Erving — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The names of the persons who have served Erving as town clerks and selectmnen in succession from 1838 to 1879 will be found hereunto appended:

1838-40.—Asa Fisher, Calvin Priest, Jr., David Blackman.
1840.—Elisha Smith, Noah W. Packard, Asa H. Albee.
1841.—Elisha Smith, Calvin Priest Asa H. Albee.
1842.—Calvin Priest, Earl Albee, Nathaniel Jennings.
1843.—Calvin Priest, Earl Albee, David Blackmar.
1844.—Calvin Priest, Jr., David Blackmar, Elisha Smith.
1843.—Calvin Hunter, Judah Nash, Jr., Nathaniel Jennings.
1846.—Calvin Hunter, Judah Nash, Jr., Robert Day.
1847.—Calvin Priest, Jr., John Snow, Jr., Asa H. Albee.
1848.—Calvin Priest, Allert R. Albee, Loring Briggs.
1849.—L. L. Alexander, A. R. Albee, J. B. Marble.
1850.—A. R. Albee, Calvin Priest, Jr., Helon Holbrook.
1851.—Helon Holbrook, Fordyce Alexander, David Blackmar.
1852.—Albert R. Albee, Calvin Priest Jr., Henry H. Holton.
1853.—A. R. Albee, Helon Holbrook, Calvin Priest, Jr.
1854.—A. R. Albee, H. H. Holton, L. A. Bates.
1853.—A. R. Albee, H. H. Holton, Loring Briggs.
1856.—A. S. Packard, Joseph E. Stone, H. H. Holton.
1857.—H. H. Holton, Calvin Priest, Jr., Joseph Rankin.
1858.—H. H. Holton, S. H. Wood, N. J. Benjamnin.
1859-60.—A. R. Albee, Chas. A. Eddy, Lewis Jennings.
1861.—A. R. Albee, Chas. A. Eddy, S. D. Comings.
1862.—Calvin Priest, Chas. A. Eddy, Lewis Whitney.
1863.—Calvin Priest, H. H. Holton, S. H. Woodward.
1864.—A. R. Albee, H. H. Holton, T. E. Stone.
1865.—A. R. Albee, S. H. Woodward, Noah Rankin.
1866.—Chas. A. Eddy, James Moore, Lewis Jennings.
1867.—Chas. A. Eddy, H. H. Holton, Frederick Hunt.
1868.—L. A. Bates, N. J. Benjamin, S. Goldthwaite.
1869.—A. R. Albee, Loring Briggs, L. T. Thayer.
1870.—A. R. Albee, H. H. Holton, L. T. Thayer.
1871.—A. R. Albee, W. H. Adams, Noah Rankin.
1872,—A. R. Albee, Frederick Hubbard, E. H. Spring.
1873.—H. H. Holton, L. L. Perry, S. G. Titus.
1874.—A. H. Albee, L. L. Perry, T. H. King.
1875.—S. G. Titus, T. H. King, W. F. Curtis.
1876.—T. H. King, S. H. Woodward, H. D. Reynolds.
1877.—T. H. King, A. B. Parker, H. D. Reynolds.
1878.—L. L. Perry, H. D. Reynolds, T. H. King.

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