Buckland, Massachusetts
Year Incorporated

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Town Clerk
Town of Buckland
Buckland, MA 01338
Phone (413) 625-8572
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On-Site Resources

A brief historic profile of Buckland, extracted from Volume II of History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, by Louis H. Everts, 1879. Topics include geographical, natural features, early settlement, town records, noteworthy incidents, organization, selectmen, town clerks, villages, churchs, schools, burial-places, Military: Buckland's role in the Rebellion and more.

Off-Site Links

Buckland Community Profile (PDF Format), from Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

Buckland, MA, 1790 Census. In 1790, Buckland was part of Hampshire County.

Commonwealth Community Profile & Links related to the town including addresses of libraries.

Buckland Historical Society: 32 Upper Street, Buckland, MA 01338; Phone: 413-625-9763 or 413-625-6619.

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