Gill — Selectmen

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      A list of the names of the persons who have served the town in succession as selectmen and town clerks from 1793 to 1878 will be found hereto annexed:

1793-94.—Moses Bascom, William Smawley, Noah Munn.
1795.—Noah Munn, Philip Ballard, David Wrisley (2d).
1796-97.—Noah Munn, Philip Ballard, Reuben Shattuck.
1798.—Noah Munn, Moses Bascom, Gilbert Stacy.
1799.—Noah Munn, Philip Ballard, Gilbert Stacy.
1800-1.—Noah Munn, Reuben Shattuck, Gilbert Stacy.
1802.—Job Goodale, Samuel Stoughton, Gilbert Stacy.
1803.—Noah Munn, Moses Bascom, Gilbert Stacy.
1804.—Noah Munn, Philip Ballard, Ebenezer Chapin.
1805.—Noah Munn, Capt. Howland, Ebenezer Chapin.
1806.—Gilbert Stacy, Capt. Howland, Eldad Munn.
1807.—Gilbert Stacy, Capt. Howland, Samuel Janes.
1808.—Henry White, Capt. Howland, Samuel Janes.
1809-10.—Gilbert Stacy, Capt. Howland, Samuel Janes.
1811.—Jos. Ewers, Capt. Howland, Samuel Janes.
1812.—Moses Bascom, Capt. Howland, Eldad Munn.
1813.—Moses Bascom, John Barnes, Eldad Munn.
1814.—Calvin Howland, John Barnes, Eldad Munn.
1815.—Calvin Howland, Ezra Purple, Jr., Eldad Munn.
1816.—Calvin Howland, Bethuel Slate, Eldad Munn.
1817.—Seth S. Howland, Elijah Ballard, S. Mallard.
1818.—Samuel G. Chapin, Elijah Ballard, S. Mallard.
1819.—John Bates, Elijah Ballard, Ezra Purple.
1820.—John Bates, Josiah Pomeroy. Jr., Ezra Purple.
1821.—John Bates, Samuel G. Chapin, Ezra Purple.
1822.—Joel Lyons, Reuben Kenney, Ezra Purple.
1823-24.—Dorus Bascom, Josiah Pomeroy, S. G. Chapin.
1825.—Ezra Purple, Josiah Clark, Smith Hodges.
1826.—Ezra Purple, Alva Ballard, Smith Hodges.
1827.—Ezra Purple, Bethuel Slate, S. S. Howland.
1828.—Josiah Pomeroy, Alfred Goodrich, S. S. Howland.
1829-30.—Josiah Pomeroy, Alfred Alvord, Roswell Purple.
1831.—Alfred Alvord, Roswell Purple, Dorus Bascomb.
1832.—Ezra Purple, Alvah Ballard, Samuel Stratton.
1833.—Joseph Sprague, Alvah Ballard, Samuel Stratton.
1834.—Ezra Purple, Dorus Bascom, Hatsel Purple.
1835.—Samuel Janes, Jr., Dorus Bascom, Hatsel Purple.
1836.—Samuel Janes, Jr., Ezra Purple, Roswell Purple.
1837.—Joel Lyons, Edward F. Henry, John A. Tenney.
1838.—Alvah Ballard, Samuel Janes, Jr., Henry Bascom.
1839.—Samuel Stratton (2d), E. S. Darling, Henry Bascom.
1840.—Loren Hale, E. S. Darling, Henry Bascom.
1841.—Benjamin Barton, E. S. Darling, Henry Bascom.
1842.—Benjamin Barton, T. M. Stoughton, Henry Bascom.
1843-44.—Nelson Burrows, T. M. Stoughton, Henry Bascom.
1845-48.—E. S. Darling, Leonard Barton, Lathrop Cushman.
1848.—Noble P. Phillips, Leonard Barton, Pascall Marvell.
1849.—Henry Bascom, T. M. Stoughton, Nelson Burrows.
1850.—Leonard Barton, Lathrop Cushman, Pascall Marvell.
1851.—Leonard Barton, Lathrop Cushman, J. S. Purple.
1852-53.—Prentice Slate, William E. Goodrich, J. S. Purple.
1854.—Prentice Slate, William E. Goodrich, Henry Bascom.
1855.—J. S. Purple, Benjamin B. Barton, Samuel P. Stratton.
1856.—Ezra O. Purple, Benjamin B. Barton, S. P. Stratton.
1857.—Henry Bascom, Dexter A. Clark, Ozias Roberts.
1858.—Henry Bascom, Simon C. Phillips, Ozias Roberts.
1859.—Leonard Barton, Samuel P. Stratton, Ozias Roberts.
1860-63.—Leonard Barton, Samuel P. Stratton, Ezra O. Purple.
1863.—Henry Bascom, S. P. Stratton, Ozias Roberts.
1864.—Ezra O. Purple, S. P. Stratton, S. C. Phillips.
1865.—A. E. Deane, Joseph B. Marble, S. C. Phillips.
1866.—Ezra O. Purple, Samuel P. Stratton, S. C. Phillips.
1867-73.—Ezra O. Purple, S. P. Stratton, Leonard Barton.
1873-77.—Ezekiel L. Bascom, S. P. Stratton, J. H. Clark.
1877-78.—11. Goodrich, S. P. Stratton, J. H. Clark.

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