Erving — Societies, Orders, Etc.

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      At Erving Centre is the General Sedgwick Lodge of Good Templars, which was organized in 1867 with 13 members, and had, in 1879, 91. The first board of officers was composed of the following: Thos. W. Burnham, W. C. T.; Mrs. T. W. Burnham, W. V. T.; Walter E. Stone, W. S.; J. B. Hunt, W. M.; J. H. Brazier, W. T.; Rev. A. Stowell, W. C.; Mrs. E. W. Hunt, W. F. S.
      There is also at the centre a hand fire-engine company, known as Erving No. 1. It was organized in 1868, and numbers now 60 members. Erving No. 1 has achieved consider-able local fame as the winner of numerous prizes at firemen's musters in Franklin County.
      The Erving Brass Band, likewise well known, was organized in August, 1877, under the instruction of Wm. L. Day, of Greenfield, and still retains him as instructor. The leader is M. F. B. Howe, and the number of pieces in the band is' twenty-two.

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