Colrain — Military: Coleraine's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Appended will be found the names of the soldiers furnished by Coleraine for service in the war of the Rebellion of 1861:

Francis J. Hosmer, 4th Vt.
B. F. Roberts, 31st Mass.
William Carl, Vt. Cav.
Edwin Carl, Vt. Cav.
G. F. Stratton, 10th Mass.
L. Churchill, 31st Mass.
Peter Bard, 10th Mass.
J. E. Holden, 31st Mass.
James T. Langstroth, 10th Mass.
Asa L. Snow, 10th Mass.
John S. Daniels, 18th Mass.
Sidney Esta, 10th Mass.
John H. Curtis, 10th Mass.
Thomas Easton., 18th Mass.
James E. Easton, 18th Mass.
Ch. Houghtaling, 10th Mass.
F. E. Clark, 21st Mass.
Lewis Jilson, 34th Mass.
David Jilson, Jr., 34th Mass.
Wm. H. Bradley, 34th Mass.
Walter Nichols, 34th Mass.
Ed. R. King, 20th Mass.
Thomas Majorly, 10th Mass.
E. Emerson, 2d Vt.
Cephas Parker, 34th Mass.
Thomas Brown, Jr., N. Y. V.
James Stone, 10th Mass.
Henry Grover, 10th Mass.
Levi Heffron.
W. M. Lamb, 10th Mass.
John Wallace, 10th Mass.
James W. Wallace, 10th Mass.
James H. Carrier.
Hoyt Sumner, 52d. Mass.
Charles S. Stetson; 52d Mass.
H. W. Thompson, 52d Mass.
V. D. Thompson, 52d Mass.
T. P. Thompson, 52d Mass.
A. A. White, 52d Mass.
E. J. Wilson, 52d Mass.
P. York, 52d Mass.
A Bardwell, Jr., 52d Mass.
James B. Miner, 52d Mass.
F. T. Merriam, 52d Mass.
Charles H. Porter, 52d Mass.
H. M. Howard, 52d Mass.
B. F. Miner, 52d Mass.
Ira S. Orr; 52d Mass.
Alonzo Brown, 52d Mass.
H. M. Barber, 52d Mass.
Seth A. Curtis,* 52d Mass.
Thomas Carl.
Reuben Barnes.
S. C. Jilson, 34th Mass.
A. P. Nelson, 52d Mass.
Geo. W. Adams, 52d Mass.
James T. Avery, 52d Mass.
B. W. Booth,* 52d Mass.
Wm. H. Booth, 52d Mass.
E. P. Browning,* 52d Mass.
Alvin Brown, 52d Mass.
O. W. Clark, 52d Mass.
H. C. Cromack, 52d Mass.
Levi E. Call, 52d Mass.
Joel L. Clark, 52d Mass.
J. H. Curtis, 52d Mass.
James W. Carpenter, 52d Mass.
E. Davenport, 52d Mass.
Z. J. Dunton, 52d Mass.
C. B. Denison, 52d Mass.
James H. Davis, 52d Mass.
M. M. Fisk, 52d Mass.
H. A. Howard, 52d Mass.
George Jeffs, 52d Mass.
Samuel A. Miner, 52d Mass.
H. L. McLoud, 52d Mass.
L. B. Moore, 52d Mass.
S. H. Moore, 52d Mass.
F. C. Miller,* 52d Mass.
H. M. Peterson, 52d. Mass.
H. F. Purington, 52d Mass.
Dudley Preston,* 52d Mass.
Wm. A. Russell, 52d Mass.
J. W. Rugg, 52d Mass.
Wm. H. Stone,* 52d Mass.
A. A. Smith, 52d Mass.
John Smead, 52d Mass.

*Died in the service, or in consequence of wounds received in the service.

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