New Salem — Selectmen & Town Clerks

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Because all of the town records, dating from 1753 to 1856, as well as the proprietors' records, were destroyed by fire at New Salem Centre in 1856, the list of town officers can be given only from 1855 to 1879, as follows:


1855-56.—Emerson Fay, Joseph F. Packard, Royal Whitaker.
1857.—Emerson Fay, Royal Whitaker, Alpheus Thomas.
1868-Alpheus Thomas; William F. Freeman, Joseph Gallond.
1859-60.—Elijah F. Porter, F. R. Haskell, William Whittemore.
1861.—Elijah F. Porter, William Whittemore, V. V. Vaughn.
1862.—Elijah F. Porter, Samuel Adams, V. V. Vaughn.
1863.—Elijah F. Porter, Samuel Adams, Sylvanus Sibley.
1864.—Elijah F. Porter, Samuel Adams, Daniel V. Putnam.
1865.—Elijah F. Porter, William T. Freeman, Daniel V. Putnam.
1866.—Elijah F. Porter, Eugene Ballard, Daniel V. Putnam.
1867.—Elijah F. Porter, J. H. Carey, Daniel V. Putnam.
1868-70.—Royal Whitaker, Beriah W. Fay, Daniel V. Putnam.
1871.—Royal Whitaker, E. D. Andrews, Daniel V. Putnam.
1872.—Elijah F. Porter, Samuel H. Stowell, Daniel V. Putnam.
1873.—Elijah F. Porter, Samuel H. Stowell, Lucien T. Briggs.
1874-76.—Nelson Haskins, F. W. Newland, William L. Powers.
1877.—H. A. Cogswell, F. W. Newland, William L. Powers.
1878.—Daniel Ballard, F. W. Newland, Proctor Whitaker.

Town Clerks.

Charles A. Harding, Jr., 1855-57; Charles M. Pierce, 1757-59; Royal Whitaker, 1859-74; Charles R. Shumway, 1874; F. A. Haskell, 1875; Charles Chandler, 1876-79.

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