An Old Deerfield Letter, by by S.G.W. Benjamin., 1890, continued.

Lost again, we being then in such a fright, everyone took to his heals, But Moody being so weak & feble was not able to follow, now after this the Indians all gathered together on the other shore, & Moody seeing them hollowed to them to fetch him over & one came, & after they had got him over they Burnt him on the spot. We was Informed also yt wn the Indians got to Canada they Burnt one more of those captives, Andrew Gilman, by name. Now to say a little more concerning Burt, what became of him, having some Transient Stories, yt a man's bones, and a Gun was found, by some Indians, above ye great Falls upon Connect't River, about 60 miles above Deerfield, which some think was J. Burt. The number of days we was taking this march was 32. And the men's names are as follows.

Capt Benjm Write of Northton
Livet John Wells killed, of Deerd
Henry Write, of Springfd
Timoth Childs of Deerd
John Post, of Deerd
John Strong wounded, of Northton
Jabez Aftend, Deerd
John Burt, Left. Northton
Joshh Ephraim (Indians of Natick)
Thomas Pagan (Indians of Natick)

the other six men that sot out wth us yt were Left at ye mouth of White River, are as follows,

Ebenr Severance of Deerd
Mattw Clesson of Northton
Thoms McCranne of Springd
Josp. Wait of Hatfd
John Root of Hatfield

      The other we cannot at report call by name.
      Another story related to me by Livet Childs concerning Capt Baker & his Comp'y and what happened to them in their march, is as follows —
      Aprill, the Beginning, Capt Baker, Livet Saml Williams, Livet Martin Kellogg with 28 men set out from Deerfield, up Connect. River, Designing for Cowass — on purpose to Destroy a family or two of Indians, that they heard was there. But when arrived, found no signs of any enemy there. Then afterwards we took our journey for Merimeck, & coming upon it at ye head of the west branch, following of it Down one Day, & then finding two Indians Tracks, which went down the river, we continued our Course, next Day, down ye river, after them, towards night finding the tracks of 4 more, & then encampt. The officers next morning thought it best to send forth a small Company of our men to see what they could Discover And in about two hours they returned again, & informed, by what they had Discovered that there was a party of Indians not far off. Then the officers took 3 of their souldiers to make further discovery, ordering the rest of the Company to Lye still & be very careful & make no rout, till they returned, and in about 3 hours, they returned, and Informed their Company that they had discovered some wigwams, Judging of them to be Indians with families. With that the whole Company moved in about half a mile of them, and then finding their wigwams to be on ye (bank) of the river, and a swamp Lying upon the back Side, And Judging it to be best to Divide ye Company into two parts, Livt Williams & Livt Kellogg taking one half, & Capt Baker ye other, Agreeing also, yt one part should go round ye Swamp up Stream, and the other part Down stream. Soon after we parted the Company of Capt Baker espied a straggling Indian coming directly towards them, with a hatchet stuck in his girdle, & a stick on his shouldier, which we Judged was going to peal Bark. Now we Knowing that we should be Discovered was oblidged to fire him Down, & did so. Now many guns being Discharged at him, Alarmed ye other Indians, & caused the tother part of the men to come back again. After that word was given out to run to the wigwams. After running a Little way, Litting of some Indian Dogs, which we following Lead us to the wigwams upon the river Bank, & there finding 12 Indians Jest entered into their canoas, to cross the river, & espying a number of Squas and Paposses on the other side running into the woods, but we firing briskly on them that was on ye water, soon turned ye bulk of them out of their canoas, and the other jumped out and swam to the contrary Shore. So we judged we had killed 8 or 9. And afterwards was informed by some Eastern Captives, that we did kill 9. After ye skirmish was over, we viewed their habitation, & judged that they had lived there two or three years, by the quantity of Furs we found their. The place where we Litt of those Indians, was where the two Branches of the river came together. After this we

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