Captors and Captives

Vital Records
Deerfield, Massachusetts
To The Year 1850

Compiled by Thomas W. Baldwin, A.B., S.D.,
Member of the New England Historic
Genealogical Society

Boston, MA

Please take the time to read the information about these records contained on this page, there is valuable source information and a list of abbreviations used.

Introduction, Abbreviations, Notes


October 22, 1677, common land.
October --, 1678, the encouraging of the rebuilding of the plantation of Deerfield provided for.
May 31, 1712, additional grant to Deerfield.
June 7, 1712, bounds to extend "Nine miles from the River into the Western Woods."
November 19, 1717, plat of seven miles square granted Deerfield confirmed.
August 3, 1741, plat of Deerfield, including additional grant, confirmed.
June 9, 1753, part established as the district of Deerfield
June 15, 1764, report on Westerly bounds of Deerfield and Huntstown confirmed.
June 17, 1767, part established as the district of Conway.
June 21, 1768, part established as the district of Shelburne.
June 17, 1791, part annexed to Conway.
March 5, 1810, part annexed to Whately.
June 21, 1811, part annexed to Conway and bounds established.
May 21, 1896, part annexed to Greenfield.


1765 (Prov.), 737
1776 (Prov.), 836;
1790 (U.S.), 1,330;
1800 (U.S.), 1,531;
1810 (U.S.), 1,570;
1820 (U.S.), 1,868;
1830 (U.S.), 2,003;
1840 (U.S.), 1,912;
1850 (U.S.), 2,421;
1855 (State), 2,766;
1860 (U.S.), 3,073;
1865 (State), 3,038;
1870 (U.S.), 3,632;
1875 (State), 3,414;
1880 (U.S.), 3,543;
1885 (State), 3,042;
1890 (U.S.), 2,910;
1895 (State), 3,007;
1900 (U.S.), 1,969;
1905 (State), 2,112;
1910 (U.S.), 2,209;
1915 (State), 2,739;
1920 (U.S.), 2,803.


1. When places other than Deerfield or Massachusetts are named in the original records they are given in the printed text.
2. In all items from the records the original spelling of the name is given, and any additions made to the spelling of the record are enclosed in brackets.
3. The various spellings of a name should be examined, as items about the same family or individual may be found under different spellings.
4. The birth of a married woman is recorded under her maiden name, when it is known, but if the maiden name is unknown the entry appears under the husband's name with a dash enclosed in brackets, i.e. [------], to signify that the maiden name is not known.
5. In taking records from gravestones it is often the case that the family name of a woman as given on the stone is not that under which she was born, so therefore many births may appear under a married name instead of the original, which is not shown on the stone. In many cases names are evidently those of wives, though not so specified. All dates of births found on the gravestones in the town arc given in the book, but from this it is not to be inferred that the persons are born in this town, as in a great many cases they are not.
6. Marriages and intentions are printed under the names of both parties. When both the marriage and intention are recorded, only the marriage record is printed, and the date of the intention is not given, except when needed to make more clear the date of the marriage. When the marriage appears without the intention recorded it is designated with an asterisk.
7. Additional information which does not appear in the original town record, i.e., any difference shown in other records of the same person, is enclosed in parentheses, with the source of the information indicated.


a. — age, aged
abt. — about
b. — born
bp. — baptized
bur. — buried
ch. — child
C.R.1. — church record, First Congregational Church
C.R.2. — church record, Second Congregational Church, South Deerfield
C.R.3. — church record, Monument church, South Deerfield
C.R.4. — church record, Orthodox Congregational church
d. — daughter, died, day
Dea. — deacon
dec. — deceased
dup. — duplicate entry
G.R.1. — grave record, Old Cemetery, Albany Road
G.R.2. — grave record, Laurel Hill Cemetery
G.R.3. — grave record, North Wisdom Cemetery
G.R.4. — grave record, Baptist Cemetery, North Wisdom
G.R.5. — grave record, West Deerfield Cemetery
G.R.6. — grave record, Hawks Cemetery, West Deerfield
G.R.7. — grave record, Mill River Cemetery
G.R.8. — grave record, Old Cemetery, South Deerfield
G.R.9. — grave record, Brookside Cemetery, South Deerfield
G.R.1O. — grave record, Stebbins Cemetery, South Deerfield
G.R.11. — grave record, Pine Nook Cemetery
G.R.12. — grave record, East Deerfield Cemetery
C.R.13. — grave record, Old Cemetery in pasture near boathouse on Connecticut River
h. — husband, hours
inf. — infant
int. — publishment of intention of marriage
Jr. — Junior
md. — married
mo. — month
n.s. — new style
o.s. — old style
prob. — probably
s. — son
Sr. — senior
T.C. — town copy
unm. — unmarried
w. — wife, weeks
Wid. — widow
widr. — widower
y. — year

Published by the NEHGS, Boston, MA 1920

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