Leverett — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

1774-75.—Moses Graves, Joseph Clary, Stephen Ashley.
1776.—Joel Smith, Moses Graves, Joseph Clary.
1777-78.—Moses Graves, Stephen Ashley, Joseph Clary.
1779.—Joel Smith, Capt. Graves, Wm. Bowman.
1780.—Moses Graves, Wm. Bowman, Wm. Field.
1781.—Moses Graves, Ebenezer Curtis, Wm. Bowman.
1782.—Moses Graves, Stephen Ashley, Joel Smith.
1783.—Capt. Graves, Joel Smith, Ebenezer Curtis.
1784.—Capt. Graves, Stephen Ashley, Joel Smith.
1785.—Moses Graves, Wm. Bowman, Stephen Ashley.
1786.—Moses Graves, Joel Smith, Ebenezer Curtis.
1787.—Moses Graves, Jonathan Field, Ebenezer Curtis.
1788.—Moses Graves, Jonathan Field, Joel Smith.
1789.—Moses Graves, Joel Smith, Hezekiah Howard.
1790.—Moses Graves, Joel Smith, Jonathan Field.
1791.—Moses Graves, Joel Smith, Richard Montague.
1792.—Moses Graves, Joel Smith, Capt. Howard.
1793.—Ebenezer Curtis, Stephen Fay, Moses Field.
1794.—Stephen Fay, Moses Field, Joshua Thayer.
1795.—Moses Graves, Moses Field, Joshua Thayer.
1796-1801.—Deacon Graves, Moses Field, John Woodbury.
1801.—Hezekiah Howard, Moses Field, James Curtis.
1802.—Moses Field, Hezekiah Howard, John Woodbury.
1803-7.—John Woodbury, Moses Field, Roswell Field.
1807.—John Woodbury, Roswell Field, Jonathan Field (2d).
1808.—Roswell Field, John Woodbury, Moses Field.
1809.—Roswell Field, Jonathan Field (2d), Josiah Rice.
1810-11.—Jonathan Field, Roswell Field, Joshua Thayer.
1812.—Jonathan Field (2d), Joshua Thayer, Aaron Howard.
1813.—Roswell Field, James Comins, Alvin Moore.
1814.—John Woodbury, Wm. Hubbard, Moses Field.
1815-22.—Roswell Field, Enos Graves, Sylvanus Field.
1822.—Enos Graves, Asa Ober, Elijah Ingram.
1823.—Roswell Field, Silas Ball, Isaac Woodbury.
1824.—Enos Graves, Roswell Field, Silas Ball.
1825.—Enos Graves, Samuel Leland, Alpheus Field.
1826.—Isaac Woodbury, Elijah Ingram, Samuel Leland.
1827.—Charles Lee, Alpheus Field, Wm. Heminway.
1828.—Alpheus Field, Charles Lee, Moses Field, Jr.
1829.—Wm. Hubbard, Isaac Woodbury, Charles Lee.
1830.—Alpheus Field, Isaac Woodbury, Wm. Hubbard.
1831.—Wm. Hubbard, Silas Ball, Alpheus Field.
1832.—Silas Ball, Sylvanus Field, Wm. M. Hemingway.
1833.—Otis Bradford, Horatio Watson, Silas Ball.
1834.—John Woodbury, Alpheus Field, Otis Bradford.
1835.—John Woodbury, Otis Bradford, Asa L. Field.
1836-37.—John Woodbury, Asa L. Field, Jedediah Darling.
1838.—John Woodbury, Silas Ball, H. N. Watson.
1839.—John Woodbury, H. N. Watson, Asa L. Field.
1840.—Asa L. Field, Peter Herbert, Sylvanus Field.
1841-42.—Silas Ball, Abner Gilbert, H. N. Watson.
1843.—Silas Ball, Jr., H. N. Watson, Silas Morgan.
1844-45.—Peter Hobart, Jedediah Darling, Asa L. Field.
1846.—Asa L. Field, Silas Ball, Jesse Marvel.
1847-50.—Asa L. Field, Silas Ball, Timothy B. Rice.
1851-52.—H. N. Watson, H. O. Fields, Silas Ball.
1853.—A. L. Field, Luther Dudley, C. C. Adams.
1854. —Asa L. Field, Christopher Adams, Jefferson Moore.
1855-56.—Asa L. Field, A. C. Field, Jefferson Moore.
1857.—A. L. Field, A. C. Field, Luther Dudley.
1858.—Elihu Heminway, Jr., Silas Ball, Frary Field.
1859.—Asa L. Field, Silas Ball, Elihu Heminway.
1860-61.—A. L. Field, Timothy Putnam, Luther Dudley.
1862.—Silas Ball, Elihu Heminway, Luther Dudley.
1863. —Timothy B. Rice, A. C. Field, Wm. H. Smith.
1864.—T. B. Rice, F. W. Field, Charles Lawton.
1865.—Luther Dudley, A. C. Field, F. W. Field.
1866.—F. W. Field, Elihu Heminway, Charles Ball.
1867.—F. W. Field, Elihu Heminway, Edward Field.
1868.—F. W. Field, Dan Field, C. P. Marvel.
1869.-Dan Field, Luther Dudley C. P. Marvel.
1870.—Dan Field, F. W. Field, C. P. Marvel.
1871-72.—A. C. Field, A. L. Field, Isaac Dudley.
1873.—Dan Field, C. P. Marvel, George E. Field.
1874.—C. P. Marvel, F. W. Field, Wm. B. Stetson.
1875-77.—F. W. Field, C. P. Marvel, R. A. Field.
1878.—F. W. Field, C. P. Marvel, Sawyer Field.

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