Buckland — Village of Buckland

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Buckland is a small but pleasantly located village on both sides of Clesson River, near the centre of the town, four miles from Shelburne Falls. It contains Congregational and Methodist Churches, a good school-house, three stores, shops, and a number of fine residences. Samuel Taylor was one of the prominent settlers in early days, and after the custom of those times was an innkeeper. His house stood on the lot now occupied by Dr. Trow's residence. Other hotels have been kept by Joseph Hubbard, and the last by Zenos Graham.
      The first to engage in trade was Alfred Jones, in a small building on the east side of the street. Joseph Hubbard and Zur Hitchcock established a trade in a long, low building, nearly opposite, at an early day. Near by, Lorenzo Griswold engaged in business. Other merchants have been Ebenezer Ballard, Frank Ballard, Samuel Townsley, Henry Maynard, W. B. Caswell, S. B. Taylor, John Temple, and Elisha Harris.
      The Buckland post-office was established at the "Mill-Yard," in the store of Henry Taylor, who was appointed the first, postmaster. Joseph Hubbard was the next appointed, and removed the office to the present village. The subsequent postmasters have been N. G. Trove, Ebenezer Maynard, Josiah Trow, Samuel Townsley, Henry Maynard, Alanson W. Wood, William B. Caswell, John Porter, Samuel B. Taylor, and John Temple. The office has a daily mail from Shelburne Falls.
      The first resident physician was Dr. Silas Holbrook, about 1800. Dr. Joseph Allen came next, and, soon after, Dr. Lawson Long. About 1830 Sylvester Axtell located as a physician, and, ten years later, Dr. N. G. Trow. Since 1851, Dr. Josiah Trow has been the resident physician.
      Among the physicians originating here have been Wayne Griswold and Sidney Brooks; and attorneys, Whiting Griswold, Abner Taylor, and Enos Pomeroy.

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