Wendell — Burial-Places

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      There are but two public cemeteries in the town,—one at Wendell Centre and one near Lock's village, in the south. The former is the wound laid out at the early settlement of the town. The first persons buried therein was James Ross, in 1782, the headstone over his grave still bearing an inscription testifying to that fact. Other old inscriptions are as follows:
      Beulah Sweetser, 1797; Nathan Johnson, 1797; Elizabeth Wilder, 1797; Benjamin Porter, 1793; Prudence Johnson, 1798; Artemas Osgood, 1798; Eunice Brewer, 1790; Susannah Watkins, 1798; Lucy Sweetser, 1797; Aaron Moore, 1799: Hannah Howe, 1801; Joseph Kilburn, Jr., 1790; Lemuel Beaman, 1801; Abigail Wilder, 1804; Joshua Green, 1806; Capt. Henry Sweetser, 1820, aged ninety; Lucy, his widow, 1833, aged ninety-four; Marcy Porter, 1811, aged ninety-two; Abraham Stone, 1838, aged ninety; John Stone, 1819, aged ninety-six; Deacon Nathan Brewer, 1832, aged eighty-fire; Jonathan Crosbee, 1808; Jonathan Osgood, 1812; John Stone, 1819, aged ninety-six; Abraham Stone, 1838, aged ninety.

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