Heath — The Professions

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The first physician was Joseph Lathrop, who was in practice as early as 1780. Three years later Dr. Stephen Bates established himself in practice; and from 1799 until after 1805, Dr. Benjamin Dickinson lived in the town. After 1800, Dr. Elijah Heaton commenced a practice, which was terminated by his removal before 1807. A year before, Dr. Joseph Emerson located in town, and followed his profession until his death, in 1842, which occurred just as he was about to visit a patient. Before this period, Dr. George Hill was in practice a short time. After 1830, Drs. Simeon Strong, Samuel Reed, and Ashman H. Taylor were practitioners. One of the latter's students was Dr. Cyrus Temple, who also followed his profession about a dozen years prior to 1867. Since that date Dr, Frederick Temple has resided here, although not regularly in practice.
      The physicians of Heath have been Jonas Brown, Ebenezer Tucker, Reuben Nims, Henry Maxwell, Harrington Brown, Thomas Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Joseph F. Fisk, David Allen, Roswell Leavitt, Thomas Leavitt, Horace Smith, Loren Allen, Roswell Trask, Cyrus K. Fisk, J. G. Holland, Jonathan Temple, Cyrus Temple, Theron Temple, Frederick Temple, Hiram Temple, Francis J. Caneday, Ora Lamb, and David Kinsman.
      The lawyers from this town have been Hon. Jonathan Leavitt, judge of the Supreme Court, Sylvester Maxwell, Hooker Leavitt, Joshua Leavitt, Henry Temple, John M. Emerson, and John Thompson. Joshua Leavitt had an office for the practice of law at the hamlet a short time. He is better known as an editor of the New York Independent. Other well-known editors from the town have been S. T. Allen and J. G. Holland. Another native, Thomas S. Miller, became a tutor in Amherst College, and Wm. W. Snow a member of Congress.

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