Northfield — Military: Northfield's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Northfield furnished soldiers for service in the war of the the Rebellion, as follows:

Fred. R. Field, 22d Mass.
Silas W. Bailey, 22d Mass.
Frank Brown, 22d Mass.
A. O. Carter, 22d Mass.
C. S. Field, 22d Mass.
Geo. P. Field, 22d Mass.
Chas, X. Janes, 22d Mass.
Wm. B. Janes, 22d Maas.
Wm. H. Johnson, 22d Mass.
D. D. Kemp, 22d Mass.
Isaac Mattoon, 22d Maas.
L. B. Rumrill, 22d Mass.
W. L. Smith, 22d Mass.
W. B. Smith, 22d Mass.
Aaron Stebbins, 22d Mass.
L. Turner, 22d Mass.
Jos. Young, 22d Maas.
Geo. Mason, 1st Cav.
S. W. Copan, 20th Mass.
C. B. Mattoon, 20th Mass.
N. H. Simonds, 10th Mass.
M. A. Potter, 10th Mass.
G. W. Field, 10th Mass.
C. W. Grout, 21st Mass.
F. W. Weeks, 21st Mass.
Gardner Collar, 27th Mass.
Jos. Gates, 27th Mass.
C. W. Harvey, 27th Mass.
Jas. S. Johnson, 27th Mass.
H. H. Johnson, 27th Mass.
C. H. Parmenter, 27th Mass.
T. H. Page, 27th Mass.
Elijah Carter, 27th Mass.
Frank Lovejoy, 27th Mass.
A. J. Andrews, 27th Mass.
R. D. Battles, 30th Mass.
Michael Kelliher, 28th Mass.
M. S. Stearns, 52d Mass.
Hezekiah Hastings, 52d Mass.
J. H. Robbins, 52d Mass.
E. C. Nash, 52d Mass.
McK. Britt, 52d Mass.
E. W. Chamberlain, 52d Mass.
Ansel Field, 52d Mass.
F. S. Field, 52d Mass.
Geo. G. Felton, 52d Mass.
C. C. Holton, 52d Mass.
J. M. Leonard, 52d Mass.
E. S. Merriman, 52d Mass.
Wm. E. Merriman, 52d Maas.
Warren Mattoon, 52d Mass.
A. N. Nash, 52d Mass.
Jos. B. Pierce, 52d Mass.
Chas. A. Sampson, 52d Mass.
Lucius Stimpson, 52d Mass.
Asahel Sawyer, 52d Mass.
E. B. Stearns, 52d Mass.
Oscar Wood, 52d Mass.
Chas. C. Brewer, 52d Mass.
Chas. Dewey, 2d Cav.
Theo. Fisher, 36th Mass.
J. A. Fisher, Jr., 36th Mass.
L. C. Hayden, 36th Mass.
Geo. Clark, 36th Mass.
N. L. Cutting, 36th Mass.
S. D. Dutton, 36th Mass.
Geo. A. Fisher, 36th Mass.
Jos. A. Harris, 36th Mass.
E. D. Holton, 36th Mass.
E. D. Stone, 36th Mass.
J. D. Stone, 36th Mass.
F. H. Turner, 36th Mass.
J. H. Blake, 36th Mass.
Henry Murdock, 36th Mass.
Samuel Cutting, Jr., 36th Mass.
C. K. Spaulding, 36th Mass.
Geo. Webster, 36th Mass.
H. S. Caldwell, 31st Mass.
Matt. Coughlin, 7th H. Art.
Henry E. Pierce, 32d Mass.
Joshua Maynard, 34th Mass.
Den. Harrigan, 20th Mass.
Frank Beaver, 3d Cav.
Lewis Luck, 3d Cav.
M. D. Thompson, 19th Mass.
John Kenially, 28th Mass.
N. S. Hutchins, 11th Mass.
Henry Sarchfield, 11th Mass.
Jos. Smith, 11th Mass.
Thos. Haley, 11th Mass.
Edward Foster, 11th Mass.
John Robertson, 11th Mass.
Rich. Fitzgerald, 11th Mass.
John Lewis, 11th Mass.
Geo. H. Freeman, 11th Mass.
Francis Labonte, 11th Mass.
Addison Cross, 11th Mass.
John Serrell, 11th Mass.
Freeman White, 11th Mass.
Chas. Duchine, 11th Mass.
L. H. Mann, 11th Mass.
E. H. Hawes, 11th Mass.
John Miller, 11th Mass.
Wm. Gifford, 11th Mass.
Jas. Hoyt, 11th Mass.
Chas. W. Libby, 11th Mass.
H. C. Mitchell, 11th Mass.
John Gaffney, 11th Mass.
Michael Riley, 11th Mass.
Win. Spencer, 11th Mass.
Geo. E. Sockling, 11th Mass.
Joe. Quigley, 11th Mass.
C. K. Kimpland, 14th Bat.
Geo. H. Mason, 21st Mass.
Rich. Heath, 20th Mass.
Archibald Watson, 58th Mass.
Chas. Barr, 13th Bat.
Geo. Ball, 4th Cav.
Thos. Scanlan, 17th Mass.
A. O. Sampson, 2d Cav.
John Whalley, 2d Cav.
John Timony, ______.
Jas. Canfield, ______.
Elnahan Britt, 31st Mass.
Dwight Cook, 37th Mass.
Patrick Barry, ______.
Lafayette Ross, ______.
Cornelius Leary, Vet. R. C.
Jos. F. Shepard, Vet. R. C.
Edwin Jones, Vet. R. C.
Andrew Bay, Vet. R. C.
Wm. E. Morthend, Vet. R. C.
Geo. A. Sawin, Vet. R. C.
Martin Burke, Vet. R. C.
L. L. Fairchild, Vet. R. C.
John S. Gilbert, Vet. R. C.
Jas. L. King, Vet. R. C.
A. W. Brookings, Vet. R. C.

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