Deerfield — Revolutionary War

Extracted from "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, Volume II," by Louis H. Everts, 1879.

      The following is the roll of the company which responded to the call on the Lexington alarm:

      Capt. Jonas Lock, Lieut. Thomas Bardwell, Ens. Joseph Stebbins, Sergts. Abel Parker, Joel Munn, Ariel Nims, Edward Rose, Corps. Thomas Kinney, Isaac Smith, Abner Sheldon, Isaac Parker, Drummer James Warren, Fifer Justin Hitchcock, Privates John Taylor, Eliphalet Dickinson, Daniel Fish, Silas Wright, Jona. Wells, John Hinsdale, Thomas A. Gates, Ebenezer Fish, John Wells, Philip Hick, Oliver Smead, Elias Stone, John Taylor, Jr., Libeous Jennings, Eben Jones, Reuben Childs, Neverson Warren, Eber Allis, Jona. Spafford, Isaac Lewis, Paul Thayer, Ceaser (Dickinson), Timothy Catlin, Jeremiah Newton, John Newton, Israel Nims, Amasa Smith, Samuel Smead, Timothy Frary, Oliver Shattuck, James Gibson, Remembrance Grandy, Nathaniel Parker, John Lock, Adonijah Taylor, John Henry, Henry Allen, Jesse Corliss, Elisha Nims.

      The roll of Capt. Joseph Stebbins' company from September 23 to Oct. 18, 1777, in the Burgoyne campaign, is as follows:

      Capt. Joseph Stebbins, Lieut. John Bardwell, Sergts. Geo. Herbert, Abel Parker, Daniel Slate, Samuel Turner, Corps. David Hoyt, Ziba Phillips, Samuel Gladding, Jason Parmenter, Drummer James Warren, Fifer Justin Hitchcock, Privates John Gault, David Gray, Cephus Sheldon, Joseph Allen, Amasa Sheldon, Robert Gray, Lemuel Childs, Eliphalet Dickinson, Timothy Catlin, Levi Newton, Elias Stone, Tilston Miller, Ithamar Burt, Thomas Wells, William Joiner, Stephen Webster, William Orals, John Connable, John Taylor, Nicholas Andrews, Jeremiah Newton, Phillip Maxwell, Thomas Faxon, Thomas Billings, Samuel Wheat, John Beaman, Daniel Bliss, Nathan Frary, Abel Harding, Samuel Barker, Eliphalet Taylor, Edward Joiner, Moses Tate, Simeon Burt, Joseph Sanderson.

      Other men who served in the army are:

      Aaron Allis, John Allis, Samuel Bardwell, Reuben Bardwell, Frederick Barney, Elisha Barnard, Samuel Barnard, Jesse Billings, John Boyden, William Bull, Simeon Carey, Sylvanus Cobb, William Darby, Barnabas Davidson, Silas Dewey, Consider Dickinson, David Dickinson, Thomas W. Dickinson, Samuel Donelly, Joseph Fethergill, Eleaser Frary, Nathan Frary, Jr., Abel Gale, Abner Goodenough, Abijah Harding, Samuel Hart, James Hogan, John Johnson, Leonard Lanfair, Roswell Lanfair, Wm. Loveridge, Thomas Mighells, Francis Munn, Moses Newton, Wm. Negus, Daniel Nims, Ebenezer Nims, Isaac Nims, Seth Nims, Samuel Pratt, Moses Robbins, Daniel Robbinson, Stephen Rolph, David Saxton, Amasa Smith, Elijah Smith, Joel Smith, Wm. Starr, Joseph Sweet, Joshua Sweet, Stephen Taylor, John Victory, Joseph Wells, Reuben Wells, Charles Warren.

      Deerfield people were loyal during the Shays rebellion. Joseph Stebbins, Samuel Childs, and Capt. [Daniel ?] Dickinson commanded companies called out for its suppression. A. company of 37 men were here a week, and on one occasion an army of 950 men were quartered among the inhabitants of the town one day.

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