Montague — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      Although the district of Montague was incorporated in 1753, the earliest town-meeting of which the preserved records make mention is of date 1756. The list of selectmen from that date to the present is as follows:

1756.—Joseph Root, Samuel Bardwell, Ensign King, Josiah Alvord, Samuel Smead.
1757.—Josiah Alvord, Joseph Root, Ensign King, Samuel Smeed, Ebenezer Marsh.
1758.—Samuel Bardwell, Joseph Alvord, Reuben Scott, Ensign King, Joseph Root.
1759.—Clark Alvord, Lieut. Carver, Reuben Scott, Samuel Smead, Joseph Root.
1760.—Lieut. Clapp, Clark Alvord, Joseph Root.
1761.—Joseph Root, Josiah Alvord, Moses Gunn.
1762.—Capt. Root, Deacon Gunn, Moses Gunn.
1763-64.—Capt. Root, Sergt. Smead, Nehemiah Church.
1765.—Josiah Alvord, Reuben Scott, Moses Gunn.
1766.—Joseph Root, John Gunn, Samuel Smead, Nehemiah Church, Reuben Scott.
1767.—Capt. Root, Moses Gunn, Moses Severance.
1768.—Capt. Root, Clark Alvord, Nathan Smith.
1769.—Clark Josias Alvord, Nathan Smith, Moses Gunn.
1770.—Capt. Root, Reuben Scutt, Moses Severance.
1771. Joseph Root, Moses Gunn, Asahel Keet.
1772.—Capt. Root, Reuben Scott, Asahel Keet, Ebenezer Billings, Elijah Smith.
1773.—Joseph Root, Moses Severance, Sergt. Scott.
1774-75.—Dr. Gunn, Stephen Tuttle, Samuel Bardwell.
1776.—Samuel Bardwell, Asahel Gunn, Nathan Smith, Asahel Keet, Moses Gunn.
1777.—Deacon Gunn, Asahel Gunn, Nathan Smith, Samuel Bardwell, Dr. Gunn.
1778.—Moses Gunn, Nathaniel Gunn, Samuel Bardwell, Nathan Smith, Israel Gunn.
1779.-Nathaniel Gunn, Moses Gunn, Gideon Bardwell, Benjamin Alvord, Philip Ballard.
1780.—Caleb Kinsley, John Gunn, Jonathan Loveland.
1781.—Philip Ballard, Nathaniel Gunn, Benjamin Alvord.
1782.—Moses Gunn, Israel Gunn, Caleb Kinsley.
1783.—Moses Severance, Reuben Scott, Elisha Root.
1784.—Capt. Alvord, Moses Root, Elisha Root, Dr. Gunn, Moses Severance.
1785.—Israel Gunn, Capt. Alvord, Jotham Death.
1786.—Deacon Gunn, Capt. Kinsley, Elisha Root.
1787.—Elisha Root, Deacon Gunn, Moses Root.
1788.—Lieut. Scott, Ensign Severance, Asahel Keet.
1789.—Moses Root, Deacon Gunn, Capt. Kinsley.
1790.—Deacon Gunn, Moses Root, Ensign Severance.
1791.—Deacon Gunn, Moses Root, Asahel Gunn.
1792.—Medad Montague, Moses Root, Deacon Gunn.
1793.—Deacon Gunn, Moses Root, Solomon Clapp.
1794.—Deacon Gunn, Lyman Taft, Solomon Clapp.
1795.—Deacon Gunn, Moses Root, Medad Montague.
1796.—Solomon Clapp, Moses Severance, Jonathan Root.
1797.—Deacon Gunn, Solomon Clapp, Medad Montague.
1798.—Deacon Gunn, Moses Root, Medad Montague.
1799-1801.—Deacon Gunn, Capt. Clapp, Jonathan Root.
1802.—Moses Severance, Ezra Anderson, Martin Root.
1803.—Martin Root, Capt. Severance, Samuel Risley.
1804.—Martin Root, Moses Severance, Ezra Anderson.
1805.—Martin Root, Salmon Gunn, Ezra Anderson.
1806.—Jonathan Root, Nathaniel Gunn, Ezra Anderson.
1807-8.—Medad Montague, Salmon Gunn, Nathan Chenery.
1809-10.—Medad Montague, Salmon Gunn, Moses Severance.
1811.—Medad Montague, Moses Severance, Samuel Wrisley.
1812.—Medad Montague, Martin Root, Salmon Gunn.
1813.—Martin Root, Salmon Gunn, Medad Montague.
1814.—Salmon Gunn, Rodolphus Bardwell, Medad Montague.
1815.—Rodolphus Bardwell, Spencer Root, Benjamin Wells.
1816-17.—Medad Montague, Salmon Gunn, Rodolphus BardweIl.
1818.—Benjamin Wells, Spencer Root, Silas Hosmer.
1819.—Salmon Gunn, Abel Bancroft, Jeremiah Pratt.
1820.—Medad Montague, Jonathan Munsell, Jeremiah Pratt.
1821.—Jeremiah Pratt, Jonathan Munsell, Moses Severance.
1822.—Moses Severance, Jeremiah Pratt, Elihu Root.
1823.—Jeremiah Pratt, Rodolphus Bardwell, Abel Bancroft.
1824.—Rodolphus Bardwell, Jeremiah Pratt, Joseph Gunn.
1825.—Jeremiah Pratt, Nathan Chenery, Spencer Root.
1826.—Jeremiah Pratt, Benjamin S. Wells, Apollos Gunn.
1827.—Jeremiah Pratt, Benjamin S. Wells, Martin H. Clapp.
1828.—Jeremiah Pratt, Benjamin S. Wells, Charles Thurston.
1829.—Benjamin S. Wells, Charles Thurston, Salmon Root.
1830.—Benjamin S. Wells, Salmon Root, Rodolphus Bardwell.
1831-32.—M. H. Clapp, John Davis, Noadiah Montague.
1833.—M. H. Clapp, Rodolphus Bardwell, Apollos Gunn.
1834.—Rodolphus Bardwell, Apollos Gunn, Samuel Leland.
1835.—Rodolphus Bardwell, Abel Bancroft, Ephraim Stearns.
1836.—Rodolphus Bardwell, Arza Bardwell, Benjamin S. Wells.
1837.—Benjamin S. Wells, Martin Grout, Elihu P. Thayer.
1838-39.—Elihu P. Thayer, Martin Grout, E. L. Delano.
1840.—Elihu P. Thayer, Erastus Root, Eliphaz Clapp.
1841.—Elihu P. Thayer, Martin H. Clapp, E.W. Chenery.
1842.—Elihu P. Thayer, Martin H. Clapp, Martin Grout.
1843-44.—Martin H. Clapp, Abel Bancroft, Nathan Hosmer.
1845-46.—Nathan Hosmer, Eliphaz Clapp, Arza Bardwell.
1847.—Samuel D. Bardwell, Nathan Hosmer, William W. Thayer.
1848.—Nathan Hosmer, Bela Kellogg, W. W. Thayer.
1849.—Abel Bancroft, M. H. Clapp, Bela Kellogg.
1850.—Abner Chandler, W. W. Thayer, R. N. Oakman.
1851-52.—R. N. Oakman, Alpheus Moore, Lucien 11. Stone.
1853.—L. H. Stone, S. C. Wells, Jesse Andrews.
1854.—S. C. Wells, Jesse Andrews, A. L. Taft.
1855.—S. C. Wells, E. F. Gunn, Warren Bardwell.
1856.—R. N. Oakman, Amos Adams, Warren Bardwell.
1857.—R. N. Oakman, B. F. Pond, L. H. Stone.
1858.—R. N. Oakman, L. H. Stone, N. E. Babbitt.
1859.—R. N. Oakman, L. H. Stone, S. S. Holton.
1860.—R. N. Oakman, Sandford Goddard, Richard Clapp.
1861.—R. N. Oakman, Richard. Clapp, Rodolphus Ball.
1862-63.—R. N. Oakman, Richard Clapp, E. F. Gunn.
1864.—W. W. Thayer, Seymour Rockwell, Richard Clapp.
1865.—Benjamin Fay, R. N. Oakman, Richard Clapp.
1866.—R. N. Oakman, Amos Adams, J. H. Root.
1867.—R. N. Oakman, J. H. Root, Zebina Taylor.
1868.—W. A. Bancroft, J. H. Root, R. N. Oakman.
1869-71.—R. N. Oakman, J. H. Root, Amos Adams.
1872.—R. N. Oakman, George Hance, Edwin Demond.
1873-74.—R. N. Oakman, D. P. Abercrombie, Edwin Demond.
1875.—J. F. Bartlett, R. N. Oakman, Edwin Demond.
1876-78.—Gurdon Edgerton, J. F. Bartlett, Edwin Demond.

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