Hawley — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The following gentlemen have been the selectmen of the town from 1793 to 1878

1793.—Joseph Longley, Thomas King, Nathan West.
1794.—Joseph Longley, Thomas King, Ebenezer Hall.
1795.—Hezekiah Warriner, Zepheniah Lathrop, Ebenezer Hall.
1796-97.—Hezekiah Warriner, Moses Clark, Ebenezer Hall.
1798-99.—Hezekiah Warriner, Zepheniah Lathrop, Ebenezer Hall.
1800.—Hezekiah Warriner, Moses Clark, Ebenezer Hall.
1801.—Hezekiah Warriner, Zepheniah Lathrop, Ebenezer Hall.
1802.—Edmund Longley, Sylvanns Smith, Ebenezer Hall.
1803.—Edmund Longley, Hezekiah Warriner, Ebenezer Hall.
1804.—Edmund Longley, Sylvanus Smith, Joseph Bangs.
1805.—Nathaniel Newton, Hezekiah Warriner, Joseph Bangs.
1806-7.—Nathaniel Newton, Hezekiah Warriner, Joseph Buttrick.
1808.—Edmund Longley, Hezekiah Warriner, Joseph Buttrick.
1809.—Edmund Longley, Hezekiah Warriner, Zenas Bangs.
1810.—Nathaniel Newton, Hezekiah Warriner, Zenas Bangs.
1811.—Zepheniah Lathrop, Hezekiah Warriner, Zenas Bangs.
1812.—Joseph Buttrick, Hezekiah Warriner, Zenas Bangs.
1813.—Joseph Buttrick, Zepheniah Lathrop, Zenas Bangs.
1814.—Hezekiah Warriner, Ebenezer Hall, Zenas Bangs.
1815.—Zepheniah Lathrop, Joseph Buttrick, Noah Joy.
1816.—Hezekiah Warriner, Zenas Bangs, Noah Joy.
1817.—Edmund Longley, Jr., Zenas Bangs, Noah Joy.
1818.—Edmund Longley, Jr., William Bassett, Noah Joy.
1819-21.—Zenas Bangs, William Bassett, Noah Joy.
1822.—Edmund Longley, Jr., William Bassett, Hezekiah Warriner.
1823.—Edmund Longley, Jr., William Bassett, John Tobey.
1824-25.—Edmund Longley, Jr., Noah Joy, John Tobey.
1826.—Wm. Sanford, Noah Joy, Jolt n Tobey.
1827-28.—Edmund Longley, Jr., Noah Joy, John Tobey.
1829.—John Vincent, Noah Joy, John Tobey.
1830.—Thomas Longley, Noah Joy, Warriner King.
1831.—Edmund Longley, Jr., Calvin Cooley, John Vincent.
1842.—Warriner King, John Tobey, John Vincent.
1833.—Warriner King, Calvin Cooley, John Vincent.
1834.—John Tobey, Samuel Hall, Joshua Vincent.
1835.—Jonas Jones, Calvin Cooley, Joshua Vincent.
1836.—Edmund Longley, Jr., Clark Sears, Joshua Vincent.
1837.—Thomas Longley, Warriner King, John Vincent.
1838.—Calvin Cooley, George Lathrop, John Vincent.
1839.—Calvin Cooley, George Lathrop, Samuel Hall.
1840.—Calvin Cooley, John Vincent, William F. Longley.
1841.—Thomas Longley, Warriner King, Francis Mantor.
1842.—John Tobey, Clark Sears, Samuel Hall.
1843.—Levi Harmon, Clark Sears, George Lathrop.
1844.—Levi Harmon, Clark Sears, Calvin Cooley.
1845.—John Vincent, George Lathrop, Freeman Atkins.
1846.—Clark Sears, George Lathrop, Freeman Longley.
1847.—Samuel Williams, George Lathrop, Freeman Longley.
1848.—Clark Sears, Levi Harmon, Wm. 0. Bassett.
1849.—John Vincent, Freeman Atkins, Nelson Joy.
1850.—Clark Sears, Freeman Atkins, Samuel Clark.
1851.—Clark Sears, Otis Longley, Milo T. Carter.
1852.—Wm. O. Bassett, Harvey Baker, Joshua W. Tobey.
1853.—William O. Bassett, Nathan Vincent, Joshua W. Tobey.
1854.—William O. Bassett, Joshua W. Tobey, Harvey Baker.
1855.—William O. Bassett, Joshua W. Tobey, J. G. Longley.
1856.—William O. Bassett, Joshua W. Tobey, Harvey Baker.
1857.—William O. Bassett, John Vincent, Charles Baker.
1858.—S. A. Clark, John Vincent, B. P. Mansfield.
1859.—Calvin E. Cooley, John Vincent, David Vincent.
1860.—Charles Baker, John Vincent, A. G. Ayres.
1861.—William O. Bassett, Charles Crittenden, Elijah Field.
1862.—William O. Bassett, Charles Crittenden, F. H. Sears.
1863.—Clark Sears, A. G. Ayres, Willis Vincent.
1864.—Charles Baker, Edwin Scott, A. G. Ayres.
1865.—Charles Baker, Edwin Scott, Elijah Field.
1866.—Clark Sears, W. E. Mansfield, Willis Vincent.
1867.—William O. Bassett, W. E. Mansfield, Harvey Baker.
1868.—William O. Bassett, E. S. Carter, Harvey Baker.
1869.—William O. Bassett, E. S. Carter, E. P. Hunt.
1870.—William O. Bassett, John Vincent, E. S. Carter.
1871.—W. E. Mansfield, F. H. Sears, Willis Vincent.
1872.—W. E. Mansfield, E. S. Carter, Harmon Barnes.
1873.—Charles Crittenden, E. S. Carter, C. H. Dodge.
1874.—Charles Crittenden, M. H. Vincent, C. H. Dodge.
1875-76.—William O. Bassett, Lewis J. Hall, Walter Sears.
1874. —William O. Bassett, Lewis J. Hall, Isaac C. Vincent.
1878. —Charles Crittenden, Lewis J. Hall, Clinton H. Dodge.

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