Gill — Burial-Places

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      There are four public burying-grounds in the town,--one in the northeast, one in the northwest, one at the centre, and one in the southwest. The one in the northwest was originally on the farm of Daniel Brooks, and the ground therefor was bought by the town of Mr. Brooks for $4 in 1802. The land for the ground in the northeast was bought in 1804, and the one in the southwest in 1806 for 16 shillings. The ground at the centre, and the handsomest one in the town, was purchased in 1811, by a company of individuals, and is the one now chiefly used. Among the oldest headstone inscriptions to be observed are the following:
      Olive Scott, 1802; Obadiah Scott, 1802; Eunice Bascom, 1802; Lysander Hosmer, 1804: Deacon Moses Bascom, 1805; Capt. Moses Richards, 1802; Henrietta Clark, 1807; Asher N. Bascom, 1810; Wm. Goodrich, 1814; Moses Bascom, 1814; Ralph Goodrich, 1814; Betsey Luce, 1812; Deacon Reuben Shattuck, 1814; Lucinda Goodrich, 1814; Ruth Shattuck, 1815; George Howland, 1815; Moses Scott, 1817; Experience Hosmer, 1822.

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