Colrain — Natural Features

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Coleraine is hilly in nearly every part of its extensive domain, and, like other mountainous towns in Massachusetts, is a place much visited by tourists and searchers after the picturesque in nature.
      The most important stream is North River, which flows almost directly south through the middle of the town, from the Vermont line to the Shelburne line. It furnishes abundant water-power, which is used by several large manufacturing enterprises, as well as saw-mills, etc. Green River, which rises in Windham Co., Vt., flows along the eastern border of the town, dividing it from Leyden, but its water-power is not used to any considerable extent.
      The principal eminences are Catamount Hill, in the southwest, and Christian Hill, northwest of the centre, both names referring, however, to hilly ranges rather than to any particular elevations.

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