Sunderland — Burial-Places

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The oldest burying-ground in Sunderland is found at Sunderland Street, where it occupies a commanding and picturesque site upon the east bank of the Connecticut, about half a mile front the village. The oldest headstone is one recording the death of Elizabeth Graves, in 1722. Another old stone bears in roughly-cut letters the words, "of Lebanon C. C., 1734," and still another simply "E. S., 1767." Other old inscriptions are here given as follows:
      Hannah Clary, 1747; Lieut. Joseph Clary, 1748; Mrs. Isaac Hubbard, 1744; Joseph Dickinson, 1755, Thomas Hovey, 1727; Deacon Joseph Field, 1754; William Scott, 1759; Elizabeth Scott, 1762; Miriam Graves, 1760; Benjamin Graves, 1756; Abigail Smith, 1767; Elizabeth Montague, 1753; Mary Graves, 1769; Mrs. Moses Clark, 1754; Isaac Hubbard, 1763; Mary Field, 1767; Elizabeth Leonard, 1770; Sarah Clark, 1772; Moses Clark, Jr., 1776; Jeremiah Ballard, 1774; Stephen Cooley, 1776; Zinas Cooley, 1777; Oliver Cooley, 1778; Zebina Leonard, 1777; Samuel Graham 1781; Moses Clark, Sr., 1785; Lieut. Abner Cooley, 1788; Catherine Smith, 1787; Eunice Russell, 1786; Tryphena Hubbard, 1788; Anna Ashley, 1791; Lieut. Lemuel Delano, 1792; Huldah Graves, 1793; Deacon Samuel Montague, 1789; David Hubbard, 1787; Lieut.-Col. Noadiah Leonard, 1790.
      There are said to be in this burying-ground about nine hundred graves, and among those buried therein are 42 Hubbards, 35 Montagues, 85 Graves, and 31 Smiths. Six clergymen—Revs. Jos. Ashley, Jas. Taylor, Solomon Ingram, Austin Cary, and Wm. Hawley—lie buried there, as do twelve deacons. Of the forty persons who made the first settlements in Sunderland, the graves of but seven thereof can be found in the old church-yard. There is a cemetery fund of $1000 left to the town by the late R. R. Graves. The income of the fund is used to keep the cemetery in repair and to beautify it from time to time.

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