Sunderland — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Below will be found a list of persons who served the town as selectmen and town clerks from 1719 to 1879:

1719.—Deacon Hubbard, Deacon Gunn, Ens. Billings, Joseph Clary, Thomas Hovey.
1720.—Deacon Hubbard, Deacon Gunn, Joseph Root, Rich'd Scott, Simon Cooley. 1721.—Deacon Hubbard, Samuel Gunn, Sr., Joseph Root, Lieut. Billings, Simon Cooley.
1722.—Deacon Hubbard, Samuel Gunn, Sr., Capt. Field, Samuel Graves, Sr., Joseph Clary.
1723.—Deacon Hubbard, Samuel Gunn, Sr., Capt. Field, Simon Cooley, Joseph Root.
1724.—Deacon Hubbard, Samuel Graves, Sr., Capt. Billings, Samuel Harvey, Joseph Root.
1725.—Deacon Hubbard, E. Billings, Jr., Samuel Gunn, Joseph Dickinson, Joseph Field, Jr.
1726.—Joseph Clary, Capt. Billings, Samuel Gunn, Joseph Root, Nathaniel Gunn. 1727.—Deacon Hubbard, Simon Cooley, Samuel Gunn, Joseph Root, Daniel: Warner.
1728.—Deacon Hubbard, Simon Cooley, Ebert Billings, Nathaniel Gunn, Joseph Field, Jr.
1729.—Deacon Hubbard, Deacon Gunn, Daniel Warner, Daniel Russell, Ben Graves.
1730.—Richard Scott, Joseph Dickinson, Samuel Montague.
1731.—Deacon Hubbard, Joseph Field, Jr., Samuel Smith.
1732.—Deacon Gunn, Samuel Montague, Daniel Russell.
1733.—Deacon Hubbard, Benjamin Graves, Nathaniel Smith.
1734.—Richard Scott, Daniel Warner, Manoah Bodman.
1735.—Deacon Hubbard, Ens. Cooley, Lieut. Field.
1736.—Samuel Montague, Daniel Russell, Jonathan Field.
1737. Joseph Dickinson, Manoah Bodman, Sergt. Field.
1738.—Samuel Gunn, Richard Scott, Jonathan Field.
1739.—Joseph Dickinson, Manoah Bodman, Samuel Montague.
1740.—Ebenezer Billings, Manoah Bodman, William Allis.
1741.—Joseph Dickinson, Nathaniel Smith, Deacon Montague.
1742.—Richard Scott, Samuel Smith, Daniel Hubbard.
1743.—Deacon Montague, Nathaniel Smith, Isaac Hubbard, Jr.
1744.—Joseph Dickinson, Deacon Field, Isaac Hubbard, Jr.
1745.—Joseph Dickinson, Nathaniel Smith, Daniel Hubbard.
1746.—Deacon Field, Capt. Montague, Isaac Hubbard.
1747.—Deacon Montague, Nathaniel Smith, Fellows Billings.
1748.—Samuel Smith, Ens. Field, John Gunn.
1749.—Isaac Hubbard, Samuel Montague, Ens. Field, Joseph Root, John Gunn.
1750.—Daniel Hubbard, Samuel Montague, Nathaniel Smith, Simeon King, John Gunn.
1751.—Daniel Hubbard, Fellows Billings, Jonathan Field, John Clary, Joseph Root.
1752.—David Hubbard, Capt. Montague, Simeon King, John Clary, Joseph Root. 1753.—Daniel Hubbard, Deacon Smith, Simeon King, Simon Cooley, Joseph Root.
1754.—Daniel Hubbard, Capt. Field, Deacon Montague.
1755.—Daniel Hubbard, Deacon Smith, Deacon Montague.
1756.—Daniel Hubbard, Deacon Smith, John Gunn.
1757.—Lieut. Billings, Simon Cooley, John Gunn.
1758.—Capt. Field, Daniel Hubbard, Simon Cooley, John Clary, John Gunn.
1759.—Capt. Field, Daniel Hubbard, Moses Billings, J. Clary, John Gunn.
1760.—Lieut. Billings, Abner Cooley, Moses Billings, J. Clary, Jonathan Russell. 1761.—Deacon Smith, John Gunn, John Clary.
1762.—Daniel Montague, Deacon Smith, Israel Hubbard, Moses Billings, John Clary.
1763.—Simon Cooley, Moses Billings, J. Clary.
1764.—Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Daniel Montague.
1765.—Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Joseph Field.
176G.—Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Joseph Clary.
1767.—Jedediah Clark, Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Moses Billings, John Clary. 1768-69.—Jedediah Clark, Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard.
1770.—Abner Cooley, Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Daniel Montague, John Clary. 1771.—Joseph Field, Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Joseph Clary, John Clary.
1772.—Joseph Field, Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Moses Graves, John Clary.
1773.—Joseph Field, Simon Cooley, I. Hubbard, Caleb Montague, John Clary.
1774-75.—Simon Cooley, Phineas Graves, Elisha Smith.
1776.—Simon Cooley, Capt. Hubbard, Lieut. Montague.
1777.—Simon Cooley, Capt. Hubbard, Capt. Montague.
1778.—Capt. Hubbard, Simon Cooley, Deacon Field, Elisha Smith, Ens. Strong. 1779.—Giles Hubbard, Jedediah Clark, Phineas Graves, Noah Baker, Capt. Leonard.
1780.—Capt. Hubbard, Jedediah Clark, Phineas Graves, Simon Cooley, Giles Hubbard.
1781.—Caleb Montague, Jedediah Clark, Phineas Graves, Capt. Leonard, Giles Hubbard.
1782.—John Montague, Jedediah Clark, Phineas Graves, Capt. Leonard, Giles Hubbard.
1783.—John Montague, Jedediah Clark, Capt. Hubbard, Capt. Leonard, Giles Hubbard.
1784-87.—John Montague, Phineas Graves, Giles Hubbard.
1788.—John Montague, Ebenezer Barnard, Giles Hubbard.
1789-90.—John Montague, Samuel Church, Giles Hubbard.
1791.—John Montague, Capt. Field, Eleazer Warner.
1792-93.—Giles Hubbard, John Montague, Selah Graves.
1794.—Giles Hubbard, Lieut. Cooley, Eleazer Warner.
1795-96.—Selah Graves, Lieut. Cooley, Eleazer Warner.
1797-98.—Selah Graves, Giles Hubbard, Eleazer Warner.
1799-1803.—John Montague, Giles Hubbard, Eleazer Warner.
1803.—Benjamin Graves, Giles Hubbard, Capt. Graves.
1801-5.—John Montague, Giles Hubbard, Capt. Graves.
1806.—Selah Graves, Giles Hubbard, Doctor Church.
1807.—Capt. Graves, Giles Hubbard, Dr. Church.
1808.—Capt. Graves, Capt. Ballard, Maj. Hubbard.
1800.—Capt. Graves, Capt. Ballard, Dr. Church.
1810.—John Montague, Capt. Ballard, Dr. Church.
1811.—Capt. Graves, Capt. Ballard, Elisha Hubbard.
1812.—Col. Hunt, Capt. Ballard, Elisha Hubbard.
1813.—Capt. Graves, Capt. Ballard, Elisha Hubbard.
1814.—Elisha Alexander, Capt. Ballard, Dr. Church.
1815.—Elisha Alexander, Capt. Ballard, Caleb Hubbard.
1816.—Elisha Hubbard, Capt. Ballard, Caleb Hubbard.
1817.—Elisha Hubbard, Capt. Ballard, Daniel Montague.
1818.—Elisha Hubbard, Daniel Montague, Nathaniel Smith.
1819-20.—Simeon Ballard, William Delano, N. Smith.
1821-22.—Erastus Graves, William Delano, Martin Hubbard.
1823-24.—Erastus Graves, Elisha Rowe, Martin Hubbard.
1825.—Erastus Graves, Samuel Puffer, Elisha Hubbard.
1826-29.—Erastus Graves, Elisha Rowe, Moses Montague.
1829.—Erastus Graves, Elihu Rowe, Cephas Graves.
1830.—Erastus Graves, Alpheus Rowe, Lewis Puffer.
1831.—Horace W. Taft, Ashley Hubbard, Cephas Graves.
1832.—Elihu Rowe, Ashley Graves, Ira Montague.
1833.—Erastus Pomeroy, Lewis Puffer, John Montague.
1834.—Ashley Graves, Charles Cooley, John Montague.
1835.—Lewis Puffer, Ira Montague, John Montague.
1836.—Phineas Graves, Marvin Graves, John Montague.
1837.—Erastus Pomeroy, Thomas E. Munsell, John Montague.
1838.—Erastus Pomeroy, Cephas Graves, John Montague.
1839.—Elihu Clark, Stephen Gunn, Marvin Graves.
1840.—Cephas Graves, Austin Smith, Levi Warner.
1841.—Clark Rowe, Charles Whitman, L. Warner.
1842.—Moses Hubbard (2d), Timothy Graves, L. Warner.
1843.—Erastus Pomeroy, Timothy Graves, Stephen Gunn.
1844.—Erastus Pomeroy, Timothy Graves, Martin Hubbard.
1845.—Charles Whitman, Marvin Graves, J. R. Smith.
1846.—Horace Henderson, Austin Russell, J. R. Prouty.
1847.—Horace Henderson, Stephen Gunn, J. R. Prouty.
1848.—Levi Warner, Z. M. Hunt, Daniel B. Crocker.
1849.—Levi Warner, Lewis Puffer, R. E. Rowe.
1850.—Erastus Pomeroy, Nathaniel Smith, Albert Montague.
1851.—Erastus Pomeroy, N. Smith, Moses Hubbard (2d).
1852.—Erastus Pomeroy, Stephen Gunn, W. W. Russell.
1853.—John R. Smith, Melzer Hunt, N. A. Smith.
1854.—James B. Prouty, R. E. Rowe, S. D. Crocker.
1855.—Ebenezer Wiley, W. W. Russell, Samuel Jenison.
1856.—Albert Montague, W. W. Russell, J. M. Smith.
1857.—Erastus Pomeroy, Stephen Gunn, J. M. Smith.
1858.—James B. Prouty, Albert Hobart, J. M. Smith.
1859.—John R. Smith, Nathaniel Smith, S. D. Crocker.
1860.—Erastus Pomeroy, Nathaniel Smith, S. D. Crocker.
1861.—Albert Montague, J. R. Smith, D. D. Whitmore.
1862.—Albert Montague, Elihu Smith, W. R. Warner.
1863.—Albert Montague, Elihu Smith, G. L. Batchelder.
1864.—Albert Montague, Erastus Pomeroy, S. D. Crocker.
1865.—Albert Montague, H. J. Graves, Merrick Montague.
1866.—Erastus Pomeroy, Albert Hobart, L. P. Warner.
1867.—John R. Smith, William W. Russell, George L. Cooley.
1868.—Albert Montague, Albert Hobart, L. P. Warner.
1869.—Elihu Smith, M. A. Hunt, E. P. Dickinson.
1870.—John R. Smith, John M. Smith, S. D. Crocker.
1871.—J. R. Smith, Albert Hobart, Ebenezer Wiley.
1872.—W. L. Warner, L. W. Fairchild, D. D. Whitmore.
1873.—W. L. Warner, L. W. Fairchild, Alden Graves.
1874.—W. L. Warner, B. C. Darling, L. P. Warner.
1875.—John R. Smith, B. C. Darling, Ebenezer Wiley.
1876-77.—John R. Smith, Albert Montague, Rufus Smith.
1878.—Darwin M. Clark, Albert Montague, Ed. M. Smith.

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