Rowe — Rowe Social Library

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Rowe Social Library was organized Dec. 18, 1797, with the following members: John Wells, Preserved Smith, Asa Foster (2d), Moses Streeter, Pardon Haynes, Standish Foster, William Langdon, William Taylor, Lewis Chandler, Jonas Gleason, Zebulon Benton, Samuel Barrett, Nathan Foster, Sylvester Nash, Caleb Blakeslee, Noah Brown, Abel Bassett, Joel Hall, John Thomas, Jonathan White, Benjamin Olds, James Smith; Amos Negus, Mathew Middleditch, and Ezra Brown, and the officers named below. Col. John Wells, Librarian; William Langdon, Clerk; Asa Foster (2d), Treasurer; James Gleason, Censor; and Rev. P. Smith, Capt. Willam Taylor, and Dr. Pardon Baynes, Judges.
      In 1806 the library contained 130 volumes, chiefly works on history, travels, philosophy, and theology. It was successfully continued by the association until March, 1869, when the town assumed charge, agreeing to pay $25 annually for its support, and to provide a librarian. Under this arrangement it has since been successfully conducted, and is at present established at the village, with Horace A. Smith librarian. It contains about 700 volumes of well-selected books.

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