New Salem — Military: New Salem's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Soldiers were furnished by New Salem for service in the war of the Rebellion as follows:

F. A. Blodgett, 31st Mass.
Elbridge Smith, ______.
Charles Bliss, ______.
______ Bailey, ______.
______ Winslow, ______.
Wilson Upton, 31st Mass.
Charles E. Tupper,* 31st Mass.
A. A. Bliss,* 21st Mass.
H. D. Bliss, 21st Mass.
Wm. H. Sawyer, 21st Mass.
Joseph W. Hayden,* 21st Mass.
F. S. Day, 27th Mass.
D. W. Joslyn, 27th Mass.
Adolphus Porter, 27th Mass.
A. P. Pierce, 27th Mass.
Jesse Strong, 1st Mass.
William Harvey, 21st Mass.
Erastus Weeks, 21st Mass.
Charles Davis, 27th Mass.
Charles Griffin, 27th Mass.
Orcelo Goodwin, 27th Mass.
Alvin Clark, 26th Mass.
A. B. Clark, 26th Mass.
David Bliss,* 15th Mass.
Charles A. Stevens,* 31st Mass.
A. M. Russell, 31st Mass.
Lyman Holden, 31st Mass.
S. P. Williams, 31st Mass.
Chauncey Upton, 31st Mass.
H. C. Joslyn, 31st Mass.
F. W. Newland, 31st Mass.
Asa F. Richards, 31st Mass.
Albroma Baldwin, 36th Mass.
H. S. Smith, 53d Mass.
Austin A. Haskell, 42d Mass.
Henry Holley, ______.
Jason Hanson, ______.
F. M. Conner, ______.
Charles Vaughan, 21st Mass.
James Fleet, 2d Mass.
James Golden, 2d Mass.
Charles Scott, 2d Mass.
Albert Fleishman, 2d Mass.
Lewis Chombard, 18th Mass.
Victor Dupon, 2d Mass.
Francis Marshead, 2d Mass.
Francis W. Neville, 26th Mass.
David Hutcheson, 2d Mass.
Charles Axworthy, 2d Mass.
Wilber H. Hale, 2d Mass.
George H. Smith, 23d Mass.
Reuben Gibson, 53d Mass.
W. T. Putnam,* 53d Mass.
A. E. Town,* 53d Mass.
James L. Powers, 53d Mass.
David Hamilton, Jr., 53d Mass.
F. E. Stratton, 53d Mass.
George C. Warner, 53d Mass.
Charles Fisher, 53d Mass.
V. V. Vaughan, 53d Mass.
F. C. Thompson, ______.
Emery Haskins, ______.
Lyman C. Gibbs,* 21st Mass.
D. E. Morrison, 31st Mass.
J. F. Freeman, 53d Mass.
A. A. Washburn, 52d Mass.
L. D. Philips,* 32d Mass.
H. L. Freeman, 27th Mass.
George Harding, 34th Mass.
Jesse C. Haskins, 53d Mass.
H. W. Amsden, 53d Mass.
Charles P. Bliss, 53d Mass.
I. P. Sampson, 1st Mass.
Arad Johnson,* 34th Mass.
Geo. R. Hanson, 20th Mass.
James F. Smith, 1st Mass.
Hugh D. Haskell, ______.
Samuel Hoyt, 31st Mass.
Wm. H. Pierce, 27th Mass.
Charles Reynolds,* 27th Mass.
George W. Harding, 21st Mass.
Jesse Hayden, 21st Mass.
Merriam King, 21st Mass.
Reuben Weeks, 21st Mass.
M. L. Chamberlain, ______.
Asa P. Wheeler, 31st Mass.
William Hemingway, ______.
Forrester Hanson, 31st Mass.
J. G. Hayden, 31st Mass.
William N. Dexter, 27th Mass.
Dwight Freeman, 27th Mass.
A. Rawson, 36th Mass.
William Leighton, ______.
F. H. Bliss, 53d Mass.
John T. Bliss,* 27th Mass.
William Bliss, 27th Mass.
Lafayette Smith,* ______.
Henry Weeks, 27th Mass.
A. W. King, 36th Mass.
Daniel Bosworth, 27th Mass.
E. G. Giles, 27th Mass.
Lourin Ramsdell, 27th Mass.
James W. Hayden, 21st Mass.

* Died in the service.

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