Stones and Bones of New England

Hanging of Ephraim Wheeler
Vital Records
Deerfield, Massachusetts
To The Year 1850

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SMITH, Abigale of Belchertown, and Obed Hawks, in Belchertown, Dec. 16, 1781.
Almira and Stephen S. Knapp, Feb. 19, 1823.
Ann and Ariel Hinsdale of Greenfield, Dec. 9, 1830.
Apollos W. of Ashfield, and Mary Mather, int. Mar. 29, 1843.
Brainard of Sunderland, and Matilda G. Stebbins, Dec. 21, 1842.
Charles, s. of Nathan and Mercy, a. 30 y., and Lusylvia Graves of Nashua, N. H., d. of Ebenezer and of Nashua, N. H., a. 26 y., May 12, 1847.
Charlotte and Henry Osgood, Apr. 15, 1847. C.R.1 .
Chester (from Shelburn, int.) and Ann Jewet, Dec. 15, 1796.
Chester and Anna Wait, both of Whately, Oct. 2, 1806.*
David T. and Martha S. Scott of Whately, int. July 19, 1849.
Delia and Joshua C. Ashley, int. Mar. 16, 1844.

* Intention not recorded.

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SMITH, Easter of Hadley, and Daniel Belding, in Hadley, Feb. 22, 1727.*
Eben[eze]r and Remembrance Allis (Remembrance Ellis of Huntstown, C.R.1.), July 1, 1736.*
Edward and Hepsibah Cackbrod, Apr. 26, 1708.*
Eli and Clarissa Childs of Conway, int. Mar. 12, 1831.
Elihu and Patty Leonard, Jan. 19, 1809.
Eliza of Chicopee, and Joshua C. Ashley, int. July 18, 1849.
Elizabeth and Francis Mun, int. Dec. --, 1780.
Elizabeth T. of Hadley, and John Ashcroft of Whately, Jan. 28, 1840.*
Ervin W. and Sarah B. Hubbard, int. Nov. 23, 1839.
Eunice and Levi Newton (Jr., int.), Feb. 27, 1793.
Ezekiel and Lucinda Lawrence, int. Dec. 6, 1806.
Fanny and Clark Houghton, May 10, 1814.
Filana and William Childs, int. Nov. 29, 1806.
Gardner G. of St. Albans, Vt., and Frances Stebbins, Sept. 15, 1833.
Henry and Patty Clapp, Jan. 1, 1828.
Hibbard and Katy Clapp 2d, Mar. 5, 1811.
Jacob and Lucy Ballard, int. Aug. 16, 1800.
Jacob Esq. of Royalton, Vt., and Dorothy Arms, July 12, 1810.
Jemima of Shelburn, and Nathan Emes, int. Feb. 21, 1795.
John of New Haven, and Mary Catlin, May 7, 1746.*
John of Charlemont, and Betsey (Elizabeth, int.) Catlin, Oct. 2, 1793.
John C. of Worcester, b. in Westminster, Conn., a. 26 y., and Salome Cobb, d. of Ben[jami]n dec. and Sarah, a. 29 y., Feb. 11, 1845.
Levi and Irene Wright of Montague, in Montague, Mar. 7, 1799.
Louisa and Elijah A. Graves of Whately, Jan. 24, 1833.
Lucretia and Elihu Clary, Aug. 5, 1797.
Lucretia of Sandisfield, and William Logan, int. Aug. 26, 1797.
Lucy Ann, d. of James and Loana, a. 20 v., and John D. Everett of Halifax, Vt., s. of Jacob and Mary, a. 22 y., Jan. 10, 1849.
Lydia and Joseph Vaughan, int. Oct. 27, 1798.
Martha L. of Amherst, and David Wait Jr., int. Aug. 27, 1831.
Mary and Japhet Chapin, both of Huntstown, int. Mar. 11, 1754.
Mary and Lewis Loveridge, Apr. 5, 1840.
Mary of Cabotville, and Jonathan Ashley, int. Sept. 23, 1844.*

* Intention not recorded.

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SMITH, Minerva and Ralph Clapp, Apr. 7, 1841.
Miranda of Hadley, and Rev. Pomroy Belding, int. May 3, 1841.
Miriam and David Marsh of Hatfield, int. Mar. 29, 1806.
Moses and Hannah Childs, Nov. 30, 1732.*
Moses and Sarah Catlin, Apr. 16, 1761.
Nathan and Berce Cobb, Dec. 4, 1817.
Norman M. and Caroline Clark, Dec. 27, 1842.
Olive of Whately, and Abel Harding, in Montague, Mar. 30, 1786.*
Oren of Truxton, N. Y., and Cynthia Newcomb, Oct. 4, 1814.
Orsamus of Worthington, and Melinda Clapp, Dec. 1, 1831.
Osee of Whately, and Sophia Allis, int. Aug. 1, 1812.
Parley H. and Wealthy E. Keet, int. Sept. 8, 1849.
Persons and Hannah Wright of Montague, int. Nov. 18, 1809.
Polly from Amherst, and David Pratt from Shutesbury, int. Jan. 18, 1813.
Rachael of Whately, and Aaron Prat, in Hatfield, Apr. 29, 1781.*
Rhoda W. and Henry Bardwell, Sept. 24, 1807.
Roxana and Bethuel Bradley of Nunda, N. Y., int. Sept. 19, 1826.
Roxy and Calvin Marsh of Montague, Feb. 23, 1814.
Rusel. of Whately, and Mary Pratt, in Montague, May 1, 1782.*
Russell and Mary Anderson, Nov. 24, 1825.
Sally and Lucius Tuttle, int. May 26, 1804.
Sarah and Nath[anie]ll Harvey, both of Huntstown, int. Apr. 19, 1759.
Silas and Rebecca Allen, Nov. 17, 1775.*
Sophronia and James Reed, Nov. 13, 1816.
(Sophronia. int.) and (Darius, int.) Stevens, Oct. 13, 1837.
Thankful and Stephen Graves, int. May 23, 1800.
Thankful of Shelburn, and Benoni Grover, int. Jan. 10, 1801.
Tirzah and Calvin R. Clapp, Dec. 5, 1822.
William of North Hadley, and Emily Brigham, int. Mar. 24, 1843.
Zeri and Lovina Rice, Jan. 13, 1841.
Zipporah and Rufus Gunn, in Montague, May 11, 1815.

SNOW, David, Maj., of Heath, and Susan R. (Susan Reed, int.) Wait, Dec. 31, 1817.
Marcy of Goshen, and William Arms Jr., int. Feb. 1, 1794.
Rhoda of Goshen, and Amzi Childs Jr., int. Nov. 24, 1804.
W[illia]m A. of Greenfield, and Abagail Ball, July I, 1840.

* Intention not recorded.

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SPEAR, Calvin of Shutesbury, and Fanny Marcy, Dec. 8,1819.*
Emily and Harrison Russell of Northampton, Dec. 10, 1840.
Liscom of Shutesbury, and Eunice Barrett, int. June 21, 1817.
Luther of Shutesbury, and Abigail Morey, int. Mar. 12, 1824.

SPENCER, Noble and Cloe Syllaman, Oct. 23, 1794.

SPOFFORD, Anna and Waitstill Hawks, Apr. 22, 1771.*

SPOONER, Alexander (Alexander R., int.) of Athol, and Jane Hoyt, Oct. 14, 1837.
Hiram of Southampton, and Mary S. Taintor, int. Nov. 17, 1847.

SPRAGUE, Elizabeth and Oliver Arms of Lincoln County, N. C., Sept. 22, 1840.
Ephraim and Betty Cooley, Feb. 25, 1808.
Emily and Moses Austin of Greenfield, Dec. 1, 1831.
Gideon Lyman and Clarissa Slate of Bernardston, int. Nov. 8, 1812.
Harriet P. and Wyman Stebbins, Dec. 8, 1830.
Louisa and Thomas G. Ross of Conway, Oct. 23, 1828.
Naomi (Naomi F., int.) and James M. Eldridge, Apr. 13, 1841.

SPURR, Sarah and James R. Scobey of Francis town, N. H., hit. Aug. 22, 1807.

SQUIRE (see Squires), Sarah B. and Horace Hastings, Nov. 28, 1839. C.R.2.

SQUIRES (see Squire), Huldah and Isaac Ball, Aug. 21, 1799.
Susan J. and W[illia]m D. Bates, Nov. 24, 1842.

STANHOPE, Levi and Lucinda Davis of Conway, int. Apr. 12, 1804.
Mary and Henry Davis of Conway, int. Aug. 29, 1801.

STANLEY, Sarah of Springfield, and Seth H. Dickinson, int. Oct. 10, 1845.

STARKWEATHER, Horace, Dr., of Worthington, and Electa Nims, June 6, 1827.

STARR, Caleb A., s. of Oliver and Lovina, a. 26 y., and Susan G. Childs, d. of Samuel and Electa, a. 26 y. May 25, 1848.
Eunice A., d. of Oliver and Lovina, a. 22 y., and Charles W. W. Wellington, of Concord, N. H., s. of Cha[rle]s and Anna of Templeton, b. in Templeton, a. 24 y., Dec. 4, 1849.

* Intention not recorded.

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STARR, Hannah of Newton, and Horatio Hoyt, int. Sept. 12, 1818.
Lucy and John Chapman of Sullivan, N. Y., int. June 11, 1824.
Oliver and Lovina Allen, May 30, 1821.
William Jr. and Clarissa Boyden, Jan. 18, 1812.

STARRETT, Milton G. of Francistown, N. H., and Amy A. Billings, June 14, 1843.

STEARNS, Abijah (of Conway, int.) and Polly De Wolf, July 5, 1803.
Dinah and Paul Rice, both of Charlemont, May 16, 1764.*
Mehitable and Alexander Forbes, Mar. 8, 1774.*
Susan Stewart of Dummerston, Vt., and George Sheldon, June 11, 1844. C.R.1.*

STEBBINS (see Stebens, Stebins), Abigail and Elijah Stratton, Apr. 16, 1778.*
Adeline H. and Ebenezer H. Ames, Feb. 17, 1842.
Alamene and Edwin Ware, Sept. 29, 1830.
Alvan and Eliza Cantrell of Sunderland, int. Dec. 9, 1824.
Amariah (Almarick, int.) and Lydia' A. Barnard of Whately, Apr. 16, 1829.
Anna and Eleazer Hawks, in Conway, Apr. 15, 1788.*
Asa Jr. and Maria Stowell of Petersham, Dec. 15, 1824.
Caroline and Seth Sheldon, Mar. 20, 1810.
Charlotte and Richard Catlin, Dec. 5, 1799.
Clarissa and John Arms of Brattleboro, Vt., Nov. 29, 1797.
Clarissa I. (wid., int.) and Asa Lawrence of Roxbury, N. H., Mar. 6, 1831.
David and Rhoda Sheldon, Dec. 18, 1765.*
Dennis and Louis Hawks, Dec. 18, 1800.
Dorothy and Lawrence Kemp, July 12, 1757.*
Ebenezer and Rebekah Leonard of Sunderland, in Sunderland, May 19, 1785.*
Ebenezer Jr. and Rebekah Hunt of Sunderland, int. Jan. 31, 1813.
Elbridge Gerry and Julia Boyden of Conway, int. Sept. 8, 1822.
Emilia and Abel Houghton of Guilford, Vt., Sept. 18, 1817.
Evander G., s. of Zebina and Rupy, a. 27 y., and Matilda Childs, d. of Henry and Matilda, a. 24 y., Dec. 20, 1848.
Experiance and Enock Bardwell, Dec. 5, 1745.*
Experiance and Calvin Dickinson, [no date] (int. Oct. 15, 1796).
Frances and Gardner G. Smith of St. Albans, Vt., Sept. 15, 1833.

* Intention not recorded.

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STEBBINS, Gideon and Mary Hinsdell, Nov. 23, 1768.*
Hannah, wid., and Jesse Morgan of Conway, int. Nov. 3, 1806.
Harriet and Edwin Ware, Sept. 29, 1839.
Henry, Capt., and Mary Ann I. Little of Oswell, Vt., int. Oct. 6, 1832.
Joseph (Jr., int.) and Laura Hawks, Dec. 31, 1805. C.R.1.
Julia Ann and Rufus Dickinson of State of Florida, Oct. 4, 1847.
Leonora A. and Edward Russell, June 9, 1831.
Lucy and Theodore Barnard (of Troy, N. Y., int.), May 30, 1805. C.R.1.
Marcia and Noah Wright of Northampton, Nov. 28, 1838.
Maria A. and Josiah Brown of Hatfield, Sept. 25, 1834.
Marietta and William H. Williams, Dec. 29, 1813.
Martha and Lemuel H. Russell, Oct. 25, 1831.
Mary and Daniel Arms Jr., Oct. 18, 1743.*
Mary and Eben[eze]r Smead, May 3z, 1763.*
Mary Ann and Luke Wright, Nov. 21, 1832.
Matilda G. and Brainard Smith of Sunderland, Dec. 21, 1842.
Mehitable and Joseph Clesson Jr., Nov. 1o, 184.
Melinda of Springfield, and Obed H. Hoyt, int. June 13, 1829.
Mercy (Mary, C.R.1.) and Jesse Morgan, Feb. 1, 1804.*
Moses and Mercy Hawks, Nov. 6, 1761.*
Moses and Experience Clark of Northampton, in Northampton, June 18, 1788.*
Moses and Laura A. Fosdick of Sunderland, int. Oct. 22, 1831.
Moses L. and Maria I. Hyde of Sunderland, int. Mar. 5, 1836.
Myra and George A. Bates Jr. of Greenfield, s. of Ebenezer and Rebecca, Nov. --, 1848.
Oliva and William Ward, Jan. 31, 1820.
Olivia and Elijah Graves of Sunderland, Jan. 21, 1841.
Orpha T., d. of E. G. and J. B., a. 22 y., and William D. Prouty of Worcester, s. of R. and J. of Collinsville, N. Y., b. in Shutesbury, a. 26 y., Dec. --, 1848. (Dec. 4, 1848, int.)
Samuel and Martha Bardwell, Sept. 4, 1753.
Samuel and Marcia Boyden, Apr. 9, 1819.
Sarah and Capt. Elihu Lyman of Northfield, int. Sept. 26, 1781.
Sarah L. and (Dr., int.) James H. Henry, 1 Apr. 19, 1832.
Silvester and Elizabeth Dwelly, Feb. 7, 1788.*
Sylvester D. and Clarrissa Johnson, Apr. 24, 1823.
Thankfull and Jonathan Severance, Aug. 30, 1749.*
Tirza and Joseph Barnard (of Walpole, N. H., int.), Feb. 3,1793.
Wyman and Harriet P. Sprague, Dec. 8, 1830.
Zebina and Ruby Graves of Sunderland, int. Sept. 19, 1818.*

* Intention not retarded.

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STEBENS (see Stebbins, Stebins), Han[n]ah and Dea. Thomas French, Feb. 16, 1709.*

STEBINS (see Stebbins, Stebens), Abigail and Daniel Nash, Nov. 11, 1741.*
Abigail and James Denyo, Feb. 3, 1704.*
John and Hannah Allen, Aug. 25, 1735.*
Thankfull and Jno. Bartlet, Mar. 27, 1702.*

STEDMAN, Samuel W. and Sophia M. Brown, May 18, 1848.
William A. of Fayetteville, Vt., and Helen A. Hoyt, Mar. 2, 1836.

STEPHENS (see Stevens), Andrew and Elisabeth Price, Dec. 6, 1703.*

STEVENS (see Stephens), (Darius, int.) and (Sophronia, int.) Smith, Oct. 13, 1837.

STEWARD (see Stewart), Lucy and Cyrus Sanderson, Sept. 17, 1795.

STEWART (see Steward), Margaret of Colrain, and. John Kately, Aug. 29, 1751.*

STICKNEY, William of Springfield, and Emily Lanfair, Nov. 15, 1837.*

STILES, Amelia and Jonathan Leavitt, Apr. 21, 1796.*
Lydia of Whately, and Jacob Allen Faxon, in Whately, Feb. 4, 1781.

STOCKBRIDGE, Caleb (of Hadley, int.) and Sally Allis, Jan. 21, 1796.

STONE, Alpheus F., Dr., of Greenfield, and wid. Fanny L. Arms, int. Jan. 4, 1822.
John (Dr., int.) and Sally Barnard, Dec. 23, 1792.

STOWELL, Maria of Petersham, and Asa Stebbins Jr., Dec. 15, 1824.

STRATON (see Stratton), Hezekiah of Northfield, and Elisabeth Hawks, July 11, 1717 (July 12, T.C.).*

STRATTON (see Straton), Elijah and. Abigail Stebbins, Apr. 16, 1778.*
George W. of Northfield, and Delia Rice, Jan. 5, 1842.*

* Intention not recorded.

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STRONG, Edward C. of Northampton, and Fanny Jones, int. Dec. 17, 1847.
Eunice and Elijah Scott, in Northampton, Nov. 29, 1787.*
Roena. M. of Hatfield, d. of Horatio and Sarah of Hatfield, a. 20 y, and Edward P. Billings of Hatfield, s. of Abraham and Sophia of Hatfield, a. 23 y., Dec. 16, 1846.*

STRONGMAN, Margaret and Edward Skinner, Sept 17, 1767.*

SWAN, Experience F. and William Elliot Jr. of Greenfield, June 12, 1827.
Guy and Liza Nims of Conway, int. Aug. 27, 1831.
Joseph and Experience Holt, Feb. 29, 1796.
Joseph C. (Joseph Chauncy, int.) and Lucy Russell of Whately, Nov. 22, 1831.

SWEET, Anna and Israel Patterson (of Paris, N. Y., int.) Feb. 17, 1795.
Freelove and Nathan Drury of Shelburn, int. Sept. 12, 1795.
Henry and Elisabeth Carleton of Colrain, int. Oct. 28, 1795.
Howel and wid. Rebekah Dibble, Sept. 7, 1815.
Isabelle A. and Charles Wilson, int. Dec. 29, 1849.
Jerusha and Amos Jones, Nov. 1, 1804. C.R.1.
Joseph and wid. Martha Lexow of Warwick, int. Mar. 26, 1808.
Joshua and Polly Hawks, July 6, 1788.*
Lydia and David Foster of Bernardston, Feb. 26, 1794 (in Bernardston, Feb. 7, 1794 dup.). (int. Feb. 8, 1794.)
Sally and John Blakler Jr., Aug. 15, 1805. C.R.1.
Susanna and Nehemiah Rich of Norway, N. Y., int. Aug. 22, 1795.
Zur and Lois Peck, int. Mar. 18, 1825.

SWETT, Jonathan (Dr. of Norway, Me., int.) and Clarissa Hitchcock, Oct. 23, 1803.

SYLLAMAN, Cloe and Noble Spencer, Oct. 23, 1794.

SYMES, William and Thankful Ashley, Mar. 6, 1728-9.*

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