Colrain — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

1761.—Thomas Morris, George Clark, John Pennell, Jr., Robert Fulton, William McCreles (2d).
1762.—James Stewart, William Henry, John Pennell, Jr., Thomas Morris, Samuel Eayrs.
1763.—George Clark, John Clark, John Cochran, Mathew Bolton, John McCreles.
1764.—James Stewart, George Clark, John Morrison.
1765.—William Henry, Richard Ellis, John McCreles, Mathew Bolton.
1766.—Thomas Morris, George Breckenridge, William McCreles (2d), Andrew Lukes, David Harroun.
1767.—Thomas McGee, William Henry, Robert Fulton, George Clark, James Clark.
1768.—John Clark, Hezekiah Smith, Thomas McGee, James. Stewart, Jr., John Anderson.
1769.—Robert Fulton, George Clark, William Clark, William Stewart, Thomas Morris.
1770.—Joseph Caldwell, James Stewart, James Bell, David Harroun, Hugh Bolton.
1771.—Thomas Morris, Thomas McGee, James Bell, John Morrison, Hugh McLellan.
1772.—James Stewart, Joseph Caldwell, Hugh Riddle, John Clark, H. McLellan.
1773.—George Clark, Joseph Caldwell, James Stewart, John Morrison, H. McLellan.
1774.—George Clark, Joseph Caldwell, James Stewart, Hugh Riddle, H. McLellan.
1775.—John Harroun, Robert Pennell, John Morrison, William McCrales (2d), Joseph Thompson.
1776.—John Harroun, Hugh McLellan, John Morrison, David Harroun, Abraham Pennell.
1777.—William Mireles, George Clark, Hugh Riddle, David Wilson, Jas. Stewart.
1778.—John Morrison, Capt. McLellan, Daniel Donelson, Robert Miller, James Stewart.
1779.—Orrin Smith, Capt. McLellan, Wm. Stewart, Deacon Clark, James Stewart.
1780.—Hezekiah Smith, Capt. McLellan, James Stewart, Hugh Riddle, David Harrow'.
1781.—John Morrison, Hugh McLellan, William Stewart, Daniel Donelson, Oliver Newell.
1782.—William Caldwell, Hugh McLellan, James Stewart, George Pattison, David Wilson.
1783.—Jona. McGee, Deacon Harroun, William Stewat t, Hugh Morrison, James Fulton.
1784.—Joseph Caldwell, Geo. Pattison, Wm. Stewart, David Wilson, John Gragg.
1785.—Jos. Caldwell, Col. McLellan, Wm. Caldwell, David Wilson, Jona. McGee.
1786.—Joseph Caldwell, James Stewart, William Stewart, David Wilson, George Pattison.
1787.—Joseph Caldwell, Jolla. McGee, Col. McLellan, Wm. Stevens, Oren Smith.
1788.—George Pattison, Moses Johnson, Jona. Wilson, Josiah Cooledge, David Wilson.
1789.—Hugh McLellan, Matthew Clark, Samuel Eddy, Jacob Gragg, D. Wilson.
1790.—Hugh McLellan, Jona. McGee, Samuel Eddy, David Smith, D. Wilson.
1791.—Hugh McLellan, Mathew Clark, Jona. Wilson, David Smith, D. Wilson.
1792.—Hugh McLellan, Mathew Clark, Wm. Caldwell, David Morrison, D. Wilson.
1793.—Hugh McLellan, Jona. Wilson, Samuel Eddy, Oren Smith, D. Wilson.
1794.—Hugh McLellan, Jolla. Wilson, David Smith, Moses Ranger, D. Wilson.
1795.—Hugh McLellan, David Wilson, Oren Smith, David Smith, M. G. Riddle.
1796.—Hugh McLellan, David Wilson, Jona. Patterson, David Smith, Robert Miller.
1797.—H. McLellan, David Wilson, David Smith, Jona. McGee, Hugh Thompson.
1798.—Jona. Pattison, Oliver Hollors, David Smith, Jas. Taggart, Mathew Clark
1799.—Hugh McLellan, David Smith, David Wilson, Jona. Patterson, Nathaniel Smith.
1800.—Hugh McLellan, David Smith, Clark Chandler, David Wilson, Jona. Patterson.
1801.—Hugh McLellan, David Smith, Jona. Patterson, David Wilson, Calvin Smith.
1802.—Hugh McLellan, David Smith, David Wilson, Calvin Smith.
1803.—Hugh McLellan, Adam Pattison, Calvin Smith, David Smith, Clark Chandler.
1804.—Hugh McLellan, Adam Pattison, Daniel Wilson, David Smith, Abel Shat-tuck.
1805.—Samuel Ross, Adam Pattison, Daniel Willis, David Smith, Robert Miller.
1806.—Samuel Ross, Adam Pattison, Daniel Willis, David Smith, Elias Bardwell
1807.—Samuel Ross, R. L. McLellan, Daniel Willis,. David Smith, Calvin Smith.
1805.—Samuel Ross, R. L. McLellan, Levi McGee, David Smith, Calvin Smith.
1809.—Thomas Miller, R. L. McLellan, James White, David Smith, Calvin Smith.
1810.—Robert Miller, Jona. Peterson, Jas. White, David Smith, Elias Bardwell.
1811.—Robert Miller, Jona. Peterson, Hugh McLellan, David Smith, Daniel Willis.
1812.—Robert Miller, L. S. McGee, Hugh McLellan, David Smith, Daniel Willis.
1813.—Robert Miller, L. S. McGee, John Drury, David Smith, Daniel Willis.
1814.—Robert Miller, R. L. McLellan, George Walkup, David Smith, Daniel Willis.
1815.—Robert Miller, R. L. McLellan, L. S. McGee, Russel Avery, D. Willis
1816.—Robert Miller, Calvin Smith, Samuel Pierce.
1817-18.—Calvin Smith, Samuel Pierce, Michael McLellan.
1819.—R. L. McLellan, Isaac Johnson, George Echs.
1820.—R. L. McLellan, John Wilson, George. Echs.
1821-23.—R. L. McLellan, David Denison, George Echs.
1824-25.—Charles Thompson, Samuel Pierce, John Wilson.
1826.—Charles Thompson, Samuel Pierce, Michael McLellan.
1827.—Joseph Smith, Samuel Pierce, Michael McLellan.
1828.—John Wilson, George Echs, Michael McLellan.
1829.—Samuel Pierce, David Purington, Michael McLellan.
1830.—John Wilson, Joseph Smith, James Shearer.
1831.—Samuel Pierce, John Wilson, Amos Stewart.
1832.—Joseph Smith, Amos Stewart, Jona. Johnson.
1833.—Joseph Smith, Amos Stewart, Joel Farley.
1834-37.—Amos Stewart, Joel Farley, Jesse Spain.
1838.—Amos Stewart, Thomas Barber, Baxter Bardwell.
1839.—Baxter Bardwell, Stephen Shepardson, Joel Farley.
1840.—Baxter Bardwell, Lucius Lyon, Levi Thompson.
1841.—John Wilson, Jonathan Johnson, Hugh McElvaine.
1842.—John Wilson, Amos Stewart, Aaron Lyons.
1843.—-John Wilson, Amos Stewart, William Coombs.
1844.—James Barber, Hezekiah Smith, David Thompson, Jr.
1845.—Daniel Wilson, Hezekiah Smith, David S. Pierce.
1846.—Hugh McLellan, Amos Stewart, Morris Pierce.
1847.—Jonathan Totman, Thomas Fox, Asaph W. Snow.
1848-49.—Dexter Wilson, Hezekiah Smith, A. W. Snow.
1850.—Joseph Smith, F. S. Hillman, Gurdon Thompson.
1851.—Morris Pierce, Asaph W. Snow, S. W. Gleason.
1852.—Hezekiah Smith, George W. Miller, Charles Hillman.
1853.—Hezekiah Smith, Franklin Newell, D. A. Denison.
1854.—John Wilson, David Nelson, Jonathan Johnson.
1855.—Joseph Smith, George W. Miller, John Cromack.
1856.—David L; Smith, David Nelson,. Thomas Purington.
1857.—Rominer Smith, David Nelson, Nelson Peterson.
1858.—Hezekiah Smith, David Nelson, Nelson Peterson.
1859.—Hezekiah Smith, Asaph W. Snow, C. S. Patterson.
1860-61.—Samuel D. Cole, Samuel N. Wilson, E. H. Thompson.
1862.—Samuel D. Cole, Dennis Wilson, Hugh McLellan.
1863.—Amos Stewart, E. H. Thompson, David L. Smith.
1864.—S. D. Cole, 0.. F. Morrison, Hugh McLellan.
1865-66.—David L. Smith, S. D. Handy, Joseph B. Clark.
1867.—D. L. Smith, S. D. Handy, E. H. Thompson.
1868.—William Stewart, Nelson Peterson, E. H. Thompson.
1869.—William Stewart, A. C. Smith, Morris Pierce.
1870.—Joseph Griswold, William S. Gleason, S. W. Wheeler.
1871.—Joseph Griswold, E.H. Thompson, S. W. Wheeler.
1872.—Dennis Wilson, William Stewart, S. W. Wheeler.
1873.—Dennis Wilson, William Stewart, Joseph B. Clark.
1874-75.—J. B. Clark, Earl Shearer, George H. Phillips.
1876.—J. A. Dwight, Earl Shearer, H. M. Peterson.
1877-79.—J. Dwight, Earl Shearer, Lorenzo Spurr.

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