Orange — Military—The Soldiers' Monument

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Of the soldiers sent by Orange into the war of the Rebellion, 38 lost their lives; but the town has remembered their devotion and sacrifice by the erection, in the beautiful cemetery at Orange Centre, of a handsome soldiers' monument, which was dedicated in 1870. It is a massive shaft of Maine granite, rising to the height of 40 feet, and bearing upon the four faces of the base the legend "Orange remembers her soldiers," and the names of those in whose honor it was erected. These names are as follows:
      E. B. Cobb, H. C. Woodward, W. A. Woodward, L. Furbush, W. L. Howe, D. Stearns, H. L. Temple, L. Bowker, E. 0. Orcutt, I. L. Spear, C. C. Harris, W. H. Goddard, J. H. Osmand, C. H. Stafford, B. F. Hastings, M. H. Ward, N. W. Ward, J. Turner, E. Gerrish, A. H. Terry, J. Short, 0. J. Howard, W. N. Smith, J. H. Pierce, J. L. Foster, J. H. Boyden, J. M. Adams, E. Stevens, H. Foskett, W. W. Briggs, A. Bliss, D. D. Mellen, J. A. Prescott, J. Pierce, E. S. Ward, A. Baker, H. H. Mayo, D. Barnes.

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