Encyclopedia of New England

Massachusetts Silver and Silversmithing
Vital Records
Greenfield, Massachusetts
To The Year 1850

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Note: * Intention not recorded.

ABBOT, Jonas C. of E. Redfield, N. Y. [int. James C. Abbott of E. Richfield, N. Y.], and Martha R. Billings, Sept. 14, 1842.

ADAMS, Andrew and Molly Morse, Dec. 10, 1780,* P.R. 28.
Andrew and Betsey Chapin, d. Rev. ------, ------, 1790,* P.R.28.
Eliza and Burwell Newton int. Mar. 6, 1823. [Eliza, ch. Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), "They moved to Kingsville 0. in Sept. 1823," m. Apr. 9, P.R.28.]
George and Mary W. Parmenter of Gill, int. Feb. 12, 1825. [George, ch. Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), and Mary Wells Parmenter of Gill, d. Josiah of Gill, m. Mar. 22, P.R.28.]
Horace of W. Haven, Vt., and Orra Billings, int. Jan. 19, 1812. [m. Feb. 8, P.R.1.]
Martha (see Patty).
Mary Elizabeth of Amherst and David Aiken Esq., int. Nov. 8, 1848.
Nahum and Nancy Dickinson of Brattleboro[ugh], Vt., int. Aug. 13, 1817. [Nahum, ch. Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), and Nancy Dickinson, d. Joel of Hinsdale, N. H., m. Sept. 20, P.R.28.]
Nahum and Sarah Smead, int. Sept. 21, 1820. [Nahum, ch. Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), m. Oct. 19, P.R.28.]
Nahum and Lucy Stiles, ch. Levi and Diana (Martindale), Nov. 6, 1834,* P.R.10. [Nahum, ch. Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), and Lucy Styles, d. Levi and Dinia (Martindale), Nov. A, 1833, P.R.28.]
Oliver and Olive Wells of Leyden, int. Oct. 14, 1815.
Patty "(also called Martha)," ch. Andrew and Molly (Morse), and William Remington, b. Patuxet, R. I., Apr. 12, 1804, in Warwick, R. I.,* P.R.28.
Peleg and Lucinda Hancock of Springfield, int. Jan. 19, 1831. [Peleg, ch. Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), and Lucinda Hancock of Long Meadows, m. Feb. 15, P.R.28.]

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ADAMS, Peleg and Sarah B. Merriam, June 16, 1841. [Peleg, ch. Andrew and Betsey (Chapin), and Sarah Burnap Meriam, d. Joel, P.R.28.]

AIKEN, David Esq. and Mary Elizabeth Adams of Amherst, int. Nov. 8, 1848.

ALBERT, Hannah "(Alvord)" and Abner Smead, Jan. 19, 1774,* P.R.1.

ALDRICH, Laura of Barnardston and Benjamin F. Pickett, int. Feb. 19, 1829.

ALEXANDER, Rebekah of Deerfield and Joseph Cobb of Deerfield, May 20, 1819,* P.R.31.
Sarah and Oliver Potter, int. Sept. 20, 1806. [m. Nov. 27, P.R.1.]

ALGER, Reuben of Barnardston and Rhode Allen, int. Mar. 24, 1310.

ALLARD, Samuel R. and Elizabeth Spear, int. Apr. 14, 1837.

ALLEN (see Allyn), Abigail and Lem[ue]l Bascome, May 21, 1779,* P.R.1.
Adverdis (see Edverdas).
Amanda and Wass Hillman of Gill, int. Aug. 29, 1812.
Amos Jr. and Abigal Hoit, int. Oct. 26, 1783. [Abigail, m. Nov. 10, P.R.1.]
Apollos and Deborah Pardy, Jan. 24, 1780,* P.R.1.
Betsey and Bernard Davison, Aug. 23, 1774,* P.R.1.
Cyrus and Sarah Hall of Halifax, Vt., int. Sept. 12, 1823.
Daniel S. [dup. widr.] and Mary A. Jones, Jan. 1, 1846.
David and Fanny B. Blackley of Deerfield, int. Dec. 1, 1815.
David A. of Windham, Conn., and Bridget Wheeler, Aug. 18, 1840.
Dorenda [int. Dorinda] and Jeheil [int. Jehiel] Gains, Mar. 26, 1793. [Derinda and Jehiel Gains, P.R.1.}
Ebenezer and Sarah Bush, Jan. 6, 1779,* P.R.1.
Eben[eze]r Jr. and Anna Bennett of Barnardston, int. July 11, 1801.
Edverdas [int. Adverdis] and Hannah Brown [int. of Leyden], Oct. 23, 1787.
Ehhu and Electa Smead, int. Dec. 14, 1796.
Elijah and Eunice Smead, Nov. 29, 1787.
Eliphas and Eunice [int. Unice] Putnam, Apr. 15, 1790.
Elisabeth and Abner Wells, Aug. 10, 1775,* P.R.1.

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ALLEN, Elizabeth and Abner Nims, June 11, 1833.
Eunice and William Wells, int Oct 21, 1824.
Experience and Benjamin Dean, Oct. 26, 1781,* P.R.1.
Ezra and Esther Denio, int. June 20, 1822.
Grateful and Elial Crosby of Wilmington, Vt., int. June 4, 1823.
Hannah and Ambros Ames, Dec. 1790. [Ambrose, P.R.1.]
Harriette C. of Bernardston and Joel Spaulding, int. Sept. 11, 1830.
Irena [int. Allon] and Elias Bordwell [int. Bardwell], Oct 19, 1786.
Ithemar and Eunice Risley, Sept 23, 1773,* P.R.1.
Jemima and Obed Newton, ------. [June 3, 1824, C.R.2.]
Joanna and Gideon Dewey, Dec. 27, 1781,* P.R.1.
Job and Phebe Pickett [int. Pheba Picket], Mar. 14, 1789. Joel and Mary Smead [int. Jr.], Dec. 15, 1785.
John and Lucretia Risley, Feb. 6, 1788.
Jonathan and Cloe Bascom, Apr. 9, 1789.
Lucy and Nathan Cary, int. Sept. 16, 1797.
Lucy and Chester Hinsdale, ------. [Mar. 30, 1826, C.R.2.]
Lydia and David Hitchcock, int. June 17, 1809.
Martha and John Flag of Deerfield, int. Apr. 10, 1795.
Martha and Lemuel Warner of Hadley, int. Mar. 26, 1808. [m. Apr. 28, P.R.1.]
Martha of Shelburne and Jesse Smead, int. Oct 6, 1810. [m. Nov. 15, P.R.5.]
Martha M. of Deerfield, d. Willard, and Horatio 0. Rockwood, s. Tho[ma]s of Deerfield, Jan. 7, 1846. [Martha M., 24, of Deerfield, d. Willard and Elizabeth N., and Horatio 0., 26, farmer, s. Thomas and Abigail, m. in Deerfield, C.R.2.] Mary and Jonas Stanhope, Apr. 21, 1785.
Mary R. of Amherst and Spencer B. Root, int. Sept. 12, 1847.
Matilda and Jesse Smead, int. Sept. 25, 1824. [m. Oct. 27, P.R.5.]
Mercy and Joseph Severance, Sept. 28, 1778,* P.R.1.
Minerva and Charles Wells, -------. [Dec. 14, 1829, C.R.2.]
Quintas [int. Quntas] and Dorithy Stebbins [int. Doratha Stebbens], June 1, 1788.
Rebekah and Seth Denio, Apr. --, 1765,* P.R.1.
Reuel (see Ruel).
Rhode and Reuben Alger of Barnardston, int. Mar. 24, 1810.
Roxanna [int. Roxany] of Bernardston and Jared George, Mar. 26, 1795, in Bernardston.
Ruel and Hannah Knap, int. May 19, 1798.
Ruel and Lucy Johnson, int. Dec. 5, 1800. [in. Feb. 5, 1801, P.R.1.]

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ALLEN, Ruth and Andrew Wilkins, int. Sept 16, 1786.
Samuel and Mary [Mary written above Polly crossed out] Hindsdale, int. Mar. 29, 1805.
Sarah F. and Justin Jones, Oct. 24, 1836.
Selah and Thankfull Allen, Nov. 27 [sic, int. Dec. 1], 1788.
Selab and Electa Wells, int. Oct. 15, 1804.
Silvanus and Martha Stebbins, Nov. 12, 1772,* P.R.1. [Oct. 12, P.R.6.]
Sopha and Ira Arms, int Oct. 15, 1806. [Sophia, m. Dec. 13, Sylvester and Harriet Ripley, int. June 14, 1817.
Thankful and Thomas Judd of S. Hadley, Mar. 10, 1774,* P.R.1.
Thankfull and Selah Allen, Nov. 27 [sic, int. Dec. 1], 1788.
William Henry [dup. crossed out in pencil, trader], s. Sylvester and Harriet, and Elizabeth J. Clapp, d. Henry W. and Eliza, Feb. 23, 1848. [William Henry Allen, 25, merchant, and Elizabeth J. Clapp, 18, d. H. W. and Eliza decd, C.R.2. Elisabeth Johnson Clapp, b. New York City, d. Henry Wells Clapp and Eliza, P.R.7. Elizabeth Johnson Clapp, ch. Henry Wells Clapp and Eliza (Baldwin), P.R.15.]

ALLIS (see Ellice, Ellis), Josiah of Prattsburgh, N. Y., and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Elizabeth Gould, Nov. 4, 1833. [Mrs. Elizabeth, C.R.1.]

ALLYN (see Allen), Geo[rge] M. [int. Allen], 19, of Windsor, Conn., s. David and Lucinda of Windsor, Conn., and H. Jane Spear, 18, d. Benj[amin] and Bethia, Nov. 22, 1847.

ALTNER, Catharine and Frederic [int. Frederick] Kraiger, Mar. 6, 1849.

ALVARD (see Alvord), Gad of S. Hadley and Thankful Holland, Feb. 24, 1778,* P.R.1.

ALVORD (see Alvard), Daniel Wells and Caroline M. Clapp, int. Mar. 18, 1843. [m. May 10, C.R.2. Caroline Matilda, ch. Henry Wells Clapp and Eliza (Baldwin), m. May 10, P.R.15.]
Elijah and Anne Bascom, Jan. 16, 1791. [Alvard and Anne Bascome, Jan. 13, P.R.1.]
Elijah and Lucretia Clark of Shelburn, int. Nov. 24, 1792.
Elijah of Greenwich and Sabra Wells, int. Oct. 11, 1805. [Elijah Esq. of Greenwich, m. Nov. 12, P.R.1.]
Elijah S. and Mary P. Lynde of Brookfield, int. July 17, 1830.

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ALVORD, Hannah (see Hannah Albert).
James C. and Anna Grew of Boston, int. Sept 17, 1836.
John [int. Alvard of Brookfield] and Abigail Smead, Dec. 14, 1786.
John and Roda Mather [int. of Shelburn], Aug. 6, 1789.
Laura and Thomas 0. Sparhawk, int. Sept 17, 1336.
Melinda of Montague and Joseph J. Buckingham of Boston, July 28, 1805,* P.R.1.
Sarah and Jesse Andrews of Montague, int. Dec. 20, 1817. [m. Jan. 11, 1818, C.R.2.]
Sarah W. and Joseph Warren Newcomb of Templeton, int. Sept 10, 1830. [Sarah Wells Alvord, m. Oct 3, C.R.1.]
Zerah and Hannah Nims, Nov. 11, 1790.* [Alvard, both of Shelburne, P.R.1.]

AMADON (see Amidon, Ammidon), Eliel and Hannah Tompson, Sept. 25, 1811,* P.R.14.
Eliel and Persis Stacy, May 3, 1818,* P.R.14.
Eliel T., ch. Eliel and Hanah (Tompson), and Julia M. Collins, Aug. 6, 1844,* P.R.14.

AMES, Abby F. of Springfield and Lorenzo Russell, int. Mar. 1, 1848.
Ambros and Hannah Allen, Dec. 9, 1790. [Ambrose, P.R.1.]
Caroline and Alexander Morgan, int. Sept 16, 1814. [m. Oct. 2, C.R.2.]
Dorcas and Jonas W. Moore, ------. [Oct. 4, 1829, C.R.2.]
Eben[eze]r and Huldah Newton, int. Nov. 2, 1801. [m. Nov. 19, P.R.1.]
Frances H. and George Barrett of Boston, int. Aug. 13, 1831.
Hannah and Wise Grenell Jr. of Bath, int. Jan. 10, 1808.
Hannah and Ansel Phelps, int. May 25, 1813. [m. July 26, P.R.1.]
Isabella and Elijah A. Gould of Deerfield, int. Jan. 15, 1820. [Elijah Addison Gould of Deerfield, m. Mar. 19, C.R.2.]
James M. and Eunice Hunt of Northampton, int. Jan. 6, 1843.
Olive and Ferdinand H. Wright of Northampton, int. Sept. 28, 1811. [Ferdinan Hunt Wright of Northampton, m. Nov. 5, P.R.1.]

AMIDON (see Amadon, Ammidon), Susan C. and Lucius Nims, June 22, 1837. [Amadon and Lucius Nims, ch. Hull and Hannah (Newton), Amadon, ch. Eliel and Hannah (Thompson), P.R.14.]*

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AMMIDON (see Amadon, Amidon), Eliel of Springfield and Achsah Goodman, int. Oct. 6, 1826. [Amadon m. Oct. --, C.R.1. Amadon, m. Nov. 15, P.R.14. Amadon and Goodman, ch. Elihue and Sarah, m. Nov. 15, P.R.25.]

AMSDEN, Elizabeth of Deerfield and Sayward Phelps of Northampton, Feb. 23, 1798,* P.R.1.
John of Conway and Sarah Jane Wilder. Nov. 22, 1842.
Lydia and Salmon White, May 24, 1786.*
Thomas 0. and Caroline Burton, Dec. 4, 1838. [Thomas Osborne Amsden, C.R.2.]

ANDERSON, Emily of Deerfield and George W. Munson, int. Apr. 6, 1833. [m. May 3, in Deerfield, C.R.2.]
Lydia and Abel Torry. July 30, 1789.
Martha and Nath[anie]ll Bass, int. May 21, 1790.

ANDREWS (see Andrus), Cornelia E., d. Sidney, and Charles E. Rogers of Montague, ------ [rec. Mar. 29, 1849].* [Cornelia E. of Montague, d. Sidney W. and Mary, and Charles E. Rogers, 32, mechanic, of Montague, s. Benjamin and Abigail, Oct. 11, 1848, in Montague, C.R.2.]
Jeremiah and Sabra Phellips [int. Philips], July 19, 1792.
Jesse of Montague and Sarah Alvord, int. Dec. 20, 1817. [m. Jan. 11, 1818, C.R.2.]
John C. and Tirzah Ann Field of Deerfield, int. Dec. 29, 1831. m. Jan. 22, 1832, C.R.2.]
Nancy E. of Montague and Elliot L. Hanly of Le Roy, N. Y., Apr. 13, 1840, in Montague.* [Elliot L. Stanley of Leroy, N. Y., C.R.2.]
Sophia L. of Montague and Amasa Wells, Nov. 5, 1840. [m. in Montague, C.R.2.]

ANDRUS (see Andrews), Jeremiah [int. Jerimiah Androws] and Lucy Loveland, June 8, 1790.

ANGEL, Prudance and Jerimiah Newton, int. Feb. 6, 1792.

ARAMS (see Arms), Anne [int. Anna Arms] and John Wells [int. of Brattleboroug], Jan. 13, 1789.

ARMS (see Arams), Abner and Mary Denio, Oct. 26, 1786.
Catherine and Charles D. Childs of Shelburne, int. Jan. 8, 1814.
Chester and Rebecca Goodman, int. Nov. 16, 1816. (Rebakah, ch. Elihu and Sarah, in. Dec. 10, P.R.25. Rebekah, m. Dec. 10, P.R.26.]

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ARMS, Dorothy and Benjamin Smith of Hadley, int. Mar. 5, 1803. [Dolly Armes, wid., m. Apr. 6, P.R.1.]
Ebenezer Jr. and Mary White of Whately, Mar. 24, 1785, in Whately.
Elihu G., s. Chester, and Susan B. T. [int. omits T.} Chandler, d. Rev. A. C., Jan. 20, 1848.
Elizabeth and John Newton. Nov. 5, 1778,* P.R.1.
Elizabeth and James Gould Esq. of Gill, int. Aug. 9, 1815.
Eroe and Eurotas Hastings of Hatfield, int. Dec. 14, 1821.
Esther and Abner Newton, int. Dec. 8, 1808.
Esther of Lowell, Vt., and William R. Wells, Feb. 13, 1834.
Fanny L. [int. Mrs.] of Deerfield and [int. Dr.] Alpheus F. Stone, ------. [Jan. 27, 1822, C.R.2.]
Harriet and Thomas Gilbert, int. Nov. 11, 1814.
Harriet H. and Sanford Billings of Guilford, Vt., July 13, 1843.
Ira and Sopha Allen, int. Oct. 15, 1806. [Sophia, m. Dec. 13, P.R.1.]
Lydia and John Bush, May 16, 1782,* P.R.1.
Mary and Ebenezer Wells, July 13, 1768,* P.R.1.
Mary Jr. and William Goodale of Grafton, Vt., int. Sept. 24, 1814.
Mary M. and Abram N. Van Tyne of Varick, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1837.
Moses Jr. and Harriet White of Whateley, int. Sept. 12, 1811.
Moses, Capt., and Mary Swan, wid., int. Nov. 9, 1816. [m. Nov. 25, P.R.1.]
Moses and Mary Ann Root of Warwick, int: Aug. 10, 1839.
Rebeckah and Edward Billens, int. Oct. 10, 1783. [Rebecca of Deerfield and Edward Billings, m. Oct. 12, P.R.1.]
Seth and Dolly [int. Dorothy] Denio, June 6, 1793. [Dolly, P.R.1.]
Solomon and Mary Esen, int. Jan. 2, 1808.
Tabitha and Ruben Ingram [int. Ingraham of Leyden}, Dec. 27, 1787.
Tirzah and Joseph Lock of Hadley, int. Jan. 27, 1806.
Urania and John Smead, Sept. 28, 1773,* P.R.1.

ASHLEY, Betsey "(Elizabeth)" of Deerfield and David Dickinson, Feb. -- "(in fact Jan. 29)," 1782,* P.R.1.
Hannah [int. Harriot} of Deerfield and Eliel Gilbert, June 21, 1792, in Deerfield.
Tirzah, Mrs., of Deerfield, and Rev. Jonathan Leavitt of Heath, Aug. 27, 1792.* [Mrs. Terzah Ashley of Deerfield, P.R.1.]

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ASHMUN, Lewis, 35, of Boston [dup. crossed out, s. Eli P. dec'd], and Mary Jane [dup. crossed out, omits Mary] Strong, 25, d. Titus [dup. crossed out, Rev. T., D.D.] [and] Hannah, Aug. 20, 1846. [Lewis, merchant, of Boston, s. Eli P. and Lucy " formerly of Northampton dec'd," C.R.2.]

ATHERTON, Abigail and Timothy Bascom, July --, 1769,* P.R.1.
Adonijah and Polly Chamberlain, int. Sept. 16, 1797.
Allen and Ruth Grennell of Leyden, int. Jan. 6, 1810.
Anna and Consider Shattuck, Jan. 1, 1794.
Anne and Daniel Nash, Nov. 25, 1773,* P.R.1.
Chloe and Solomon Wells, int. Apr. 16, 1808. [m. May 21, P.R.1.]
Elihu [and] Hepzibah Leach [int. Hepsy Leash], Jan. 18, 1785.
Henrietta Maria, Mrs., and Dolphus Pratt of Marlboro, Vt., int. Jan. 31, 1824.
Henry and Henrietta Maria Corss, int. Aug. 11, 1820.
Horace of Barnardston and Rhoda Cushman, int. Apr. 13,1817.
Jonath[an] [int. Jr.] and Huldah Chamberlain, Apr. 12, 1792. [Jonathan, P.R.1.]
Lem[ue]l and Triphena Foster of Barnardston, int. Apr. 24, 1800.
Lydia and Rufus Chamberlain, Aug. 19, 1793. [Aug. 29, P.R.1.]
Martha and Samuel Gains of Guilford, Vt., int. Mar. 5, 1814.
Mary and Zebediah Slate of Bernardston, June 3, 1779,* P.R.1.
Mary (see Merry).
Mendale [int. Mindal] and John Foster Jr. [int. of Barnardston, omits Jr.], Apr. 24, 1788.
Mercy and David Herrington of Middlisex, Vt., int. Dec. 26, 1800.
Merry and Enos H. Burt of Leyden, int. Mar. 5, 1806. [Mary, m. Apr. 13, P.R.1.]
Mindwell (see Mendale).
Olive and John Esen Jr. of Leyden, int. May 15, 1807. [Eson Jr. of Leydon, m. July 12, P.R.1
Oliver and Mary Bascom, May 15, 1787.
Sarah and Elisha Hinsdale, Feb. --, 1764,* P.R.1.
Sarah and John Corse, int. Dec. 11, 1795. [m. Dec. 31, P.R.1
Susanna and Chester Gains of Guilford, Windham Co., Vt., int. Dec. 29, 1812.

ATWATER, Henry of New Haven, Conn., and Martha A. Chanley of Philid[elphi]a, Apr. 6, 184r, in Philadelphia, Pa.*

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AUSTIN, Moses and Emily Sprague of Deerfield, int. Nov. 14, 1831.

AVERILL, Benjamin of Wilmington and Lovina Holland, int. Nov. 14, 1801. [m. Nov. 26, P.R.1.]

AVERY, Thomas Esq. and Phebe Ward, Sept. 4, 1814.*

AYRES, Josiah of Hadley and Catharine Strickland of Amherst, ------.* [Catherine of Amherst, Apr. 1, 1835, C.R.2.] Martha of Colrain and Benjamin Henry of Colrain, Feb. 17, 1767,* P.R.1.

BACON, Abigail and Simeon Cary, Apr. 29, I778,* P.R.1.
Betsey and Anson Hitchcock of Barnardston, int. Apr. 12, 1807. [Betsy, m. May 20, P.R.1.]
Jona[than] Jr. and Huldah Davis of Dudley, Worcester Co., int. Aug. 29, 1813.
Paris and John Hastings, int. Nov. 30, 1805. [m. Dec. 31, P.R.1.]

BASER, Betsey of Gill and Joel Wilman, May 22, 1794.* [Betsy and Joel Willman, both of Gill, P.R.1.]

BALDWIN, Eliza, d. Ezra and Lillis, and Henry Wells Clapp, s. Parsons and Phoebe, Apr. 10, 1823, in Newark, N. J.,* P.R.15.

BALL, Abigail of Deerfield and William A. Snow, int. June 4, 1840.
Elizabeth of Deerfield and David Hoit of Deerfield, Feb. 21, 1782,* P.R.1.
Lucina of Sunderland and Joseph Warren Wells, int. Mar. 25, 1839.

BALLARD, Betsey and Jonathan Blake Jr. Esq. of Warwick, int. June 30, 1821.
Jeremiah and Phebe ------, Mar. 6, 1778.*
Jerusha and Benj[ami]n Carrier, Mar. 25, 1784.
Patty [int. Patte Ballerd] and Asa Carrier [int. Carrior], June 30, 1791.
Rossy S. of Gill and Simon C. Phillips, int. Dec. 26, 1846.

BANGS, John C. of Montague and Jane A. Pickett, int. Mar. 9, 1844. [m. Mar. 28, C.R.2.]

BARBER, Jane of Colerain and Edward Fish of Halifax, Vt., Nov. 2, 1841.*

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BARDWELL (see Bordwell), Ebenezer of Montague and Philomena "(bap. Irene)" Smead, June 13, 1771,* P.R.1.
Guy of Montague and Mary D. Taft of Montague, Dec. 25, 1849.* [Gay, 25, farmer, of Montague, s. Elijah and Miranda, and Mary D. Taft, 22, d. Merrill and Pamela of Montague, m. in Montague, C.R.2.]
Moses and Sarah Ransom, Sept. 1785.*
Zenas of Shelburne and Susy Fellows of Shelburne, Aug. 5, 1798,* P.R.1.

BARNARD, Abigail of Northfield and Capt. Thaddeus Coleman, int. June 20, 1828. [Thadeus, m. Aug. 10, in Northfield, Franklin Co., P.R.3.] Harriet of Worcester and Charles Smead, int. Oct. 21, 1837.
Nabby of Deerfield and [int. Capt.] Joshua Clapp, Dec. 23, 1792, in Deerfield.
Rachel of Deerfield and Hart Leavitt, Dec. 23, 1792, in Deerfield.
Sally of Deerfield and John Stone, M.D., Dec. 23, 1792, in Deerfield.

BARNES, Charles C. and Sarah S. Whitcomb of Gill, int. Apr. 24, 1840.

BARRETT, Amasa and Sarah H. Smead, int. Mar. 8, 1828. George of Boston and Frances H. Ames, int. Aug. 13, 1831. Urania of Ashby and Lyman Griswold, int. Mar. 20, 1824.

BARTLETT, Emily of Conway and Ambrose T. Thayer, int. Apr. 30, 1849.
Hannah of Ashield and Calvin Hail, int. Nov. 21, 1801.

BARTON, Isaac Jr. and Matilda Hale of Barnardston, int. Feb. 27, 1818.
Joseph of Leyden and Mary Parsons, int. Dec. 29, 1812.
Nehemiah P. of Oxford and Abigail L. Parsons, int. Nov. 5, 1822.
Ophelia and Sanford B. Chase of Bernardston, int. Feb. 24, 1843.
Rebecca L. of Gill and Charles L. Holton of Northfield, Jan. 18, 1844, in Gill.*
Sarah and Charles W. [int. H.] Scott of Sprin[g]field, Feb. 14, 1844.

BASCOM (see Bascome), Adeline, d. Chester, and Charles C. Phillips, s. Israel, Apr. 28, 1846.

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BASC0M, Anne and Elijah Alvord, Jan. 16, 1791. [Bascome and Elijah Alvard, Jan. 13, P.R.1.]
Asenoth [int. Asineth] and Sam[ue]l [int. Sam[ue]ll] Stebbins, Dec. 1, 1793. [Aseneth and Sam[ue]l Stebbins, P.R.1.]
Athenodorus of Gill and Esther Newton, int. Feb. 27, 1808.
Betsey and Jabez F. Bissell, int Feb. 1, 1817.
Chester and Dorcas Bissell, int. June 24, 1820.
Cloe and Jonathan Allen, Apr. 9, 1789.
Electa and Sam[ue]l Wells Jr., Sept. 8, 1792. [Sept 3, P.R.1.]
Elesabath [int. Elisabeth] and John French, Feb. 29 [sic], 1787.
Elias of Orwell, Vt., and Thankful Graves, int. Nov. 7, 1795. [m. Jan. 21, 1796, P.R.1.]
Elijah S. and Chloe Newton, int. Apr. 28, 1827.
Elijah S. and Minerva Farnsworth of Heath, int. Oct. 16, 1839. Elizabeth (see Elesabath).
Joseph and Esther Judd of S. Hadley, Nov. 30, 1784, in S. Hadley.
Lucinda and Charles Dexter of Dover, Vt., int. Dec. 10, [m. Feb. 5 [1812], P.R.1.]
Martha and Joseph Phillips [int. Philips], July 5, 1786.
Mary and Oliver Atherton, May 15, 1787.
Mary of Gill and Joseph Phillips, Nov. 6, 1794.* [Mary and Israel Phillips, both of Gill, P.R.1]
Rebeckah [and] Joseph Nash, int. Dec. 1, 1783. [Rebecca Bascome, m. Dec. 11, P.R.1.]
Spellmon and Hannah Haskell of Shutesbury, int. Oct. 23, 1834.
Susanna [int. Susannah] and W[illia]m Smalley Esq. [int. of Gildfor], Nov. 29, 1787.
Timothy and Abigail Atherton, July --, 1769,* P.R.1.

BASCOME (see Bascom), Eunice and Lemuel Hastings, Jan. --. 1771,* P.R.1.
Lem[ue]l and Abigail Allen, May 21, 1779,* P.R.1.
Naomi and John Howland, Feb. 12, 1767,* P.R.1.

BASS, Abraham of E. Hoosac and Rhoda Mitchell, Jan. 28, 1766,* P.R.1.
Anan of Charlemont and Dorothy Martindale, Apr. 23,17[9]4.*
Nath[anie]ll and Martha Anderson, int. May 21, 1790.

BATCHELDER, Czarina of New Ipswich, N. H., and Capt. Joel Parker, int. May 26, 1821.

BATES, Emeline and Leasur Andrew Scott, int. Nov. 13, 1830. [Emiline and Caesar Andrew Scott, "coloured persons," m. Dec. 5, C.R.1.]

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BATES, George A. Jr. and Myra Stebbins of Deerfield, int. Sept. 18, 1848.
Stephen and Hannah S. Newton, Oct. 6, 1834.
Stephen, Dr., of Charlemont, and Harriet Newton, int. Apr. 20, 1843. [m. May 18, C.R.2.]

BATTIS, Joseph and Diana Hindsdale, int. Nov. 30, 1798. [m. Dec. 20, P.R.1.]

BEALS, Joseph and Frances A. Bosworth of W. Springfield, int. Dec. 18, 1847.

BEARNIE, Frederick [int. Frederic] and Elizabeth C. Rundle, Nov. 23, 1842. [Frederick Beamir and Elizabeth C. Runelle, C.R.2.]

BEBEE, Thankfu[l] and George Loveland Jr., July 25, 1792.

BELDING, Lucy of Whatley and John Bell, int. Mar. 6, 1802.
Submit of Amherst and Ethan Billings, Oct. 30, 1778,* P.R.1.

BELL, Elizabeth W. of Colrain and Thomas Whitmore Jr., int. Oct. 8, 1814.
John of Leyden and Patienc [int. Patience] Cary, Sept. 3, 1792.
John and Lucy Belding of Whatley, int. Mar. 6, 1802.
------ and Jennet Stewart of Colrain, July --, 1765,* P.R.1.

BEMENT, Nathaniel of Suffield, Conn., and Sarah Hastings, int. Oct. 10, 1801. [m. Feb. 11, 1802, P.R.1.]

BENJAMIN, Ruth of Williamstown and Rev. Charles Jenkins, int. Jan. 12, 1821.

BENNET (see Bennett), John of Alsted, N. H., and Sarah Shiner, int. Mar. 28, 1797.
Prudence and Nathan Hastings, Sept. 26, 1792.

BENNETT (see Bennet), Anna of Barnardston and Eben[eze]r Allen Jr., int. July 11, 1801.
Jotham of Dummerston and Abigail Pratt, int. June 3, 1805.

BETTON, Clarissa of Dover, N. H., and Elmor D. Chapin, int. Sept. 13, 1837.

BIGELOW, Seth G. Jr. [Jr. crossed out] and Martha C. Chase of Dalton, int. Sept. 8, 1849.

BILLENS (see Billing, Billings), Edward and Rebeckah Arms, int. Oct. 10, 1783. [Billings and Rebecca Arms of Deerfield, m. Oct. 12, P.R.1.]

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BILLING (see Billens, Billings), Cornelia and Erastus Coleman, int. Sept. 20, 1796. [Billings, m. Oct. 9, P.R.1.]

BILLINGS (see Billens, Billing), Charles D. of Cabotville and Elmira [int. Elmira] L. Stearns, Jan. 10, 1842.
Edward and Lucy Hitchcock, Dec. 24, 1790.
Elesabeth [int. Elisibath] and Joel Graves, Jan. 19, 1792. [Elizabeth, P.R.1.]
Esther and William Pynchon of Springfield, int. Oct. 25, 1812. [m. Dec. 2, P.R.1.]
Ethan and Submit Belding of Amherst, Oct. 30, 1778,* P.R.1.
Hannah and Elijah Wells, May 31, 1772,* P.R.1.
Hannah and Ezekiel Rice of Putney, int. Dec. 12, 1798. [m. Feb. 11, 1799, P.R.1.]
Henry of Guilford, Vt., and Harriet Green of Leyden, Mar. 7, 1822, in Leyden,* C.R.2.
Louisa W. and Caleb D. Dickinson, mechanic, of N. Hadley, s. ------ of Vt., Oct. 10, 1848.
Lucy and David Severance of Bernardston, int. July 3, 1816.
Martha R. and Jonas C. Abbot of E. Redfield, N. Y. [int. James C. Abbott of E. Richfield, N. Y.], Sept. 14, 1842.
Orra and Horace Adams of W. Haven, Vt., int. Jan. 19, 1812. [m. Feb. 8, P.R.1.]
Pollina and David Goodenough, int. Dec. 17, 1796.
Sally and Alexander Keith, ------,* P.R.8.
Sanford of Guilford, Vt., and Harriet H. Arms, July 13, 1843.
Theodore S. of Hadley and Sarah P. Garfield of Hadley, Dec. 14, 1836.*
William J. of Haflifax and Abigail Woodard, int. Jan. 31, 1801.
Zebina and Abigail Hitchcock, int. Mar. 23, 1809.

BIRD, Jonathan and Betsey Grenell, int. Sept. 25, 1802. [Grennell, m. Nov. 6, P.R.1.]

BIRGE, Francis A. and Lucy Stebbins of Springfield, int. Sept. 13, 1833.

BISSELL, Dorcas and Chester Bascom, int. June 24, 1820.
Jabez F. and Betsey Bascom, int. Feb. 1, 1817.
Nelson N. [int. of Colchester, Vt.] and Orra Sage, ------. [both of Greenfield, Nov. 9, 1828, C.R.2.]
Oliver and Pamelia Darling, int. July 16, 1814.
Ruby and Reuben Graves of Montague, int. Apr. 27, 1809. [Bissel, m. July 6, P.R.1.]

BLACKLEY (see Blakely), Elizabeth of Deerfield and Richard Wells, int. Jan. 4, 1812.

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BLACKLEY, Fanny B. of Deerfield and David Allen, int. Dec. 1815.

BLAKE, Helen A. of Boston and Geo[rge] Grennell Jr., int. July 23, 1814.
Jonathan Jr. Esq. of Warwick and Betsey Ballard, int. June 30, 1821.

BLAKELY (see Blackley), Lyman of Deerfield and Catharine Munn, int. Feb. 22, 1822.

BLISS, Esquier and Polley Graves, Apr. 14, 1791.*
Orra of Springfield and David Ripley, int. May 4, 1801.

BOICE (see Boies), Patrick [int. Boise, Hon.] of Westfield and Charlotte Willard, May 23, 1842.

BOIES (see Boice), Sam[ue]l 3d of Blanford and Anne Dick of Pelham, Aug. 7, 1782,* P.R.1.

BOLTON, John of Colrain and Martha Megee of Colrain, Dec. 17, 1761,* P.R.1.

BOND, King E. and Mary A. Hazleton of Deerfield, int. Mar. 6, 1830.

BOOTH, Asahel and Judith Young, ------. [Nov. 4, 1821, C.R.2.]
Asel and Catharine Mawl, int. July 28, 1827.

BORDWELL (see Bardwell), Dorothy of Colrain and Sam[ue]l Pickett Jr., int. Aug. 22, 1812.
Elias [int. Bardwell] and Irena Allen [int. Allan], Oct. 19, 1786.
Lydia of Montague and Spencer Root of Montague, May 29, 1805,* P.R.1.

BOSWORTH, Frances A. of W. Springfield and Joseph Beals, int. Dec. 18, 1847.

BOYLSTON, Catharine B. of Springfield and William H. Strong, int. ------- [rec. between Jan. 20 and Mar. 9] [1844].
Samuel and Elizabeth P. Munn, Mar. 5, 1840.

BRAINARD, Almon Esq. and Margaretta E. Langstroth, int. May 13, 1848.

BRAY, Peter (? Bray) of Colrain and ------ ------ [illegible], Mar. 24, 1814,* P.R.1.

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BREWSTER, Phebe [int. Pheba] of Springfield and Enos Denio, Nov. --, 1798, in Springfield.

BRIDGE, Joseph and Fanny Lathum, int. Oct. 10, 1806.
Nathan and Lorany Hinsdale, int. Sept. 25, 1802.

BRIGHAM, Amariah [int. of Hartford, Conn.] and Susan C. Root, ------. [Dr Amariah of Hartford, Conn., Jan. 23, 1833, C.R.2.]
David Esq. and Elizabeth F. Ripley, int. June 5, 1819.

BROOKS, Abigal and Asa Smith, int. Feb. 9, 1784.
Daniel [int. Dan[ie]ll] Jr. and Lavina Morgan [int. Levyna Morgain] of Northfield,. Aug. 27, 1789, in Northfield.
Joanna and Hilkiah Hawks, Apr. 28, 1782,* P.R.1.
Mariam and Jonathan Sprague, July 7, 1768, in Northfield.*
Mary and Phinehas Jones, Mar. 14, 1774,* P.R.1.
Mercy of Gill and Benjamin Hastings 2d, int. Sept. 18, 1813.
Miriam (see Mariam).
Miriam and John Morley, Apr. 2, 1779,* P.R.1.
Peter of Glostonbury and Mary Wetmore, Apr. 26, 1792.
Ruth and Enos Denio, Oct. 30, 1774,* P.R.1.
Silas of Dummarston and Elizabeth Jones, int. May 22, 1798. [m. July 5, P.R.1.]
Submit and Eben[eze]r Roberts, Dec. 31, 1778,* P.R.1.

BROWN, Almina of Florida and Sylvester A. Kemp of Florida, Dec. 1, 1841.*
Amanda and David Kinsman, May 12, 1842.
Benjamin of Fitchburg and Maria Wells, int. Nov. 5, 1847.
Cynthia, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Calvin G. Ross of Deerfield, Apr. 22, 1830.
David A. and Cleora A. Town of Colerain, int. Dec. 24, 1845 [? 1844, rec. between Dec. 5, 1844 and Feb. 24, 1845].
David T., Dr., 28, of New York City, and Cornelia [int. Cornealia] W. Clapp, 24, d. Henry W. and Eliza, Dec. 25, 1849. [Cornelia Wells Clapp, d. Henry W. and Eliza dec'd, C.R.2. David Tilden Brown and Cornelia Wells Clapp, b. New York City, ch. Henry Wells Clapp and Eliza (Baldwin), P.R.15.]
Hannah [int. of Leyden] and Edverdas [hit. Adverdis] Allen, Oct. 23, 1787.
Lucy and Abel Simons, Nov. 12, 1773,* P.R.1.

BRYANT, Reuben and Hannah Kemp, int. Oct. 3, 1813.

BUCKINGHAM, Joseph J. of Boston and Melinda Alvord of Montague, July 28, 1805,* P.R.1.

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BUCKMINSTER, Patty [int. Patte Buckmister] of Barre and [int Capt.] William Moore, Feb. 13, q791, in Barre.

BUDDINGTON, Jonathan of Leyden and Sophronia Dennison of Leyden, Feb. 21, 1822, in Leyden,* C.R.2.

BULL, Purtin of Shelburne and Elizabeth Wells, int. Nov. 30, 1813 "(not published)."
Rebeccah of Hartford, Conn., and Maj. Theod[ore] Dwight Lyman, int Dec. 3, 1817.

BULLARD, Charles B., 24, farmer, of Shirley [int. Boston written above Shirley crossed out], s. Silas and Mary Ann, and Isabella A. Gould, 118, d. Elijah A. and Isabella May 2, 1848. [Charles B. of Shirley, C.R.2.]
Luther and Sarah B. Clement, May 1, 1837.

BULLOCK, Matilda of Leyden and Otis Hastings, int. Mar. 10, 1838.

BURDICK, John of Canaan, N. H., and Mehitable Fisk, int. Dec. 7, 1793.

BURKE, Lovina of Barnardston and Solomon Smead Esq., int. Dec. 10, 1808. [Mrs. Larinda Burke of Bernardston, m. Feb. 1, 1809, P.R.1.]

BURNHAM, Abigail and Aaron Field Wells, May 10, 1787.
Alma E. of Deerfield and Stillman Thomas, int. Sept. 7, 1844.
Antoinette of Montague and Peter Williams of Montague, Oct. 9, 1846.* [Antoinette, 18, d. Aaron R. and Mary of Montague, and Peter Williams, 22, boatman, of Montague, s. Londy and Mary of Montague, Oct. 7, C.R.2.]
Rhoda A. of Deerfield and Leonard Fisk, int. June 5, 1830.
Serephine [int. Seraphine, dup. int. crossed out, Sarah F., second dup. int. crossed out, Seraphfine of Deerfield] and Wells Fisk, Sept. 28, 1842.
Silvenas and Hepzibah Pickett, int. Mar. 4, 1797.
William, 30, shoemaker, s. Reuel and Patience of Deerfield, and Fanny Elvira Gilbert, 22 of Brattleboro, Vt.], d. ------ of Bangor, N. Y., June 12, 1845.

BURRINGTON, Lepha of Colerain and Francis D. Guellow, int. Nov. 1, 1832.

BURROUGHS, Lura of Gill and Eliphalet Sawtell, int. Sept. 6, 1823.

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BURT, Clarissa of Northampton and Elijah T. Hayden 2d, int. Feb. 13, 1829.
Enos H. of Leyden and Merry Atherton, int. Mar. 5, 1806. [Mary, m. Apr. 13, P.R.1]
Ithamar of Deerfield and Prudence Dickinson of Deerfield, Dec. 6, 1781,* P.R.1.
James M. of Hartford, Conn., and Fidelia E. Porter of Brattleboro[ugh], Vt, Oct. 2, 1343, in Brattleboro[ugh],* C.R.2.
Mary, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Joab Scott, Sept. 13, 1836.

BURTON, Caroline and Thomas O. Amsden, Dec. 4, 1838. [Thomas Osborne Amsden, C.R.2.]

BUSH, John and Lydia Arms, May 16, 1782,* P.R.1.
John Jr. of Bristol, Vt., and Prudence Pickett, int. Sept 17, 1808.
Noble of Hatfield [int. Westfield] and Harriet S. Phelps, Sept 7, 1829.
Sarah and Ebenezer Allen, Jan. 6, 1779,* P.R.1.

BUSHNEL, Salome and Amisa Skiner, Mar. 13, 1788.*

Note: * Intention not recorded.

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