon A. Field, Job M. Dickinson.
1841.—Job M. Dickinson, R. G. Cook, Simeon A. Field.
1842-43.—Job M. Dickinson, Simeon A. Field, Jona. Belcher.
1844.—Arad Webster, Simeon A. Field, Job M. Dickinson.
1845.—Job M. Dickinson, Charles Osgood, E. E. Belding.
1846.—Simeon A. Field, Charles Osgood, E. E. Belding.
1847.—E. E. Belding, Rufus Caldwell, Asahel Sawyer.
1848.—Job M. Dickinson, Harris Stratton, Jos. Young.
1849.—Arad Webster, E. E. Belding, Samuel Merriam.
1850.—Simeon A. Field, S. S. Holton, William Holton.
1851.—Simeon A. Field, S. S. Holton, Franklin Barber.
1852.—Simeon A. Field, S. S. Holton, N. W. Purple.
1853.—S. S. Holton, N. W. Purple, S. W. Dutton.
1854.—N. W. Purple, S. W. Dutton, H. F. Field.
1855.—S. W. Dutton, Jonathan Lyman, E. E. Belding.
1856.—E. E. Belding, Judah Nash, Jonathan Lyman.
1857.—E. E. Belding, Samuel Lane, Thomas Metcalf.
1858.—E. E. Belding, Elisha Stratton, Jos. Young.
1859.—E. E. Belding, Jos. Young, Elisha Stratton.
1860.—E. E. Belding, Elisha Alexander.
1861.—Samuel Lane, Horace Holton, E. G. Cole.
1862.—Horace F. Field, Samuel Lane, W. L. Fay.
1863-64.—Samuel Lane, L. T. Webster, H. W. Montague.
1865.—Lewis T. Webster, H. W. Montague, E. M. Alexander.
1866.—E. E. Belding, A. C. Parsons, Apollos Morgan.
1867.—Apollos Morgan, Henry Johnson, J. L. Preston.
1868.—James O. Gale, James E. Priest, Simeon A. Field.
1869.—Charles Pomeroy, R. K. Caldwell, Clesson Merriman.
1870.—Henry W. Montague, George Hastings, A. A. Holton.
1871-72.—H. W. Montague, A. A. Holton, Roswell Holton.
1873-74.—A. A. Holton, Samuel G. Pratt, H. W. Dickinson.
1875.—L. T. Webster, Samuel G. Pratt, James E. Priest.
1876.—L. T. Webster, Samuel G. Pratt, Roswell Holton.
1877.—Charles H. Green, Samuel G. Pratt, Roswell Holton.
1878.—A. A. Holton, duel G. Pratt, Roswell Holton.

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