Northfield — Societies, Orders, Etc

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

Harmony Lodge, F. And A. M.

      Harmony Lodge, F. And A. M., at Northfield village, is one of the oldest lodges in Western Massachusetts. It was organized in 1796, and has retained its active organization uninterruptedly ever since. Its membership in March, 1879, was 60, and its officers as follows:
      H. J. Evans, W. M.; George N. Richards, S. W.; Sumner Titus, J. W.; George F. Alexander, Sec.; Cleston Merriman, Treas.; E. L. Holton, S. D.; H. G. Stockwell, J. D.; E. W. Colton, Chaplain; William Merriam, Marshal; Walter Field, Tiler; E. J. Bacon, I. S.; Clinton Ware and F. Holton, Stewards.

Young Men's Christian Association

      A Young Men's Christian Association was organized at Northfield village in 1875, in connection with the Second Congregational Church. The society numbers now (1879) 30 members.
      The village has also a musical organization known as the Stratton Brass Band, so named in honor of Albert S. Stratton, from whom it received early support.

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