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      Dr. Parley Barton was born in Oxford, Mass., March 6, 1770. He studied medicine with Dr. Greene, of Oxford, and also at Rutland, Vt. He commenced the practice of medicine and surgery at North Orange village about 1802, and continued in the same place until about 1845, when he withdrew from active business. His practice was extensive, and he bore an excellent reputation. He was a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society. His death occurred July 12, 1852.
      Dr. Barton was twice married. His first wife was Lucy Sibley, of Ward (now Auburn), Worcester Co., Mass., who died about 1802, leaving one son, Parley Barton, Jr., who studied for a physician, but eventually gave his attention through life to the profession of teaching. He was a distinguished mathematician. Dr. Barton's second wife was the widow of John Goddard, of Killingly, Conn., whom he married about 1803, and by whom be had eight children,--five sons and three daughters. The sons were Edward, John G., Wm. Henry Harrison, Napoleon B., and James Madison, the latter of whom died in infancy.

      Dr. Edward Barton was born Feb. 5, 1806; studied medicine with his father, and graduated at the Vermont Medical College, Woodstock, in 1831. He had previously attended and graduated at the Berkshire Medical Institution. He began practice at Sullivan, N. H., in June, 1831, and continued there three years, when he removed to North Orange village, Mass., where he resided and followed his profession until 1838, when he removed to South Orange (now Orange), where he has since resided. His practice extends to both medicine and surgery, though in the latter there is, of course, not an extensive practice in country towns. He has been a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society since 1840.
      Dr. Barton married, in 1833, Harriet N. Wilson, of Sullivan, N. H., by whom he has had three daughters,--Josephine Hortense, born July 29, 1835, married Rev. William D. Her-rick, now of Gardner, Mass.; another, who was born in February, 1841, and died in infancy; and Frances Harriet, born Jan. 10, 1853, died June 3, 1877.

      Dr. John G. Barton, brother of Edward, was born in 1812. He studied with his older brother, and graduated at the Vermont Medical College in 1850. He practiced in Wendell and Erving, Franklin Co., and died at the latter place in September, 1852. He married Martha White, of Erving.

      Dr. Napoleon B. Barton was born in 1820. He also studied with his brother Edward, and graduated at the Vermont Medical College at the same time as his brother John G. He commenced practice at West Swanzey, N. H., but lived only a short time, his death occurring in December, 1851. He married Miranda S. Briggs, and left no children.

      Dr. William Brooks practiced for some years previous to 1837 in Orange, but we have not been able to learn anything of his place or date of birth, or what part of the country he probably came from to Orange, though an aged lady, Mrs. Trim, thinks he married in Conway. He boarded for some time with Capt. Putnam, father of the present proprietor of the Putnam House at Orange, who also kept a public-house. He had the reputation of a very good physician and surgeon, and is believed to have attended regular medical lectures previous to commencing practice, and may have been a graduate. He died suddenly of canker rash, about 1837, when at the probable age of fifty years. He left one son and two daughters. Those who recollect him describe him as a man of social habits and fond of jokes and frolics.

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