Deerfield — War Of The Rebellion, 1861-65

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      In the great Rebellion, Deerfield was not found wanting in patriotic endeavor, and furnished her full share of men and money to put down the wicked ambition of the South. A fitting monument, erected on the common of the Old Street, attests our gratitude to the defenders of our country, and proclaims our loss, it bearing the names of those who perished in the service. The following is a list of the soldiers from Deerfield:
      Robert L. Adair, George N. Allen, James M. Allen, Lafayette Anderson, James Armstrong, Charles S. Babcock, Henry Baker, Arthur W. Ball, Charles M. Ball, Francis W. Ball, Dwight W. Bardwell, George W. Bardwell, John Barnard, Oliver Banash, Leonard B. Barns, Albert W. Bates, Michael Behan, Patrick Behan, Charles A. Belden, James Belden, Henry E. Bolton, Lois Boobly, John M. Brazer, Lorenzo Brazer, Francis W. Briggs, Henry E. Briggs, Daniel Bullard, Casper Bnrghardt, James Butler, John M. Campbell, George B. Cantrall, Alonzo Childs, George H. Childs, Alfred D. Clapp, Calvin S. Clapp, Charles Clark, George N Clark, Henry Clark, Henry G. Clark, Samuel E. Clark, Christian Class, Henry S. Church, Frederick Colly, B. O. Connell, Allen Cooley, Richard Costelow, Andrew Day, Francis Deane, Henry Deering, William Dernsmore, Abel E. De Wolf, Charles L. Delland, Alonzo T. Dodge, Clinton H. Dodge, Henderson N. Dodge, James Donoughue, Daniel Donovan, Peter Donovon, Mathew Dooley, Joseph Dunning, Orrin J. Eaton, John Eberlen, Edward Ely, Joseph Farlander, Daniel Finn, John Finn, Michael Finn, Edwin T. Fowler, Sumner Frink, Frank B. Fuller, John Fuller, Thomas Ferguson, Alonzo Gay, Michael Glasset, Edward D. Goland, Alfred B. Goodenough, James Grady, Albert H. Graves, Dickinson E. Graves, Henry W. Greenough, Dexter F. Hager, Charles E. Hastings, George A. Hastings, Henry A. Hastings, Lorenzo T. Hastings, George Hawks, Edward Hays, Andrew. Herman, James Hitchcock, Gottlieb Halle, Edward Hosmer, Jr., James K. Hosmer, Edward Hoyt, George G. Hoyt, Alexis R, Hubbard, Frederick A. Hubbard, William N. Hubbard, George Hunter, John W. Jackson, Frank L. Jenks, Alvord A. Jewett, Gilbert Jewett, John Johnson, Alfred G. Jones, Frank W. Jones, Orrey Jones, Dexter Kemp, Michael Kenedy, Joel Keyes, Frank Labell, Seth P. Lanfair, Charles Leonard, Warren Leonard, William Leonard, Henry C. Lewey, Henry Lyman, John Manhan, Bathus Markle, William Martin, Alphonso H. Melenda, Harland W. Miller, Otis Moore, Martin Moran, Edward E. Morton, William Muffer, Richard O'Hary, Edwin B. Ockington, John B. Palmer, W. R. Parker, Simeon Peck, Charles O. Phillips, Dwight C. Pehere, Horace Pehere, Russell Pehere, William Prevo, Philip Reuth, David L. Rice, George Rice, Isaac D. Rice, Luther Rice, Charles Richards, Washington Ross, Joseph Rowland, Lucius H. Sammie, Edward Savage, Mirand W. Saxton, Orrin D. Saxton, Thomas Saxton, William P. Saxton, Philip A. Sears, Maurice Shehan, James Shehay, John Shehee, Robert Shehee, James H. Sheldon, Wm. A. Simms, George Slate, Charles Smith, David A. Smith, Edwin A. Smith, Edwin B. Smith, Erastus C. Smith, George W. Smith, Henry D. Smith, Albian Stebbins, James T. Stebbins, Wellington M. Stebbins, William H. H. Stebbins, B. Washing-ton Stebbins, Dana W. Sprout, Edgar P. Squires, Hiram B. Stearns, James Stewart, Charles Stockwell, Charles Stowell, Cyrus A. Stowell, Myran A. Stowell, Cornelius Sullivan, Joseph Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, Henry W. Temple, William C. Thayer, James B. Tilley, Charles G Tilton, Asa It. Todd, David E. Todd, Stephen C. Todd, William H. Todd, Almon Van Wanger, George Vizzard, Arthur Wait, Erastus T. Wait, John Ware, Charles Warner, Jr., George M. Wells, Ebenezer E. Whitney, Henry Wilder, Jr., Charles L. Williams, Ephraim Williams, John Williams, Martin V. Williams, Charles Wilson, Lyman Wise, Justus Wrisley, John Zimmerman.

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