Montague — Military: Montague's War Record

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Appended will be found a list of soldiers sent by Montague into the war of the Rebellion:

E. S. Dewey, 10th Mass.
Henry Dewey, 10th Mass.
O. E. Caswell, 32d Mass.
Guy Bardwell, 10th Mass.
D. A. Boswell, 10th Mass.
Patrick Britt, 10th Mass.
S. S. Waterman, 34th Mass.
Philip Atwood, 10th Mass.
0. H. Littlejohn, 10th Mass.
J. W. Potter, 10th Mass.
David Burnham, 10th Mass.
Walter Pierce, 34th Mass.
Albert Smith, 10th Mass.
C. K. Burnham, 10th Mass.
Alfred Pierce 27th Mass.
Cyrus Marsh, 34th Mass.
Brigham Ripley, 27th Mass.
J. W. Horton, 37th Mass.
J. M. Mathews, 1st Mass.
L. H. Stone, 52d Mass.
C. W. Stone, 52d Maas.
H. W. Payne, 52d Mass.
Geo. D. Payne, 52d Mass.
A. M. Webster, 52d Mass.
I. P. Gould, 52d Mass.
Henry Taylor, 52d Mass.
Chas. B. Wait, 52d Mass.
Geo. F. Wait, 52d Mass.
John P. Saw in, 52d Mass.
Truman Bowman, 52d Mass.
Chas. A. Murdock; 52d Mass.
G. N. Watson, 52d Mass.
Chas. P. Peeler, 52d Mass.
S. S. Shaw, 52d Mass.
J. D. Boutwell 52d Mass.
Christopher Arnold, 52d Mass.
Henry J. Day, 52d Mass.
A. H. Sawin, 52d Mass.
J. S. Pierce, 52d Mass.
Geo. F. Adams, 52d Mass.
J. L. Andrews, 52d Mass.
E. N. Marsh, 521 Mass.
John A. Bascom, 52d Mass.
Erastus Burnham, 52d Mass.
Geo. S. Pond, 52d Mass.
Pally H. Smith, 52d Mass.
Frederick Sanderson, 52d Mass.
Henry W. Sandford, ______.
P. H. Goddard, 26th Mass.
E. L. Goddard, 26th Mass.
Otis Spencer, 27th Mass.
Julius Clapp, 27th Mass.
Truman Ward, 27th Mass.
Fred. A. Spaulding, 26th Mass.
Stephen Spaulding, 26th Mass.
Joseph Burns, 22d Mass.
Chas. D. Gunn, 25th Mass.
Wm H. Adams, 10th Mass.
E. F. Hartwell, 10th Mass.
Dwight Armstrong, 10th Mass.
Geo. Reynolds, 10th Mass.
David Pratt, 10th Mass.
Frank Ripley, 10th Mass.
John Brizzee, 34th Mass.
Dwight Stewart, 27th Mass.
A. E. Stevens, 27th Mass.
Meander Patrick, 26th Mass.
Edward Mawley, 10th Mass.
Marcus Newton, 34th Mass.
Tyler Williams, 10th Mass.
Ethan A. Taft, 37th Mass.
Manton E. Taft, 27th Mass.
Levi Brizzee, 27th Mass.
E. D. Burnham, 10th Mass.
C. A. Clapp, 10th Mass.
O. E. Caswell, ______.
L. A. Dury, 27th Mass.
Henry Dickinson, 10th Mass.
Geo. P. Holden, 27th Mass.
D. D. Holden, 27th Mass.
H. W. Loveland, 27th Mass.
Frederick Loveland, 27th Mass.
L. D. Phillips, 32d Mass.
E. R. Rockwood, 10th Mass.
Manley Stowell, 52d Mass.
Wm. H. Spear, 21st Mass.
T. 0. Amsden, 27th Mass.
Jos. F. Webster, 10th Mass.
Chas. P. White, 27th Mass.
Chas. C. Brewer, 52d Mass.
Chas. B. Gunn, 52d Mass.
A. L. Cooley, 27th Mass.
E. N. Stevens, 27th Mass.
D. A. Stevens, 27th Mass.
Oscar Britt, 27th Mass.
Jas. K. Knowlton, ______.
Moses C. French, 10th Mass.
Geo. C. Kaulback, 10th Mass.
John P. Mealy, 31st Mass.
Munroe Wright, 10th Mass.
Gains T. Wright, 10th Mass.
E. W. Whitney, 34th Mass.
Geo. A. Wright, 10th Mass.
Otis E. Munsell, 22d Mass.
E. P. Gunn, ______.
W. E. Bardwell, 2d H. Art.
M. H. Bardwell, 2d H. Art.
F. E. Wright, 2d H. Art.
Jas. S. Day, 2d H. Art.
Truman Newton, 34th Mass.
Emerson Newton, 34th Mass.
Wm. G. Boutwell, 3d Bat.
Henry B. Graves, 3d L. Art.
W. J. Potter, 34th Mass.
Edward L. Loveland, 1st H. Art.
D. L. Warner, 12th Mass.
Charles Webster, ______.
C. N. Lawson, 27th Mass.
R. N. Clapp. 52d Mass.
Lauriston Barnes, ______.

      Of the foregoing, the following lost their lives in the service: Guy Bardwell, D. A. Boswell, 0. H. Littlejohn, Cyrus Marsh, Brigham Ripley, J. M. Mathews, S. S. Shaw, Christopher Arnold, John A. Bascom, P. M. Goddard, F. A. Spaulding, Dwight Armstrong, Frank Ripley, A. E. Stevens, Tyler Williams, E. A. Taft, M. E. Taft, T. 0. Amsden, D. A. Stevens, Gaius T. Wright, E. P. Gunn, Wm. G. Boutwell, Warren J. Potter, Levi Brizzee.

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