Shelburne — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Appended hereto will be found the names of the persons who have served Shelburne as selectmen and town clerks from 1768 to 1879:

1768-69.—John Taylor, John Wells, Robert Wilson.
1770.—Moses Hawks, John Wells, Agrippa Wells.
1771.—Moses Hawks, John Taylor, Agrippa Wells.
1772.—John Wells, Robert Wilson, Eben Fisk.
1773.—David Wells, Robert Wilson, Samuel Fellows.
1774.—John Wells, David Wells, Moses Hawks.
1775.—Robert Wilson, David Wells, Aaron Skinner.
1776.—Robert Wilson, John Wells, Samuel Fellows.
1777.—Robert Wilson, Aaron Skinner, Ebenezer Childs.
1778.—John Long, John Wells, Aaron Skinner, John Taylor, Lawrence Kemp.
1779.—Robert Wilson, Aaron Skinner, John Long.
1780.—John Wells, Aaron Skinner, John Long.
1781.—Robert Wilson, Ebenezer Allis, John Taylor.
1782.—Robert Wilson, Aaron Skinner, John Wells.
1783.—Benjamin Nash, Aaron Skinner, John Long.
1784.—John Wells, Aaron Skinner, Robert Wilson.
1785.—John Wells, John Long, Benjamin Nash.
1786.—Robert Wilson, John Long, Benjamin Nash.
1787.—David Long, John Burdick, Ebenezer Newcomb.
1788.—John Burdick, Alex. Thompson, Asa Childs.
1789.—John Burdick, Alex. Thompson, Robert Wilson.
1790.—Samuel Boyd, Alex. Thompson, John Wells.
1791.—Samuel Boyd, Aaron Skinner, Benjamin Nash.
1792.—Theodore Barnard, Aaron Skinner, Benjamin Nash.
1793.—Adonijah Atherton, Aaron Skinner, Thomas Drury.
1794.—Adonijah Atherton, Moses Hawks; Samuel Boyd.
1795.—John Fellows, Moses Hawks, Jared Skinner.
1796.—Samuel Boyd, Moses Hawks, William Kemp.
1797.—Martin Severance, Jr., Moses Hawks, Samuel Fisk.
1798.—Jabez Ransom, Moses Hawks, Isaac Winter.
1799.—Solomon Severance, Moses Hawks, Ebenezer Fisk, Jr.
1800.—Samuel Boyd, Moses Hawks, Solomon Fellows.
1801.—Col. Long, Moses Hawks, Reuben Nims.
1802.—David Anderson, Moses Hawks, Aaron Long.
1803.—William Wells, Moses Hawks, Asa Nims.
1804.—Amos Allen, Moses Hawks, Eliphalet Stratton.
1805.—John Fellows, Moses Hawks, Julia Kellogg.
1806.—Solomon Fellow s, John Stewart, Capt. Allis.
1807.—Solomon Fellows, John Stewart, Solomon Hawks.
1808.—Ebenezer Childs, James Dickinson, Solomon Hawks.
1809.—John Fellows, Solomon Severance, Solomon Hawks.
1810.—Solomon Hawks, Constantine Hardy, Adonijah Atherton.
1811.—Solomon Hawks, Constantine Hardy, John Fellows.
1812.—Ebenezer Childs, Martin Severance, Giles Lyman.
1813.—Ebenezer Childs, Solomon Follows, Giles Lyman.
1814.—William Wells, Amos Allen, John Fellows.
1815.—William Wells, Amos Allen, Robert Bardwell.
1816.-Solomon Fellows, Amos Allen, Giles Lyman.
1817.—William Wells, James Dickinson, Israel Chills.
1818.—William Wells, Salah Severance Isaac Dole.
1819.-William Wells, Parker Dole, Israel Childs.
1820.—William Wells, Elihu Smead, Ira Arms.
1821.—William Wells, Rufus Fisk, Joel Nims.
1822.—William Wells, Elihu Smead, Jos. Merrill.
1823.—Daniel Fisk, Giles Lyman, Joel Bardwell.
1824.—William Wells, Jos. Merrill, David Long, Jr.
1825.—William Wells, Thaddeus Merrill, David Long, Jr.
1826.—William Wells, Thaddeus Merrill, Joel Bardwell.
1827.—William Wells, Thaddeus Merrill, Oliver Smead.
1828.—William Wells, Ira Arms, Joel Bardwell.
1829-30.—William Long, Jr., Ira Arms, Joel Bardwell.
1831.—William Long; Jr., David Wells., Joel Bardwell.
1832.—William Long, Jr., Asa Severance, Joel Bard well.
1833-34.—William Wells, Wm. Long, Jr., Apollos Barnard.
1835.—Ira Arms; Gad Townsley, Gurdon Jones.
1836.—David Wells, Abner Peck, Jr., John H. Morse.
1837.—David Wells, Asa Severance, William E. Bardwell.
1838.—David Wells, David Fisk (2d), Joseph Anderson.
1839.—David Wells, David Fisk (2d), Abram Wilcox.
1840.—Jacob P. Kellogg, James Bishop, Joseph Merrill, Jr.
1841.—J. P. Kellogg, James Anderson, J. Merrill, Jr.
1842.—William Long, Jr., James Bishop, Apollos Barnard.
1843.—Joel Bardwell, James Bishop, Stephen Fellows.
1844.—J. B. Bardwell, Joseph Sweet, David Wells.
1845.—Asa Severance, Reuben Nims, D. Wells.
1846-47.—Asa Severance, John Hardy, D. Wells.
1848.—Zera Hawks, J. B. Whitney, Abner Peck.
1849.—Ebenezer Bardwell, J, B. Whitney, Abner Peek.
1850.—Isaac J. Hawks, Zera Hawks, Stephen Fellows.
1851.—Isaac J. Hawks, S. L. Bardwell, Henry Wells.
1852.—Stephen Fellows, Joseph Merrill, Ruel Severance.
1853.—Joseph Merrill, Ira W. Barnard, Rodoiphus White.
1854.—William Long, Jr., Nathaniel Lamson, Joseph Sweet.
1855.—Nathaniel Lamson, Joseph Sweet, O. O. Bardwell.
1856.—Nathaniel Lamson, O. O. Bardwell, S. M. Long.
1857-59.—J. B. Whitney, O. O. Bardwell, Abner Peck.
1860.—E. M. Whitney, Henry Wells, Amasa Bardwell.
1861.—E. M. Whitney, Pliny Fisk, I. W. Barnard .
1862-63.—Pliny Fisk, R. B. Bardwell, I. W. Barnard.
1864.—Pliny Fisk, R. B. Bardwell, J. A. Anderson.
1865-66.—Pliny Fisk, R. B. Bardwell, Amasa Bardwell.
1867-68.—Pliny Fisk, G. A. Bates, Amasa Bardwell.
1869.—.Stephen M. Long, H. S. Swan, William H. Long.
1870.-Amasa Bardwell, George A. Bates; II. S. Swan.
1871.—Pliny Fisk, Ebenezer Maynard, George E. Tyler.
1872.-Amasa Bardwell, George A. Bates, R. Streeter.
1873-74.-Amasa Bardwell, Joel Thayer, George G. Merrill.
1875.—Edwin Stratton, N. O. Newhall, George E. Tyler.
1876.—Amasa Bardwell, R. Streeter, L. T. Covell.
1877.—Amasa Bardwell, R. S. Streeter, Ebenezer Nims.
1878-79.—Amasa Bardwell, J. K. Patch, Ebenezer Nims.

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