Heath — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The following have been the selectmen from the organization of the town to the present time:

1786.—Hugh Maxwell, Asaph White, John Brown.
I787.—James White, Benjamin White, Thomas Harrington.
1788.—James White, Asaph White, Thomas Harrington.
1789.—Benjamin White, Asaph White, William Buck.
1790.—Benjamin White, Asaph White, Thomas Harrington.
1791-92.—James White, Hugh Maxwell, Willis Wilder
1793-94.— Benjamin White, Hugh Maxwell, Jacob Chapin.
1795.—Benjamin White, Thomas Harrington, Jacob Chapin.
1790.—Benjamin White, Thomas Harrington, William Buck, Jr.
1797.—Benjamin White, Asaph White, John Brown.
1798.—Benjamin White, Thomas Harrington, Jacob Chapin.
1799.—Benjamin White, Thomas Harrington, William Hunt.
1800-1.—Benjamin White, Roger Leavitt, William Hunt.
1802.—Benjamin White, Roger Leavitt, Benjamin Maxwell.
1503.—Benjamin White, Roger Leavitt, Jacob Chapin.
1504.—David White, Roger Levitt, Thomas Harrington.
1805.—David White, William Hunt, Thomas Harrington.
1806.—Benjamin White, William Hunt, Ebenezer Tucker.
1807.—Benjamin White, David White, David Henry.
1808.—Benjamin White, Roger Leavitt, Ephraim Hastings.
1810.—Luther Gale, Roger Leavitt, Ephraim Hastings.
1810-11.—Thomas Harrington, Roger Leavitt, William Hunt.
1812-13.—Ephraim Hastings, Luther Gale, Peter Hunt.
1814.—David White, William Hunt, Jesse Gale.
1815.—Roger Leavitt, Reuben Porter, David White.
1816.—Hugh Maxwell, Luther Gale, Ephraim Hastings.
1817.—Solomon Gleason, Luther Gale. David White.
1818.—Aaron Brown, Daniel Rugg, Winslow Maxwell.
1819.—Luther Gale, David Henry, Winslow Maxwell.
1820.—Roger Leavitt, Aaron Brown, David Thayer.
1821.—Luther Gale, Aaron Brown, Ephraim Hastings.
1822.—Daniel Gale, Aaron Brown, Benjamin Maxwell.
1823.—Daniel Gale, Samuel Hastings, Benjamin Maxwell.
1824.—Roger Leavitt, Ephraim Hastings, David Rugg.
1827.—Luther Gale, Ephraim Hastings, Joseph W. Hunt.
1826.—David Rugg, Sullivan Taft, Joseph W. Hunt.
1827.—Benjamin Maxwell, Sullivan Taft, Timothy B. Harrington.
1828.—Joseph W. Hunt, Luther Gale, Enos Adams.
1829.—David Temple, Roger H. Leavitt, Asa Kendrick.
1830.—Benjamin Maxwell, Daniel Gale, Peter Hunt.
1831.—Benjamin Maxwell, Daniel Gale, George Eaton.
1832.—Joseph W. Hunt, Luther Gale, Roger H. Leavitt.
1833.—Benjamin Maxwell, Winslow Buck, Roger II Leavitt.
1834.—Benjamin Maxwell, Winslow Buck, George Eaton.
1835.—Joseph W. Hunt, John Henry, George Eaton.
1836.—Joseph W. Hunt, Luther Gale, John Temple.
1837.—Winslow Buck, David Gould, William Gleason.
1838.—Winslow Buck, Joseph W. Hunt, Edward Tucker.
1839.—Rudolphus White, Joseph W. Hunt, Edward Tucker.
1840.—Joseph Chapin, David Rugg, John Henry.
1841.—Edward Tucker, Hart Leavitt, David White.
1842.—Edward Tucker, Hart Leavitt, Joseph W. Hunt.
1843.—Benjamin Maxwell, Aaron Smith, Jr., David Temple.
1844.—David Temple, Edward Tucker, Joseph W. Hunt.
1845.—Hart Leavitt, Presbury Hillman, Joseph W. Hunt.
1846.—Abijah Gleason, Aaron Smith, Joseph W. Hunt.
1847.—David A. Dalrymple, David Temple, Hart Leavitt.
1848.—Joseph W. Hunt, John Henry, Hart Brown.
1849.—David Temple, William Gleason, Hart Brown.
1850.—David Temple, David Rugg, R. M. Wilson.
1851.—Joseph W. Hunt, Edward Tucker, David Gould.
1852.—David Temple, William Bassett, John Reed.
1853.—Benjamin A. Farnsworth, David Gould, Joseph P. White.
1854.—Joseph W. Hunt, John Reed, John Burrington.
1855.—Joseph W. Hunt, David Temple, John Burrington.
1856.—Joseph W. Hunt, Arad Hall, William Bassett.
1857.—John Reed, Arad Hall, David Temple.
1858.—Joseph Robbins, William Bassett, George C. Gale.
1859.—Arad Hall, John Henry, John Burrington.
1860.—Horace McGee, John Henry, David Temple.
1861.—Arad Hall, John Henry, Joseph Robbins.
1862.—David Temple, Horace McGee, David M. Sprague.
1863.—David Temple, Cyrus Temple, John Reed.
1864.—E. P. Thompson, John Henry, H. L. Warfield.
1865.—E. P, Thompson, Arad Hall, William S. Gleason.
1866-67.—David Temple, John Reed, Cyrus Temple.
1868.—Hugh Maxwell, John Reed, Daniel Gale.
1869.—Hugh Maxwell, John Reed, Samuel K. Gleason.
1870-71.—Orsamus Maxwell, John Reed, E. M. Vincent.
1872.—Orsamus Maxwell, John Reed, Horace McGee.
1873.—William S. Gleason, Isaac W. Stetson, Daniel Gale.
1874.—William S. Gleason, John Reed, E. M. Vincent.
1875.—William S. Gleason, Jonathan Peterson, William K. Hunt.
1876.—David Temple, Hugh Maxwell, Edward M. Vincent.
1877.—John Reed, Hugh Maxwell, Jonathan Peterson.
1878.—John Reed, William S. Gleason, Albert J. Burrington.

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