Orange — Societies, Orders, Etc.

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

Orange Lodge, F. And A. M.

      Orange Lodge, F. And A. M. was organized November, 1860, and has now a membership of 170. The officers for 1879 are A. L. Shattuck, W. M.; Geo. A. Drake, S. W.; Jos. A. Titus, J. W.; C. P. Putney, Sec.; Geo. H. Brooks, Treas.; Rev. C. L. Waite, Chaplain; R. W. Ranel, Marshal; W. C. Doane, S. D.; C. L. Hubbard, J. D.; Chas. Sawyer, S. S.; A. L. Barrett, J. S.; C. H. Wells, Inside Sentinel; L. A. Chamberlain, Tiler.

The Orange Masonic Benefit Association

      The Orange Masonic Benefit Association, organized in 1878, has officers as follows: F. L. Waters, Pres.; Geo. A. Drake, Sec.; John Dunbar, Treas.; A. L. Shattuck, W. L. Thatcher, R. W. Ranel, and O. S. Wheeler, Directors.

Lodge 182, I. O. O. F.

      Lodge 182, I. O. O. F. organized October, 1878, has 50 members and the following officers: Jas. H. Wheeler, N. G.; Wm. H. Graves, V. G.; Eugene L. Eddy, Sec.; John Dunbar, Treas.; A. H. Smith, Warden; H. H. Goss, Outside Guardian; A. H. Goddard, Inside Guardian: A. D. Horr, R. S. N. G.; E. C. Burrell, L. S. N. G.; Wm. A. Cobb, R. S. V. G.; Jos. L. King, L. S. V. G.; A. P. Elliott, Conductor; Marble Blodgett, R. S. S.; Wm. Wardell, L. S. S.; Andrew Mack, Chaplain; R. D. Chase, P. G.

Millers River Lodge of Good Templars

      Millers River Lodge of Good Templars, now numbering 56 members, was organized in 1866. The present officers are James E. Walker, W. C. T.; Miss Jennie Gilmore, W. V. T.; Mrs. Dan. Adams, W. S.; Frank Foster, W. F. S.; Mrs. P. A. Whipple, W. T.; Wm. A. Cobb, W. C.; Miss Josephine Mitchell, W. I. G.; Eddie King, W. O. G.; Mary Davis, W. A. S.; W. A. Loomis, P. W. C. T.; Miss Lillian Clark, L. H. S. The lodge has in good standing 51 members.

Edward Gerrish Post, No. 17, G. A. R.

      Edward Gerrish Post, No. 17, G. A. R. was organized in 1865, and has 75 members.
      CLARA BARTON POST, MATRONS OF THE REPUBLIC, is Composed of the widows and sisters of soldiers who served in the late war.
      The TEMPLE OF HONOR, organized in 1873, has 50 members, and the KNIGHTS OF HONOR, organized in 1877, has a membership of 50.

The Sovereigns Of Industry

      The Sovereigns Of Industry, with 125 members at present, was organized in 1874, and has also a branch at North Orange, where there is also a lodge of Good Templars.
      A MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION at Orange Centre was organized April, 1878, and has a membership of 200.

Franklin Lodge, No. 516, K. Of H.

      Franklin Lodge, No. 516, K. Of H., was instituted March 14, 1877, and has the following officers: S. B. French, P. D.; Wm. H. Lee, D.; S. O. Wheeler, V. D.; Chas. A. Miles, Asst. D.; W. C. Doane, Rep.; A. J. Johnson, F. R.; A. W. Ballou, Treas.; C. E. Mack, Guide; W. Wendell, Chaplain; G. Lunt, Guardian; C. E. Richards, Sentinel. The lodge has 40 members, and is in a flourishing condition.

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