Wendell — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

1781.—Lot Paine, John Ross, Daniel Denny.
1782.—Richard Moor, Josiah Osgood, John Ross.
1783.—No record of any election.
1784.—Josiah Osgood, John Ross, Nathan Brewer.
1785.—Josiah Osgood, Daniel Porter, Thomas Atherton.
1786.—Daniel Porter, Hananiah Rand, David Whittaker.
1787.—Henry Sweetser, Josiah Osgood, David Whittaker.
1788.—Daniel Porter, Jonathan Crosbee, Benjamin Stiles.
1789-90.—David Whittaker, Edmund Stiles, John Ross.
1791.—Edmund Stiles, John Ross, Samuel Caswell.
1792.—Edmund Stiles, David Whittaker, Joshua Green.
1793.—John Ross, Joshua Green, Samuel Osgood.
1794-95.—John Ross, Joshua Green, David Wittaker.
1796.—1801.—Joshua Green, John Ross, Nathan Brewer.
1801-2.—Joshua Green, Nathan Brewer, Phineas Stiles.
1803-9.—Nathan Brewer, Joshua Green, David Whittaker.
1809.—Joshua Green, Nathan Brewer, Joseph Sawyer.
1810.—Joshua Green, Nathan Brewer, Timothy Armstrong.
1811.—Joshua Green, Nathan Brewer, David Wittaker.
1812.—Joshua Green, Nathan Brewer, Levi Benjamin.
1813.—Joshua Green, Levi Benjamin, Clark Stone.
1814.—Joshua Green, Levi Benjamin, Joseph Sawyer.
18l5.—Joshua Green, Levi Benjamin, Joel Bent.
1816-19.—Joshua Green, Joel Bent, Samuel Brewer.
1819-20.—Joshua Green, Luther Osgood, Samuel Brewer.
1821.—Joshua Green, Samuel Brewer, Joel Bent.
1822.—Joshua Green, John Beaman, Bezaliel Lock.
1823.—Joshua Green, Martin Hagar, Timothy Taft.
1824.—Joshua Green, Martin Hagar, Samuel Brewer.
1825-26.—Joshua Green, Martin Hagar, Timothy Taft.
1827.—Joshua Green, Timothy Taft, Samuel Brewer.
1828.—Timothy Taft, Martin Grout, Joel Drury.
1829.—Joshua Green, Jonathan Whittaker, Ira Benjamin.
1830-31.—Martin. Grout, Jonathan Whittaker, Ira Benjamin.
1832-33.—Jonathan Whittaker, Samuel Brewer, Noah Porter.
1834.—Martin Grout, Joel Howe, Elihu Osgood.
1835-36.—Joel Howe, Jabez Sawyer, Jr., Ira Benjamin.
1837.—Jonathan Whittaker, Ira Benjamin, Wm. L. Bent.
1538.—Jabez Sawyer, Jr., Joel Howe, Silas Ballard.
1839.—Joel Howe, Jabez Sawyer, Lansford Armstrong.
1840.—Otis Brooks, Joel Howe, Gardner Leach.
1841.—Samuel Brewer, Ivers Benjamin, Geo. B. Richardson.
1842.—Jabez Sawyer, Moses Stone, Joseph Needham.
1843.—Joel Howe, Joseph Needham, Luther Stone.
1844.—Samuel Hinsdale, Jabez Sawyer, Jr., Luther Stone.
1845.—Luther Stone, Samuel Brewer, Joseph Fisk (2d).
1846.—Samuel Brewer, Wm. Fleming, Joseph Fisk (2d).
1847.—Jabez Sawyer, Jr., Luther Stone, Isaac Dudley.
1848.—Lansford Armstrong, Joseph Fisk (2d), Chester Leach.
1849.—Lucius Cooke, Jonathan Whittaker, Thomas D. Brooks.
1850.—Joel Howe, Luke Leach, Adin Whittaker.
1851.—Luther Stone, Wm. Putnam, Erastus L. Orcutt.
1852.—Wm. Putnam, Adin Whittaker, Alonzo Fleming.
1853.—Aaron Chandler, Joseph Fisk (2d), Ivers Benjamin.
1854.—Jabez Sawyer, Aaron Chandler, Joseph Fisk (2d).
1855.—Jabez Sawyer, Aaron Chandler, John Howe.
1856.—Wm. H. Phelps, Clark Stone, Adin Whitaker.
1857.—Joel Howe, Ivers Benjamin, Chas. A. Eddy.
1858.—Aaron Chandler, Lewis Leonard, Ebenezer Lock.
1859.—Jabez Sawyer, Luther Stone, J. M. King.
1860.—Aaron Chandler, J. R. Reynolds, Clark Stone.
1861.—J. R. Reynolds, Joseph Fisk (2d), Alonzo Fleming.
1862.—Alonzo Fleming, Joseph Fisk (2d), Adin Whittaker.
1863.—J. Reynolds, T. H. Bartlett, Clark Stone.
1864.—J. R. Reynolds, T. H. Bartlett, N. E. Sweetser.
1865.—Andrew Bok, Orin Andrews, Clark Stone.
1866.—Luke Leach, Danforth Putnam, Andrew Baker.
1867.—T. H. Bartlett, Wm. D. Andrews, F. K. Fleming.
1868.—Edwin L. Gates, Win. Fleming, Hollis Wrisley.
1869.—Aaron Pike, T. H. Bartlett, A. H. Haskell.
1870.—Aaron Pike, Andrew Baker, Truman Bartlett.
1871.—M. M. Stebbins, D. P. Austin, Andrew Baker.
1872.—Andrew Baker, Daniel Ballard, M. M. Stebbins.
1873.—J. C. Holston, Alonzo Fleming, T. H. Bartlett.
1874.—T. H. Bartlett, Alonzo Fleming, Andrew Baker.
1875.—J. C. Brown, Clark Stone, Nicholas Laux.
1876.—Andrew Baker, Orin Andrews, Nicholas Laux.
1877.—Orin Andrews, Andrew Baker, C. E. Rogers.
1878.—John C. Holston, Chester Clark, Nicholas Laux.

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