Leyden — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The names of the persons who served the town as selectmen and town clerks in succession from 1704 to 1789 will be found appended.

1784.—Agrippa Wells, Chas. Packer, Reuben Shattuck.
1785.—Agrippa Wells, Ebenezer Vining, Oliver Babcock.
1786.—Alpheus Barstow, Chas. Packer, Reuben Ingraham.
1787.—Alpheus Barstow, Samuel Guild, David Gates.
1788.—Agrippa Wells, David Gates, Ezra Shattuck.
1789.—Alpheus Barstow, David Gates, Ezra Shattuck.
1790.—Alpheus Barstow, Chas. Packer, Andrew Henry.
1791.—Agrippa Wells, Peleg Babcock, Ezra Shattuck.
1792.—Andrew Henry, Chas. Packer, Alpheus Barstow.
1793.—Ezra Shattuck, David Gates, Richard Esen.
1794.—Ezra Shattuck, David Gates, Lemuel Foster.
1795.—Samuel Cunable, David Gates, Lemuel Foster.
1796-97.—Simeon Allen, David Gates, Richard Esen.
1798.—Hezekiah Newcomb, David Gates, Richard Esen.
1799.—Lemuel Foster, Jonathan Olmstead, Richard Esen.
1800.—David Denison, Matthew Severance, Oliver Babcock.
1801.—David Denison, Chas. Packer, Hezekiah Newcomb.
1802-3.—David Denison, Peleg Babcock, Hezekiah Newcomb.
1804.—David Denison, Peleg Babcock, Lemuel Foster.
1805-6.—David Denison, Hezekiah Newcomb, Jos. Green.
1807.—Peter Gates, Hezekiah Newcomb, Jos. Green.
1808.—Peter Gates, Amos Burrows, David Denison.
1809.—Hezekiah Newcomb, Amos Burrows, Salmon Sheldon.
1810.— Selah Chapin, Jr., John Eason, N. Carpenter, Jr.
1811.—Selah Chapin, Jr., Amos Burrows, Hezekiah Newcomb.
1812.—Selalr Chapin, Jr., Salmon Sheldon, Nathaniel Avery.
1813.—Selah Chapin, Jr., Uriah Wilbur, Jr., Ezra Foster.
1814.—Selah Chapin, Jr., Uriah Wilbur, Jr., Hezekiah Newcomb.
1815.—Rufus Shattuck, Uriah Wilbur, Jr., Hezekiah Newcomb.
1816.—Tabor Babcock, Elisha Chapin, Hezekiah Newcomb.
1817-18-Tabor Babcock, Uriah Wilbur, Hezekiah Newcomb.
1819.—Ezra Shattuck, Uriah Wilbur, Leonard Bliss.
1820.—George Mowry, Elisha Chapin (2d), Eli Wing.
1821.—George Mowry, Elisha Chapin (2d), Hezekiah Newcomb.
1822.—George Mowry, Elisha Chapin (2d), John Barstow.
1823.—George Mowry, Elisha Chapin (2d), Salmon Sheldon.
1824.—Josiah Avery, Elisha Chapin (2d), Elijah Brown.
1825.—George Mowry, Elisha Chapin (2d), Elijah Brown.
1826-27.—George Mowry, Elisha Chapin (2d), Hezekiah Newcomb.
1828.—Josiah Avery (2d), E. Chapin (2d), Jesse Henry.
1829.—Josiah Avery (2d), Geo. Mowry, Elijah Brown.
1830.—Josiah Avery (2d), Geo. Mowry, Hezekiah Newcomb.
1831.—Jesse Henry, Edward Denison, Jr., Jos. Babcock.
1832.—Elisha Chapin, Josiah Avery, John Hale.
1833.—Rufus Hastings, Josiah Avery, Smith Langley.
1834.—Hezekiah Newcomb, Elisha Chapin, Smith Langley.
1835.—Josiah Avery, Elisha Chapin, Smith Langley.
1836.—Josiah Avery, Edward Denison, Chas. Manly.
1837.—Jonathan Buddington, Eli W. Packer, Horace Potter.
1838-39.—Reuben Sheldon, Geo. Mowry, Josiah Avery.
1840.—Jesse Henry, John Barstow, Rufus Frizzel.
1841.—Jesse Henry, Horace Potter, Rufus Frizzel.
1842.—Jesse Henry, A. P. Shattuck, Rufus Frizzel.
1843.—Josiah Avery, Edward Denison, Horace Putter.
1844.—Jesse Henry, Horace Potter.
1845.—A. P. Shattuck, Horace Potter, E. A. Gates.
1846.—A. P. Shattuck, Russell Richmond, E. A. Gates.
1847.—Jesse Henry, F. W. Carleton, Gervis Barstow.
1848.—Jesse Henry, F. W. Carleton, A. P. Shattuck.
1849.—Jesse Henry, Josiah Avery, A. P. Shattuck.
1850.—Jesse Henry, Edward Denison, Chester Severance.
1851.—Jos. Green, Edward Denison, Chester Severance.
1852.—Cyrus C. Miner, Edward Denison, Chester Severance.
1853.—Jesse Henry, Jos. Green, E. A. Gates.
1854.—Jesse Henry, Oliver Chapin, S. C. Brown.
1855.—Jos. Green, Oliver Chapin, E. A. Gates.
1856.—David Mowry, Chester Severance, F. W. Carlton.
1857.—David Mowry, Henry Sheldon, Samuel Newton.
1858-59.—David Mowry, Henry Sheldon, S. C. Brown.
1860.—Jesse Henry, Edward Denison, Chester Severance.
1861-63.—David Mowry, Oliver Chapin, Russell Richmond.
1864.—Henry Sheldon, Edward Denison, Zadock King.
1865.—Oliver Chapin, A. J. Denison, Zadock King.
1866-67.—David Mowry, A. J. Denison, Henry Sheldon.
1868-69.—D. N. Carpenter, A. J. Denison, Henry Sheldon.
1870.—D. N. Carpenter, Oliver Chapin, Henry Sheldon.
1871.—D. N. Carpenter, David Mowry, C. W. Severance.
1872.—D. N. Carpenter, Henry Sheldon, C. W. Severance.
1873.—D. N. Carpenter, David Mowry.
1874.—D. N. Carpenter, David Mowry, C. W. Severance.
1875.—D. N. Carpenter, David Mowry, Oliver Chapin.
1876.—S. B. Buddington, A. J. Denison, Oliver Chapin.
1877.—D. N. Carpenter, C. W. Severance, Oliver Chapin.
1878.—D. N. Carpenter, C. W. Severance, David Mowry.

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