Bernardston — Bernardston's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Bernardston furnished soldiers for the government in the war of the Rebellion as follows:

Chas. O. Frizzell, 21st Mass.
Jas. W. Hale,* 21st Mass.
Lucius C. Hale,* 21st Mass.
John Manning, 27th Mass.
Geo. W. Wells, 10th Mass.
Chas. C. Harris,* 10th Mass.
Edward Lachore,* 21st Mass.
Geoffrey Vaile, 21st Mass.
Geo. E. Hale,* 21st Mass.
Dennis Bartis, 21st Mass.
W. A. Thompson, 27th Mass.
Wm. H. Scott, 10th Mass.
Henry Baldwin, 31st Mass.
D. R. Scott, 10th Mass.
F. D. Hale, 21st Mass.
J. J. Aldrich, 37th Mass.
C. O. Haley, 4th Vt.
John Haley, 4th Vt.
H. G. Horton, 33d Mass.
C. J. Hutchins, 33d Mass.
T. L. Sheldon, 33d Mass.
D. L. Fairman, 33d Mass.
J. C. Fairman, 33d Mass.
J. H. Weeks, 33d Mass.
Enos H. Burt, 33d Mass.
A. F. Thompson, 33d Mass.
David Newell, 33d Mass.
Chas. A. Boyle,* 15th Conn.
B. It. Morrison, 10th Mass.
L. B. Streeter, 10th Mass.
M. F. Slate,* 10th Mass.
Mason Drury, 33d Mass.
Geo. Thompson, 10th Mass.
H. J. Hale,* 9th Mass.
Z. A. Butterfield, 9th Mass.
E. S. Hulbert, 52d Mass.
E. F. Newcomb, 52d Mass.
Dwight Park, 52d Mass.
H. P. Lyons, 52d Mass.
Wm. F. Oaks, 52d Mass.
D. H. Wheeler, 52d Mass.
L. P. Chase, 52d Mass.
J. S. Slate, 52d Mass.
F. R. Park, 52d Mass.
I. L. Thomas, 52d Mass.
E. C. Newton, 52d Mass.
H. W. Hale, 52d Mass.
L. M. Weatherhead, 52d Mass.
Jas. M. Thompson,* 52d Mass.
F. C. Slate, 52d Mass.
Geo. W. Thornily, 52d Mass.
C. R. Gould, 52d Mass.
Q. W. Benjamin, 52d Mass.
L. B. Grout, 52d Mass.
Rev. A. N. Field, 6th Mass.
Hector Murphy, ______ Conn.
A. W. Kingsley, 52d Mass.
W. S. Whitcomb, 52d Mass.
Wm. Woodrough,* 56th Mass.
Geo. W. Woodrough,* 56th Mass.
Wm. Vanall, 3d Cav.
Fred. Hale,* 4th Cav.
A. N. Johnson, 31st Mass.
Anson Booter, 57th Mass.
Wm. H. Walbridge, 14th Bat.
Geo. W. Haskins, 4th Cav.
Henry T. Sheldon,* 2d H. Art.
Chas. T. Scott, 2d H. Art.
Chas. Huber, ______.
Josiah P. Day, 10th Mass.
Henry O. Streeter, 23d Mass.
Joseph Slate, 23d Mass.
A. T. McClure, 23d Mass.
John W. Temple, 23d Mass.
Geo. A. Willey,* 2d H. Art.
Joel N. Nash, 2d H. Art.
Asa L. Haskins, 4th Cav.
Wm. Palmer, 2d H. Art.
Jas. Quinn, 2d H. Art. it.
C. Briggs, 27th Mass.
Mich. Sullivan, 27th Mass.
Dwight A. Reed, 27th Mass.
John Albett, 27th Mass.
Geo. Hughes, 1st H. Art.
Geo. Norwood, 57th Mass.
Bart. Sullivan, 37th Mass.
H. A. Wolf, 37th Mass.

                  * Died in the service.

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