Orange — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      From 1783 to the present time the selectmen and clerks who have served the district and town have been as follows:

1783.—Savel Metcalf, Nathan Goddard, Elijah Ball.
1784.—Savel Metcalf, Hannaniah Temple, Nathan Goddard.
1785.—John Davis, Benjamin Mayo, Savel Metcalf.
1786-87.—Savel Metcalf, Jonathan Ward, John Davis.
1788.—Edward Ward, Levi Cheney, John Ellis.
1789.—Savel Metcalf, Levi Cheney, Amos Woodard.
1790.—Levi Cheney, Samuel Briggs, Ebenezer Foskett.
1791.—Samuel Briggs, Ebenezer Foskett, Benjamin Dexter.
1792.—Ebenezer Foskett, Benjamin Dexter, Joseph Metcalf.
1793.—Benjamin Dexter, Joseph Metcalf, Jonathan Goddard.
1794.—Joseph Metcalf, Jonathan Goddard, Nehemiah Ward.
1795.—Jonathan Goddard, Nehemiah Ward, Nathaniel Cheney.
1796.—Nehemiah Ward, Nathaniel Cheney, Oliver Chapin.
1797.—Nathaniel Cheney, Oliver Chapin, Ebenezer Atwood.
1798.—Oliver Chapin, Ebenezer Atwood, Samuel Briggs.
1799.—Ebenezer Atwood, Samuel Briggs, Amos Woodard.
1800.—Samuel Briggs, Amos Woodard, Moses Cheney.
1801.—Amos Woodard, Moses Cheney, Samuel Ruggles.
1802.—Moses Cheney, Samuel Ruggles, Oliver Estey.
1803-4.—Levi Cheney, Oliver Chapin, Zina Goodale.
1805.—Josiah Cobb, Levi Cheney, Zina Goodale.
1806.—Oliver Chapin, Joseph Metcalf, Seth Ellis.
1807.—Josiah Cobb, Joseph Lord, Nathan Cheney.
1808.—Josiah Cobb, Amos Woodard, Benjamin Dexter.
1809.—Josiah Cobb, Amos Woodard, Pearly Barton.
1810-11.—Amos Woodard, Pearly Barton, Thomas Cobb.
1812.—Amos Woodard, Pearly Barton, David Cleaveland.
1813.—Josiah Cobb, Ebenezer Goddard, David Cheney.
1814-15.—David Cheney, Ebenezer Goddard, Nathan Ward.
1816.—Ebenezer Goddard, Nathan Ward, Peter Sibley.
1817-18.—Amos Woodard, Seth Ellis, Jr., Lyman Harrington.
1819.—Amos Woodard, Calvin May, John Davis.
1820.—Nathan Ward, John Davis, Moses Johnson.
1821.—John Davis, Moses Johnson, Allen Harrington.
1822.—Moses Johnson, Allen Harrington, Thomas Cobb.
1823-24.—George Wheelock, Moses Smith, Nathaniel Jenerson.
1825.—George Wheelock, Moses Smith, Allen Harrington.
1826.—Allen Harrington, Stephen Bliss, Nathan Ward.
1827.—Stephen Bliss, Nathan Ward, J. R. Whipple.
1828.—J. R. Whipple, Nathan Ward, Seth Ellis, Jr.
1829.—J. R. Whipple, Zina Goodale, Daniel Moore.
1830.—Zina Goodale, Russell Barns, Moses Johnson.
1831.—Moses Johnson, Sherman Bacon, Hiram Woodward.
1832.—Hiram Woodward, Sherman Bacon, Moses Morton.
1833.—Hiram Woodward, Moses Morton, Josiah Goddard.
1834.—Hiram Woodward, Moses Morton, Otis Brooks.
1835.—Hiram Woodward, Otis Brooks, Salmon Howard.
1836.—Hiram Woodward, Benjamin Mayo, Willard Ward.
1837.—Salmon Howard, Otis Brooks, Percival Blodgett, Benjamin Meriam, Ansel Lesure.
1838.—Salmon Howard, Percival Blodgett, Benjamin Meriam.
1839.—Percival Blodgett, Benjamin Meriam, Dexter Davis.
1840.—Benjamin Meriam, Salmon Howard, Josiah Goddard.
1841.—Josiah Goddard, Salmon Howard, James M. Hills.
1842.—Salmon Howard, James M. Hills, Hillel Baker.
1843-45.—Salmon Howard, Hillel Baker, Joseph King.
1846.—Salmon Howard, Josiah Goddard, Benjamin G. Putnam.
1847.—Josiah Goddard, Jonathan Kendall, Asa A. Ward.
1848.—Salmon Howard, Daniel Sabin, Helon Holbrook.
1849.—Josiah Goddard, Peter Moore, Jonathan Kendall.
1850.—Josiah Goddard, Salmon Howard, Sumner Curtis.
1851.—Rodney Hunt, John D. Flagg, Hillel Baker.
1852-53.—Daniel Mayo, Enoch Washburn, William Bullard.
1854.—Philbrook Won Mt, Thomas Eddy, Leonard Ward.
1855.—Thomas Eddy, John D. Flagg, Royal Phinney.
1856.—John D. Flagg, Royal Phinney, Edwin Stow.
1857.—Philbrook Worrick, Thomas A. Tenney, Darwin Merriam.
1858-59.—A. A. Ward, Darwin Merriam, N. S. Howard.
1860.—A. A. Ward, Darwin Merriam, James H. Clark.
1861-64.—A. A. Ward, Darwin Merriam, Davis Goddard.
1864.—Davis Goddard, Darwin Merriam, H. N. Moore.
1865.—A. J. Clark, John D. Flagg, Thomas E. Bridge.
1866.—John D. Flagg, Thomas E. Bridge, John W. Wheeler.
1867.—John D. Flagg, Hiram Woodward, Henry W. Knights.
1868.—John D. Flagg, Hiram Woodward, Leonard Ward.
1869.—John D. Flagg, James N. Clark, James M. Hills.
1870.—John D. Flagg, Davis Goddard, John C. Felt.
1871.—Davis Goddard, Philbrook Worrick, James M. Emory.
1872.—Philbrook Worrick, Enoch Washburn, Hiram Orcutt.
1873.—Philbrook Worrick, James H. Waite, Ira Wakefield.
1874.—John D. Flagg, Noah W. Packard, Benjamin M. Sawin.
1875.—John D. Flagg, A. T. Eddy, Darwin Merriam.
1876.—Darwin Merriam, Hiram Orcutt, Philbrook Worrick.
1877.—Darwin Merriam, Charles A. Towne, M. D. Herrick.
1878.—Charles A. Towne, Philbrook Worrick, F. L. Waters.

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