Leverett — Military: Leverett's War Record.

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Leverett provided soldiers for the war of the Rebellion, as follows:

Cephas Porter, 31st Mass.
Isaac H. Gardner, 27th Mass.
H. S. Leach, 52d Mass.
J. S. Brewer, 27th Mass.
Henry Amidon, 27th Mass.
H. G. Goodnow, 27th Mass.
A. L. Williams, 10th Mass.
Levi Moore, 26th Mass.
M. Patrick, 20th Mass.
C. F. Williams, 31st Mass.
Francis Smith, 21st Mass.
H. W. Holden, 21st Mass.
John Hemenway, 10th Mass.
Jas. Kilroy, 10th Mass.
Dan Wood, 31st Mass.
Chas. F. Field, 31st Mass.
E. D. Graves, 31st Mass.
Lyman Pierce, 1st Cav.
Henry Bartlet, 10th N. Y.
Putnam Field, 10th N. Y.
John A. Glazier, 10th Mass.
Chas. J. Gunn, 37th Mass.
E. E. Taylor, 27th Mass.
I. H. Gardner, 27th Mass.
J. M. Pierce, 27th Mass.
E. O. Dickinson, 27th Mass.
M. Blodgett, 27th Mass.
H. M. Hart, 27th Mass.
J. J. Richardson, 27th Mass.
Joseph Briggs, 27th Mass.
F. C. Hartwell, loth Mass.
C. L. Hartwell, 10th Mass.
R. Noble, 521 Mass.
H. A. Newton, 52d Mass.
H. R. Haskel, 52d Mass.
H. W. Field, 52d Mass.
Jas. Thompson, Mass.
Jas. H. Reed, 52d Mass.
Eph. Marsh, Jr., 52d Mass.
C. J. Rice, 52d Mass.
A. W. Goodnow, 521 Mass.
A. J. Woodard, 52d Mass.
J. E. Wales, 52d Mass.
P. M. Dodge, 10th Mass.
Andrew Gardner, 26th Mass.
Wm. R. Comins, 22d Mass.
J. L. Woodbury, ______
Geo. W. Wood, 3d Cav.
Loammi Woodard, 31st Mass.
Wm. R. Glazier, 37th Mass.
H. B. Glazier, 37th Mass.
C. B. Cutter, 37th Mass.

      Of the foregoing, the following lost their lives in the service: Henry Amidon, Levi Moore, Francis Smith, Chas. C. Field, J. J. Richardson, Ephraim Marsh, Jr.

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